15+ Hardy Perennials Flower to Grow in your Garden

Finding it difficult to grow flowers in frozen ground soil, high winds, and below-freezing temperatures? I suggest you not drop your plan or interest in growing flowers without trying.

Here is some good news for people living in hardy zones. Have you ever heard of hardy perennial flowers? If not, don’t get surprised or worried. I am going to help you understand what hardy perennial flowers are and the different types of flowers that you can grow in your garden.

Hardy perennials flower:

As we know growing perennials is sometimes tough and a little more challenging in frozen ground soil, high wind, and below freezing temperature. Even though we can’t grow plants in these temperatures, it doesn’t mean that there is not a variety of flowers. The variety of hardy perennials is quite vast and varies from each other in the form of size and shape. 

Hardy perennials bring the same list of flowers and shrubs which flourishes the garden with different beautiful colors. Hardy perennials can grow or survive in freezing temperatures for a minimum of three to four years. These flowers even grow in full sun and it depends on the climate. These plants grow well in hard zones 3 and up. If you want to know the best climate for hardy perennials then start it with native perennials.

Here are some Hardy Perennial Flowers: 

The following are some of the best hardy perennial flowers that you can grow in colder climates:

  • Blazing star
  • Foam flower
  • Goat beard
  • Mountain rock cress
  • Obedient plant
  • Queen of the Prairie
  • Lungwort
  • Basket of gold
  • Sticky purple geranium


  • Blazing Star is also known as Liatris spicata
  • For tough climates blazing star is the best hardy perennial. 
  • Blazing Star can even tolerate freezing climates, Cold, heat, drought, and even poor soil. 
  • It rarely suffers from diseases and it produces absolutely stunning flowers. 
  • These flowers are small and heart-shaped. 
  • Many native bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love this perennial. 
  • It grows in full sun and in zones of 3 to 9.


  • The Foamy flower is also known as Tiarella Cordifolia. 
  • These flowers even grow in harsh cold and wintry climates. 
  • Foam flower is a top landscape choice because it can grow in harsh climates. 
  • These are small, pure, and even elegant white flowers that look very beautiful and elegant when they grow. 
  • They hardly grow to a zone of 3 to 8


  • Goat beard is also known as Astilbe X. 
  • This hardy perennial flower has a glorious flower display.
  • These hardy perennial flowers have vast colors that every gardener wants to grow in their garden. 
  • These little flowers add elegance, grace, and beauty. 
  • Goat beard grows in summer and even attracts butterflies and bees.
  • The variety of this flower is remarkable as it is mid-sized to dwarf.
  • It has different colors including pink, lavender, white, red, and bicolor


  • Mountain rock cross is also known as Arabis Caucasica
  • These flowers need low maintenance and they can easily grow.
  • they can grow in both heat and cold climates. 
  • When this hardy perennial flower grows or blooms the white color of this flower is so prolific that the white color of the flower looks like the snow on the ground. 
  • These flowers attract butterflies and their fragrance is so good. 
  • These are attractive flowers planted between tall shrubs or trees. 
  • They can even grow in full sun or cold regions.


  • Obedient plant is also known as Physostegia Virgininia
  • These flowers look very beautiful and elegant.
  • they are an array of pastel colors year after year. 
  • Obedient plant attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. 
  • These flowers grow up to 3 to 4 feet tall.
  • if this flower is not watched it becomes ingestible. 
  • These hardy perennial flowers grow in cold climates.
  • it grows in full sun at zones of 3 to 9.


  • Queen of the Prairie is also known as Filipendula Rubra
  • This flower grows 6 to 8 feet tall.
  • These hardy perennial flowers produce a big cluster of tiny little pink flowers. 
  • This flower is beloved by pollinators. 
  • The queen of the Prairie is an excellent plant for all wild gardeners, accents, borders, or creeks and ponds. 
  • This flower hardly grows in zones 3 to 9 and it grows in full sun.


  • Lungwort is also known as Pulmonaria
  • The Lungwort flower adds color to the shady garden location. 
  • The leaves of this flower are mostly green with silver speckles. 
  • Lungwort is a short plant and it is 9 to 12 inches tall. 
  • It is an excellent flower that covers the ground.
  • it rarely needs maintenance. 
  • Some Lungwort flowers are single colored while others are multicolored eve.
  • These hardy perennial flowers change color and they hardly grow in zones of 3 to 9.


  • The basket of gold is also known as Alyssum Saxatilis. 
  • A basket of gold is a low-lying plant that grows 6 to 12 inches tall
  • Many butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds are drawn like magnets on this flower. 
  • It has low borders that look very beautiful on the sidewalkways. 
  • These hardy perennial flower bloom in the full sun.


  • The sticky purple Geranium is a delightful and beautiful flower in the garden. 
  • These flowers are brilliant in purple color and are saucer-shaped.
  • These hardy perennial flowers are beloved by all butterflies and bees. 
  • These flowers need much care and they rarely suffer from pests or diseases
  • This flower blooms in late spring to late summer. 
  • It grows or blooms in zones 2 to 9 and needs full sun to grow. 



  • Coralberry provides an important food resource to birds and small mammals, it is a food for animals. 
  • These berries are brilliantly colored and look so attractive.
  • these hardy perennial flowers are cute and short but not noticeable. 
  • It hardly grows in zones of 2 to 7 and needs full sun to bloom.


  • Daylilies are also known as Hemerocallis. 
  • Gardens are incomplete without daylilies. 
  • As most of the gardeners bloom and grow daylilies.
  • This flower is the heart of gardens. 
  • It can grow in frozen temperatures or frozen ground.
  • Many people call this flower a perfect perennial flower. 
  • These hardy perennial flowers grow in zones of 3 to 9. 
  • These flowers are drought-tolerant and insect-resistant and bloom in different colors and bi-colors. 


  • This flower is actually known as a bloomer in a Hardy, trouble-free, and beautiful way. 
  • The flower starts to Bloom in late spring and throughout the Fall. 
  • These Hardy perennial flowers are dense and pistol colored having multiple stamens which do look like a pin is being stuck into the center of the flower. 
  • They tend to grow about 12 to 18 inches tall
  • They do attract pollinators such as butterflies. 
  • They thrive best in hardiness zones from 3 to 9
  • You need to give them full sun or partial shade. 
  • They come under drought-tolerant plants and are deer-resistant. 


Hardy perennial flowers are different in colors as these flowers grow and bloom in different sizes and these flowers vary from each other. Some of the flowers need much care and water while some of them don’t need any care or attention as they can grow or bloom in any climate or temperature. Hardy flowers are perennial flowers as these flowers grow from season to season and bloom year to year. I hope you have some idea of which hardy perennial flowers will be best for your garden.

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