Does Manure help Vegetables grow? – What Vegetables don’t like Manure?

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I hope you are doing wonders in your gardening field. So, today I am here with an interesting topic for you all. Does Manure help Vegetables grow? Are you growing vegetables and confused about whether to use manure or simply go for chemical fertilizers? Then this article is for you. The chemical fertilizers that are instant and fulfill the particular need of nutrients for plants very quickly, still have harmful effects on the plants, groundwater, and even human beings.

Manure or manure compost also has multiple nutrients but these are then released quite slower than the conventional ones. Many times you have heard from experts that slow-release fertilizers are good for plants as they don’t overload the soil and also the roots. The manure does not lead to much load and fertilizer burn in the plants. Manure indeed can help in the overall growth of plants.

Just not nitrogen manure also contains little amounts of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Though there are some compilations in using the manure for vegetables. We have a detailed discussion below in this article. 

What is Manure?

Manure is one of the best organic materials that is put in the soil as a fertilizer to increase the fruit production in the plant and the booster to the immune of the plant.

Various manure contains vegetables and flowers so you can choose the best one as per your requirements. There are mainly three types of organic manure:

  • Compost manure
  • Animal manure
  • Green manure

As you know there are various types of manure available in the market but the three mentioned groups are highly recommended and adored by every partner in their garden. 

Each manure has its own advantages to use but the core goal of every manure is to feed the plant with a good amount of nutrients.

Types of Manure for Plants 

If you are not aware of what options you have in manure, then here are the types:

Chicken manure

Chicken manure is high in nitrogen and other micronutrients. These are costly manures and can be easily obtained from poultry stores or commercial outlets.

Chicken manure is also known as chook manure. The chicken manure is very hot so use that in small quantities.

Cow manure

Cow manure has a high carbon concentration and less nitrogen. The cow fertilizer that is one month old can be used on the whole. They don’t lead to any fertilizer burn.

Horse manure

Horse manure is stronger than cow manure in the case of nutrients. This manure is hot and has high nitrogen, low phosphorus, and potassium.

The horse manure does not need to be hot come posted to reduce the number of weed seeds in it. This manure should be least used for peppers, tomatoes, and some flowers.

Sheep manure

Sheep manure is not harmful to the plant and is the most used by the Gardner. They don’t have a high content of nutrients in them which can be the reason for burning in plants yet they are perfect slow-release fertilizers. Sheep manure has a low level of nitrogen with an equal amount of potassium.

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Rabbit manure

Rabbit manure is a great liquid fertilizer as they are also sold as such in various stores. This manure has a high level of nitrogen and Is well-balanced for composting.

Pig manure

The pig manure is great but the smell has penetrated everything. It is more prone to get attacked by the worm. Pig manure is mostly composted.

Alpaca manure

Alpaca Manure is another great fertilizer having high nitrogen and potassium levels. The alpacas are great composters.

Where To Get Manure That Is Safe For Your Garden?

Folks, do you know where to get manure that is safe for your garden area? As you know manure has various properties especially you can use it as a fertilizer. But the matter is from where you get this? 

You must choose the best manure for your garden area so, you have to be cautious while choosing your manure from the market. You can buy the manure from the reputed farmers who are taking care of goats, cows, pigs, chickens, lamas, horses, etc.

It is because they will have a lot of manure saved with them. If you use this type of manure in the soil, it will be fully safe for the plants. In today’s world, the ones who are selling the manure, are selling manure that is chemically intoxicated and has a strong odor, so you have to choose chemical-free manure for your plant. 

What Does Manure Do to the Soil?

As I mentioned, manure will help in providing a good amount of nutrients in the plant by increasing the organic matter present in the soil. Also, it will help in improving the texture of the soil by making it well-drained and moist. It can hold the water and nutrients for the soil. It will begin to release the nutrients in the soil after breaking down.

You need to know the importance of manure because every farmer and Gardner uses manure in the soil. So you need to know what does manure do to the soil. Most of them will add manure to the soil so that they can use it as a fertilizer in the home garden.

When it becomes fertilizer, then the man will break down after being applied which will help in providing a good amount of nutrients to the soil. So to add texture to the soil, you have to make use of manure which also enhances the physical properties of the soil.

Pros and cons of using the Manure


Using the manure in the soil and handing the soil texture and adding to the properties of the story like water retention, increasing the level of nutrients in the soil at a slow pace.

This very slowly decomposes the manner and supplying of nutrients to the plant which is gentle for them causing no burn.


The manure Nutrient depends on the type of animal and what they are eating. Using Manure will result in a smell in the yard. The manure should be old as fresh manure can be concentrated and can burn the blood and vegetable leaves. 

The manure can have weed seeds like in the case of horse manure which can become plants in the soil. Manures are costly, especially the old ones. The old manure is considered to be effective and has more positive effects.

Does Manure help Vegetables grow?

Strictly putting the fresh manure can be strong for the home garden, which needs to be composted or old to be more effective. The well-balanced compost, cow manure, and chicken manure that are old help in this soil texture.

The compost can be easily used on video garden beds like raised beds etc. Compost manure is a safer option to use in vegetable gardens instead of fresh manure, just 120 days before harvesting. Manohar doesn’t have many pathogens and is well digested which is easily used by the vegetable without worrying about infection.

If you are thinking about which manure will suit your vegetables more then we suggest rabbit manure, composted chicken, and cow manure that aged will be great options. Though rabbit manure does not need much composting using them won’t harm the plant roots. Fresh manure can have many bacterial and contaminating products that affect the vegetables so make sure to use aged chicken and cow manure.

Horse manure on the other hand needs to be composted before using in the garden. In the case of vegetables, horse manure is avoided by many gardeners. Horse manure has undigested weed seeds which can be a problem.

What Can You Use Instead of Manure?

Like soil alternatives, there are various types of manure alternatives present in the market, so you can choose the appropriate one for your area. If you are not able to use the manure in your garden, then you use a substitute for it. It is the regular compost that has to be in bulk quantity. 

It is more economical than the other substitutes. You can make use of other types of compost such as vermicompost, mushroom compost, etc whatever will suit your garden area. It is rich in nutrients. 

Which vegetables do not like manure?

Manure That in most cases has high nitrogen or is mostly loved by “hungry for nitrogen ” plants. These plants are corn, potatoes, garlic, and lettuce.

The plants that should be avoided from using manure are peppers and tomatoes. The vegetables that you don’t like when you are easily contaminated because they are Low to the ground which can affect the vegetables either root vegetables or short-season crops. Compost manure is there for the best option that can be used for vegetables.

Wrapping up the context

We hope you liked this article and find it helpful in understanding that fresh manure is quite stronger for vegetables than aged or composted manure. Also, you have come across that using the thin layer of manure over the soil will be more beneficial and keep the plants from burning.

If you want to add fresh manure make sure you add it four months before the harvesting time. Do let us know about your queries in the comment as we love to answer them.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


When should I put manure in my vegetable garden? 

The manure is recommended to be added to the soil in the springtime when the plant’s growth has just started. The manures should not be used in the late summer time or autumn time. 

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