Orange Perennials: 15+ Beautiful Orange Perennials Flowers

Are you ready to dive into a world of colors? Here, you will get to explore fantastic perennials, and one more thing, they all bloom in stunning orange colors.

Who doesn’t want to have flowers that bring color to the garden? In this guide, I have mentioned 15 or more orange perennials with their pictures that will turn your garden into a canvas filled with warmth and vibrancy. Don’t stop here; scroll down to read more.

15+ Beautiful Orange Perennials Flowers:

Here are some of the orange perennials that warmth and vibrancy to the garden year after year and some of them are as follows:

  • Orange coneflower
  • BlackBerry lily
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Sneezeweed
  • Day lily
  • Lewisia
  • Trollius
  • Blanket power
  • Peruvian lilies
  • Kniphofia
  • Milkweed
  • Helianthemum
  • Potentilla
  • Poppy
  • Mimulus

 Orange coneflower 

  • It is also known as Rudbeckia fulgida
  • This flower is commonly known among gardeners by names like perennial black-eyed Susan, and orange Rudbeckia.
  • it is a brilliant bloomer and ranks high among all the famous flowers for perennial flower gardening.
  • Flowers are typically 3 inches wide but some of them can be smaller or bigger. 
  • It depends on size and even they can bloom on a single stem and other branching patterns depending on the subspecies and variety.
  • The orange coneflower with yellow-orange petals is arranged in a compound star arrangement around the apex of the flower head.
Orange Perennials: 15+ Beautiful Orange Perennials Flowers

BlackBerry lily:

  • BlackBerry lily is commonly known as leopard lily or leopard flower. 
  • It is an ornamental plant in the family Iridaceae. 
  • A BlackBerry lily is a unique plant that creates orange and yellow flowers that can grow up to three feet tall. 
  • They seem to grow best in zones between 5 to 10.
  • The blackberry orange perennials flowers do grow best in partial to full sun and well-drained soil.


  • Chrysanthemum is also known as mums.
  • these plants grow in the sun and grow in rich soil.
  • These orange perennials flowers come in yellow and orange in color.
  • The chrysanthemum is used to grow in the hardiness zone from 5 to 9.
  • The plant is able to grow upto three feet tall and two feet wide. 
  • These plants need more water as compared to other plants.


  • The name sneezeweed is commonly based on the historic use of crushed dry leaves and heads to make a form of snuff that causes sneezing.
  • These plants grow in best zones three through nine, sneezeweed is a plant that produces a flower that looks a lot like a small orange sunflower. 
  • The sneezeweed orange perennials can grow up to 60 inches tall


  • This is a beautiful plant that grows in clumps. 
  • Daylily typically blooms for a day before being replaced by a new one.
  • Daylilies are planted in full sun and well-drained soil
  • These flowers are generally yellow and orange in color.
  • They can be seen the most in zones three to nine.


  • Lewisia is also known as bitterroot
  • These flowers are best to use as a ground cover in your garden.
  • Lewisia orange perennials are used to bloom from spring upto early summer.
  • There flowers can be available in different colors such as orange, red, pink, or purple.
  • They grow in full sun and in moist soil.


  • Trollius is an orange perennials flower having about 30 species of flowering plants.
  •  They are related to Ranunculus in the family Ranunculaceae.
  • This plant grows best in hardiness zones that lie between 3 to 6.
  • They prefer to grow in partial to full sun and moist soil. However, providing the sun with too much sun starts to cause fadeness to the leaves.
  • With proper care, these flowers can grow upto two feet tall. 
  • The plant starts to bloom from light orange to yellow from May to July.

Blanket flower: 

  • The blanket flower is a lovely flower that produces red, yellow, and orange blooms for most of summer and fall.
  • It grows in zones that lie between 3 to 10.
  • These orange perennials flowers do prefer to grow best in well-draining soil and full sun.
  • These plants require frequent watering to start but they do grow best in hot dry climates.

Peruvian lilies:

  • Peruvian lilies are also known as Alstroemeria. 
  • Peruvian lilies best grow in full morning sun and some shades in the afternoon.
  • This perennial plant has multiple colored blooms so make sure it is orange in color. 
  • It grows well in hardiness zones from 7 to 10.
  • These orange perennials flowers do grow best in slightly acidic soil.
  • It also grows in hotter areas and a bit of shade is preferred.


  • This is a unique-looking flower that grows in zone five through nine. 
  • They can grow to be about five feet tall.
  • they also attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.
  • They grow best in full sun, and it is a hardy plant so it grows in any soil.


  • This is a sweet-smelling flower that has the power to attract butterflies to your outer space during the summer. 
  • When mature it can grow up to be four feet tall. 
  • The milkweed orange perennials flowers are used to grow in full sun and well-drained soil. 
  • These flowers are mainly found in hardiness zones from 3 to 9.


  • Helianthemum is generally known as sunrose. 
  • This is a plant with bright orange blooms that make an excellent ground cover.
  • They grow in hardiness zones from 5 to 8. 
  • they need to grow in fully drained soil and full sun. 
  • They can even tolerate some shade in hotter areas.
  •  they will do well in sandy, rocky soil


  • This is a beautiful plant yellow and orange that attracts butterflies.
  • They grow or bloom from June to September. 
  • It can be found in hardiness zones from 3 to 7.
  • The potentilla prefers to grow in full sun to partial shade is ideal. 
  • The potentilla is used to grow upto four feet high and five feet wide.


  • You have seen growth in hardiness zones from 2 to 8 though you can be seen in nearly any zone, depending on the variety that you have selected to grow. 
  • Most grow in zones from 3 to 9.
  • They tend to thrive in well-draining soil and full sun.


  • It is also known as the monkeyflower. 
  • This plant produces yellow and orange flowers that grow in hardiness zones from 7 to 9.
  • The minulus orange perennials flowers prefer to grow best in full sun and well-draining soil to grow. 
  • It only grows upto a foot in height so it makes a great border of plants to place around the garden.


Now you are familiar with a lot of orange perennials flower varieties and can easily decide which flower you want to plant according to your hardiness zone.


Perennial daisies do bloom all summer?

They are vibrant lily species having red accents and brown spots which are used to bloom in early summer.

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