15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

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Are you looking for the best long-blooming perennials to grow in your home garden? If yes, then you are at the right place. It requires less effort and provides you with great benefits with its blooms in a few months. As you know perennials tend to come back every year as compared to annuals.

There are numerous varieties of long-blooming perennials to grow such as Shasta daisies, catmint, Russian sage, BlueStar, and many more explained in this guide. 

So, let’s get started to learn about the best collection of long blooming perennials to grow in your backyard. 

15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

So finally the wait is over, we are here to have a look at the best variety of long blooming perennials to grow. They are as follows:

  1. Black eyes Susan
  2. Bluestar
  3. Allium
  4. Wood betony
  5. Shasta daisy
  6. Bleeding heart
  7. Coneflower
  8. Catmint
  9. Russian sage
  10. May night
  11. Coreopsis moonbeam
  12. Yarrow
  13. Sea holly
  14. Blanket flower
  15. Wine cups

Let’s move forward to know more about them in detail: 

Black-eyed Susan 

  • Another Long Blooming Perennial to Grow is the black-eyed, Susan vine which grows about 3 to 8 feet tall and 3 to 6 feet wide.
  • They are one of the famous vines for their growing in hanging baskets. It tends to produce bright flowers in the plant that looks stunning.
  • It is an easy-to-grow plant. It is everyone’s favorite choice. It can even look like Daisy to you, but you can recognize the plant by its solid-colored petals.
  • It is even considered an invasive plant in some regions like Hawaii. 
15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden


  • It is one of the herbaceous perennials that is native to North America and will be the best choice as the long blooming perennials to grow in your garden.
  • It tends to grow differently from other plants in its conditions, whether in mountains or sand.
  • It is considered an ornamental garden plant that can tolerate any type of hurdle in its growing season. 
  • It produces star-structured flowers that are bluish, which tend to bloom at the time of May till June.
  • Blue Stars all varieties require less maintenance as compared to its new varieties. So without wasting time hrow this long blooming Perrinial in your home garden. 


  • What about Allium have you ever heard of this long blooming perennial before? It is one of the plants that tend to grow in full sunlight and requires some shade in the time of afternoon.
  • You will be happy to know that this variety tends to change its flower colors. Yes, I know it sounds amazing.
  • Allium drumstick is one of the plants that belongs to the onion family and would be a great choice for your garden. 
  • You will observe the plant will attain a height of about 12-36 inches high and 12-18 inches wide. 
15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

Wood Betony (Betonica officinalis ‘Hummelo’)

  • Another variety that comes under the category of long blooming perennials is the Wood betony which is everyone’s favourite choice. 
  • Its glossy leaves look well with the evergreen leaves in the plant. Also, its pink-colored spikes look amazing.
  • This plant will grow well and provide you with benefits if you feed it with sufficient full sunlight and shade in warm conditions.
  • You will observe its flowers bloom at the time of mid-summer and add unmatchable beauty to your home garden. 

Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum)

  • This type of daisy got its name from the white snow of Mount Shasta in California.
  • This daisy shows you the bloom all along in the season and cherishes you with its benefits, and at the time of June and July, it shows you a magical Look
  • It has many cultivars that tend to help Gardners in making different magical looks for flower borders.
  • Do not overwater the daisy as it does not like to remain wet. It is one of the Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden. 

Bleeding Heart(Dicentra Spectabilis)

  • Another variety of Long Blooming Perennials to Grow is the Bleeding Heart which is known for its heart-shaped blooms that attract everyone with their appealing color. 
  • It will grow not more than 6 inches in size and 1 foot wide. It produces pink or red colored flowers. 
  • A bleeding heart will thrive well if you provide it with moist soil and organic soil for its growth. 
  • Feed your plant with plenty of full shade for its growth. Also, they require acidic soil as a medium to grow whose pH level lies between 6.0-6.5. 
  • This plant is native to Eastern Asia with hardiness zones of 2-9. 


  • Coneflowers, oh the best variety has finally come. It is one of the useful varieties that you can grow in your home garden. I have discussed about process of growing coneflowers in my previous article too.
  • Its bloom tends to bloom at the time of June till the end of August. It will amaze you with its blooms. 
  • Coneflowers are considered low-growing plants that are not too demanding. 
  • Make sure you’re providing a good amount of full sun to the coneflowers. Also if you place them near shade for some time, then it’s okay for plants. 
15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden


  • Catmint is one of the Long Blooming Perennials to Grow for an attractive lawn that is scientifically known as Nepeta faassenii.
  • It tends to produce green-colored foliage that produces a mint fragrance in the plant. Its USDA growing zone is 4 to 9. 
  • Catmint is a plant that can be grown in all conditions and is loved by pollinators. It will make the border area more beautiful with its large flowers when you will grow them in bulk. 
  • So, you can grow catmint as border plants and fill the area with its gracious purplish-colored blooms that you will enjoy in its season. 

Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia)

  • Russian sage is that variant that falls under the long blooming perennials to grow in your home harden and has been grown by various farmers for a long. 
  • It tends to produce blue-colored blooms in the plant at the time of mid of the summer and lasts for 10 weeks. 
  • This plant is a great affection to your home garden as it allows you to put magic into your area. USDA growing zones are 5 to 9. 
  • It will thrive well even in the heat of the summer if you dont provide them with water for a long. So, choose this variety for your area to contrast it with other plants. 
15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

‘May Night’ Salvia

  • Folks, May Night is also one of the plants that are long blooming perennials to grow in your home garden as it will add magic to your yard.
  • Its blooms come in the shade of violet blue which looks amazing at the time of spring.
  • So why not add this eye-catching variety to your home garden Also when you place them indoors, it does more well.
  • You have to prune off the flowers at the time when the plant finished blooming and it will encourage more blooming in the plant. 

Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’ (Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’)

  • Guys, just like some other varieties, Coreopsis also includes various varieties. It will suit best in your perennial garden area. 
  • Moonbeam variant of Coreopsis is one of the attractive variants of long blooming perennials that amazes you with its features. 
  • Moonbeam also attracts various pollinators towards them especially from the time of June till the time of September.
  • It tends to produce pale yellow colored flowers in the plant and it is dark at its center that contrasts greatly with the foliage. 

Yarrow (Achillea)

  • Yarrow plant is the common plant that produces fern-type foliage in the plant. But this variety of yarrow is somehow different as various varieties can be grown by you.
  • Its varieties come in a range of shades like red to dark orange, pink, bright yellow, etc. It is native to the European and Asian atmospheres.
  • It will bloom at the time of spring and last till summer. You have to keep pruning the plant as it will encourage more flowers in the plant.
  • It also attracts butterflies and bugs them because of its flowers that bloom for a long time. 
15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

Sea holly (Eryngium)

  • Sea holly is one of the plants that will make you happy with its height as they grow tall and are favorable choices for pollinators.
  • It tends to flower at the time of June to September. It will suit them best if you provide them with salty soil for their growth. 
  • Sea holly which is scientifically known as Eryngium tends to produce spiky leaves in the plant. 
  • So, why not add sea holly in your addition as it is long blooming perennials that add texture to your area all long in the winters? 

Blanket Flower(Gaillardia

  • Blanket flower is scientifically known as Gaillardia and is native to the central US and Mexico. 
  • It cherishes you with its orange-colored perennial blooms that will look wild in your landscape and will last for more time in a year. 
  • It is a plant that is in love with the heat and also a house of the butterflies and bees in the garden area. 
  • Its stems will thrive well about 1-3 feet tall so pruning them will be added to your routine so that it does not grow too long. 

Wine cups

  • Isnt this plant carry an interesting name? Of course, it does. That is why I decided to tell you about these amazing long blooming perennials in the last. 
  • It is a popular and famous that tends to grow as a low-maintenance plant and is native to North America. 
  • It will begin to bloom at the departure of the spring till the time of the arrival of summer. It produces chalice-structured flowers in the plant.
  • Its blooms come in shades of red, magenta, pink, burgundy, etc. that look attractive just like its foliage does.
15+ Long Blooming Perennials to Grow in Your Garden

Wrapping up the context 

Folks, this guide is a summary of all the long-blooming perennials that you can choose to grow in your home garden as per your requirements.

There are numerous varieties of long-blooming perennials to grow such as Shasta daisies, catmint, Russian sage, Bluestar, and many more explained in this guide. So, I hope you are clear with the plants mentioned in this guide. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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