Does Bleach kill Weeds and Grass? – Here’s how to use it!

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I hope you are doing appreciable in your gardening field. Today I am here to introduce you to one of the new things that can do wonders in your garden. Does Bleach kill Weeds and Grass? Whenever we grow any plant in our garden, it is very common to see unwanted plants or grass around the plant.

Now, for some plants, this grass plays a good role in their growth but it may affect the development of some other plants. These grasses will take nutrients from the soil that are essential for your plant.

Quick takeaways:

  • Weeds are undesirable plants that are grown along with the crop.
  • They compete in everything like they absorb sunlight and important nutrients and also acquiring space.
  • This unwanted grass attracts insects and pests that may harm your plant or crop. 
  • You can remember that weeds are the competitor of your crop
Does Bleach kill Weeds and Grass

This needs to be controlled otherwise it can cause severe damage to your plant. There are several methods to prevent them from growing.

People are quite confused about whether they can use bleach for weeds or not. You don’t need to research more, this article will guide you on how to use bleach to kill weeds and grass. 

What Is Bleach?

Bleach is one of the chemical products that are used by various farmers for killing weeds in the home garden. It is also used for disinfecting the surfaces and cleaning the surfaces. 

Being a versatile product, it has numerous uses such as helping prevent mildew, removing stains, etc. Sodium hypochlorite solution is one of the best forms of bleach that is in a liquid form and is diluted. 

As the bleach properties kill the bacteria, it will not let your plant get affected by the viruses. It is one of those chemicals that tend to kill, plants, insects, and weeds. So be cautious while using this in your home garden. 

Cost-effectiveBleach is generally cheaper than commercial herbicides, making it an affordable option for weed control.
Effective against established weed growthBleach can effectively kill existing weeds and prevent their regrowth, often with just one application.
Quick resultsBleach typically takes only two days to kill the affected weeds, providing relatively fast results compared to other methods.
Easily accessibleBleach is readily available in most households, making it convenient for immediate weed control without the need to purchase additional products.

Does bleach kill weeds and grass?

Firstly, let us learn whether bleach will remove weeds and grass permanently or not and that will happen. We all know that bleach is a mixture of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and minor quantities of sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and calcium hypochlorite. 

Its concentration ranges between 3 and 6 percent. It can be used to kill weeds and grass. It is a poison for any living organism. You just have to spray undiluted bleach on weeds and grass then keep it for three days pull off the dead weed and clean the surface.

There is a simple phenomenon behind it: bleach increases the pH level of the soil and makes soil unfertile and nothing can grow in that area. 

How to use bleach to kill weeds and grass?

So we have learned that bleach is poison for weeds and grass. Bleach contains an amount of chlorine in it. If the usage of bleach is not done properly, it will make your soil unfertile and will also affect the plants that you are saving from the weeds. So, its usage should be done carefully. In this section, we will discuss how to use bleach to kill weeds and grass step-wise.

  • Put bleach in a garden sprayer undiluted.
  • Directly apply the bleach to the weeds in your yard, in the spaces between pavers, and along roadways.
  • On weeds and grass that didn’t die after a couple of days, repeat the treatment.
  • To keep the yard tidy, pull out any dead weeds. 

Is using bleach safe?

It is also important for you to know if this method is safe or not. It seems easier but it is not a safe method to adopt. The use of bleach is particularly risky since it degrades the health of the soil and leaves dangerous chemical residue anywhere it is applied. As mentioned above also, bleach could damage the soil permanently which means no more cultivation can be done in that area. It causes major damage to the environment. An excess amount of chlorine can cause chlorine toxicity.

Does Bleach kill Weeds and Grass

So, you need to follow the precautions listed below if you are using this method.

  • Always put on gloves and safety glasses.
  • Make sure the day you intend to spray bleach is not windy. You might get spray particles in your eyes, nose, and ears.
  • Before spraying the entire garden, always perform a pre-test.
  • As you spray, make sure no young children, the elderly, or pets are nearby.
  • Refrain from overusing bleach on your garden’s soil. Wait a few days before examining the outcomes.
  • Without first determining how they could interact, never combine different compounds. 

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Bleach will eventually increase the pH level of the soil but if you still want to grow the plant on that surface you first need to wash off the soil with water. You need to keep on flashing water for several months to make that soil again suitable for growing conditions. 

Precautions to take while using bleach to kill weeds

As you know bleach will burn the leaves of the plant, so you have to apply it wisely. So, it becomes important for you to take precautions while using bleach to kill weeds. They are as follows: 

  • Keep in mind to wear the gloves.
  • Also, you have to take on the safety glasses while doing so. 
  • When you are bleaching, at the time there should be no wind as it will blow into your eyes. 
  • You are not required to mix bleach with other chemicals as it will react in the wrong way. 
  • Do not feed them with excess bleach as it will harm the soil.
  • Also, you have to do a test first and then apply bleach spray in the garden.
  • Keep the children away from the bleach when you are spraying it in the garden.
  • Last, but not least animals and elder people should also be away from the bleach. 

What are the alternative mixtures I can use with Bleach to kill weeds and grass?

The concentration of bleach harms some good microorganisms and they are unable to survive at that pH level of the soil. So, here are some homemade alternatives that you can easily make on your own.

Bleach with Vinegar solution

Vinegar kills weeds well, mainly when used straight up. It can be combined with bleach to create a stronger homemade herbicide. But if you have an intensive weed problem then do not dilute these both solutions.

Use of Dish wash soap

It is an easily available house product. Combine 1 cup of Clorox with 1 cup of water. Stir in 1 tablespoon of dish soap after adding the other ingredients. Fill a garden sprayer made of plastic with the solution. To kill weeds and grass, spot-spray the solution on the weeds in your yard, roads, sidewalks, and gravel areas. Let it lie for two to three days.

Bleach can stay up to two days in the soil and start getting fade slowly. We recommend you avoid bleach as a herbicide because it kills almost everything that comes in its way like grass, important microorganisms, and even your plant. Therefore, we cannot consider it an environmentally friendly method. Firstly, learn how to use it then go for it.

How long does it take for bleach to kill weeds?

Do you know how long it takes for bleach to kill the weeds in the plants? If not then you should know about it. Bleach tends to kill the weeds in about 2 to 3 days. 

The weeds will begin to turn brown and wilt after the application of bleach. It shows that the weeds are dying by the action of the bleach.

It is alkaline so it will kill them. If the grass is not hard but it’s a grass is hard that depends on the variety then it will take about three days or more to kill the weeds. Weeds can be killed in a single round of bleach, permanently and faster.

Is Bleach A Permanent Weed Killer?

Do you know if bleach is a permanent weedkiller or not? You should be happy to know that the answer is yes because bleach tends to act as a permanent killer for the weeds in your garden. 

The main reason behind this is the reduction of pH level in the soil by the bleach.

When the pH level reduces in the soil with the help of bleach, then it indicates that no weeds will be growing anymore in your home garden. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Weeds are undesirable plants grown along with the crop. Simply you can remember that weeds are the competitors of your crop.

They compete in everything like they absorb sunlight and important nutrients and also acquiring space. This unwanted grass attracts insects and pests that may harm your plant or crop. I hope this guide will help you a lot.

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening! 



Will bleach kill weeds on my driveway?

Yes, bleach will kill the weeds on your driveway permanently. 

Does Clorox bleach kill weeds?

Yes, Clorox bleach can help an individual in killing the weeds and it will also control them. It would be good for you to use this. 

What happens if you put bleach on your lawn?

When you put bleach on your lawn, it becomes acidic and soil starts to spread into the chlorine gas. The light will make the bleach on the soil so that it becomes weaker. 

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