Peace Lily Drooping – Reasons and Fixes for Wilting Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

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I hope you are doing wonders in your gardening field. This article will discuss the issue of Peace Lily Drooping and also provide reasons and fixes for a wilting peace lily. Have you wondered why they suffer from drooping leaves? Do not worry all your problems will be solved in this guide.

The peace lily is one of the attractive flower plants just like the ZZ plant that might be grown by you in your garden. They have oval-shaped green leaves that will steal your attention. 

Quick takeaways:

  • Peace lilies scientifically known as Spathiphyllum are native to tropical and subtropical environments.
  • Farmers grow the peace lilies outside the house in the garden area. Peace lilies are famous for purifying the air around them.
  • You have to know about the things that could help you in fixing the drooping peace lily leaves.
Peace Lily Drooping

What else do you need? These plants can be grown easily and they are best suitable for your garden area. Do you know why the leaves start to droop? If not, then you need to find the reasons behind the drooping of the peace lilies. No worries as we are here! You will know that soon. 

It would be better for you if you knew about the reasons for drooping lilies. So, let’s start this guide so that you know about the reasons behind the drooping peace lily leaves and also the ways that can help you fix them.

Signs of an unhealthy peace lily plant

Before proceeding, it is important to know the size of an unhealthy peace lily plant if you know about the signs of unhealthy peace lilies, then it’s great but if not then you should look after them by following the below points:

  • You will observe the failure to flower feature in the plant.
  • Yellowing of the leaves will be going to happen.
  • It produces brown-coloured leaves in the plant.
  • There might be brown spots on the leaves at the underside of the leaves.
  • Slow growth in the plant will be going to happen or in extreme cases, there will be no growth.
  • Also, you will have the patches of mold on the leaves begin to grow, which shows the attack of aphids on the plant

What are the Reasons for Peace Lily Drooping

Peace lilies are an important part of your garden area as they also play a major role in lighting up the garden. They also attract passers and peace lilies are loved by all. Peace lilies are one of the favorite crops of gardeners to grow in their yards.

If you too have grown them, then you might suffer with the drooping peace lilies. Have you faced this? If yes, then let’s know the reasons behind it: 

  1. Not using appropriate soil
  2. Overwatering
  3. Drought can be a reason 
  4. Oversupply of sunlight
  5. Root rot
  6. Wrong use of fertilizer

Let’s throw some light on all the reasons behind the peace lily drooping and wilting in detail:

Not using appropriate soil

  • The format reason that droops your peace lilies is because of not using the right amount of soil.
  • They need well friend soil for their growth, but when you do not provide them that, then they start to spoil which will lead them to rot.
  • What is the fun of planting them? So, you need to provide them with a good growing source so that they give you the desired results. 


  • Another reason behind the peace lily drooping is the overwatering of the plants. 
  • Peace lilies like to remain voiced for their growth but if you overwater, the plant them the leaves of the peace lily begin to droop.
  • It is because of the waterlogging in the soil, which causes root rot in the plant.
  • So when you observe dropping leaves in the peace lilies, then you have to take the moisture of the plant and then only water it.

Drought can be a reason 

  • When the peace lilies do not receive water as needed, then they start to dry out and it will begin to wilt.
  • As you know drooping depicts that the plant is suffering from something.
  • One of those reasons is the drought faced by the lilies.
  • As when the plant remains without water for a long it will begin to hang as they are not getting moisture.   
Peace Lily Drooping

Oversupply of sunlight 

  • Another reason for the wilting peace lilies is the amount of sunlight they are receiving.
  • They will start to droop if you provide them with more sunlight as they do not like to be under the sun for long.
  • They need sunlight at a very low amount.
  • Direct sunlight can spoil its foliage which depicts that the plant has started to wilt. 
  • It can turn the peace lilies leaves brown or yellow.

Root rot

  • Peace lily Root rot can be a reason as it is a disease that is caught by the plants very soon.
  • You might not be aware of its signs, but it has various signs that show that the plant is suffering from the problem, i.e.; yellow colored leaves, wilt leaves, black roots, and many more.
  • So, you need to protect your plant from it by following the ways to fix the wilted peace lilies in your garden area.

Wrong use of Fertilizer 

  • Last, but not least,  lilies start to wilt if they do not receive the appropriate right amount of fertilizers. 
  • Too much fertilizer will spoil the soil and fewer fertilizers will harm the plants as they are not getting any kind of fertilizers with the help of which they grow. 

Ways to Fix the Wilt Peace Lily 

Let us know about the ways that can help in fixing the wilting of peace lilies properly. So, below are the points: 

  • Firstly, you have to change your pot as your lilies are suffering from root rot, so you need to Repot them. Remove the spoiled roots and then place them in another pot. 
  • You can also make use of fungicides so that you cure the entire plant which was wilting. By using them you will be able to fix your peace lily plant. 
  • You can even use a sterilized knife for pruning the roots of the lilies. 
  • You have to make sure that you cleanse the roots on time so that they don’t get affected by any disease. 
  • Make sure you plant the lilies away from the sunlight as direct sunlight is not good for the peace lilies. Provide them with shady areas so that they thrive well. 
  • If you are caring for your lilies on time, then it’s good. But if not, then start doing it to avoid the drooping lilies. It doesn’t mean that you overwater peace lilies or underwater them. 
Peace Lily Drooping

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know that Peace lilies are an important part of your garden area as they also play a major role in lighting up the garden. They also attract passers and peace lilies are loved by all.

Peace lilies are one of the favorite crops of gardeners to grow in their yards. If you too have grown them, then you might suffer with the drooping peace lilies. So, it is beneficial for you to read this guide so that you can know the ways to fix the drooping peace lilies. I hope you find this guide useful for you. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!


Is your peace lily drooping?

Yes, peace lilies can wilt or droop if they face any disease or lack of components like sunlight, water, soil nutrients, and many more. 

Do peace lilies have root rot?

Yes, peace lilies have root rot. Being not a fussy plant, they do not like to be in waterlogged soil. They will be attacked by the root rot then. Provide them with the best and well-drained soil so that they flourish and you get the desired results. 

Why is my peace lily wilting?

The peace lily wilts due to various factors. Being a water-needy plant, it needs to be watered regularly and if it doesn’t receive water as needed it, then the plant will start to wilt. 

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