Tall Plants for Indoors – Indoor Tree Plants to Grow in Pots

I have an idea for decorating your indoor space with tall and elegant plants. Sounds interesting, right? You must be bored with growing regular indoor plants, so why not try this?

What if I tell you to go and research different tall plants indoors and what they need? Many of you will drop the idea of growing tall plants. Don’t worry, I am not here to increase your work.

Here, I have shortlisted some of the best tall plants for indoors to grow in pots. Plant lovers, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn more about tall plants or indoor tree plants in detail.

Quick takeaways:

  • An indoor tree serves the same function in a room as furniture: it acts as an anchor and sets the mood of the room.
  • Trees are popular houseplants because of the textured element they add to living spaces and the air-purifying properties they possess. 
  • When choosing an indoor tree plant, you need to consider its light and humidity requirements, as well as its mature size.
  • A full-tilt jungle vibe or a calm, serene collection of potted plants, these large houseplants and bedroom plants will make your space more inviting and comfortable.
  • Some plants that can be grown in pots are Croton, Weeping figs, Snake Plants, Rubber trees, etc.

Explaining the indoor Tree plants that can be grown in the pots 

So, folks, let us know about the indoor tree plants that one can grow easily in the pots. Below are the plants that can be grown indoors: 

  • Rubber tree
  • Croton 
  • Olive tree 
  • Bird of paradise 
  • Fiddle-leaf fig
  • Snake Plants
  • African Milk Tree
  • Weeping fig
  • Umbrella tree
  • Moneytree 

Rubber tree

These are ideal plants that can be grown by new growers who don’t have much money to spend. Whereas stores take a large amount of money for rubber trees. You can thrive a rubber tree in one growing season as long as 2 feet apart.

It can be grown as long as you would let it be. When you see that the plant is growing, then remember you have to replant it. You need to take care of this plant wisely. 


These are the colorful plants that can attain 8 feet in height. They tend to grow half of the size when you grow them inside the home. These types of plants require indirect sunlight which should be bright.

If the leaves get burned then the light is falling directly.  So, ensure to keep them in an area where they receive indirect sunlight. 

Olive tree 

Do you want to grow an olive tree? Folks, you should know that farmers used to grow this plant for thousands of long years, thus this has become a beneficial crop today.

An amazing fact about this tree is that it can survive in a pot for more than 8 and less than 10 years at the time you provide it the sunlight it need. 

Bird of paradise   

This plant can be grown easily and will be ready for blooming if you provide it with enough sunlight.

Don’t worry, though you are growing them inside, they can grow tall and give you blossoms, you just need to give them proper sunshine. They can be grown 7 feet high. If you want the best, you should plant them in a pot which should be tight. 

Fiddle-leaf fig

The glossy, broad, violin-shaped leaves make Ficus lyrata a sophisticated addition to any room.

It likes moderate to bright indirect light and regular watering, but if overwatered, she will start to drop leaves. Occasionally pollinate the leaves to keep the plants looking their best. They are so famous that people use to keep artificial-looking plants in their houses.

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Snake Plants 

How about snake plants, folks? Did you know this plant gets its name from its leaves? these plants need low light and light water to thrive, making them common plants in low-light conditions.

African Milk Tree 

The African Milk Tree also known as Euphorbia trigonous brings a wonderful desert vibe to your home.

It is a succulent that tends to propagate well when kept warm. You need to give them plenty of bright light, but not too much direct sunlight to avoid sunburn.

Weeping fig 

It is also known as the banyan tree. Weeping figs are loved for their rich green color and ease of care. You can provide it with an area where they catch sunlight through the large window. 

The Umbrella Tree 

It requires indirect sunlight from nature. Need not give them proper care, pests can harm them if you place them indoors. They desire to be moist but don’t leave them on any surface of stagnant water. The leaves of this plant will be ready to vanish if the soil will be over moist or over-dry. 

Ficus alii plant

It is one of the best tall house plants that will provide a great texture in your area. that is why they are consulate as the best choice when it comes to Indoor plants. 

It will grow about 6 to 8 feet long and it’s scientifically called Ficus maclellandii. They are narrow and will contrast well with the other house plants in the area.

Sweetheart tree

It is one of the easy-to-grow plants that are tall houseplants. They are famous for their variegated foliage. It produces triangular-shaped leaves in the plant that will grow best in bright sunlight. 

It also requires a good amount of humidity. The size of this plant lies between 6 to 8 feet long.

Fishtail palm

Fishtail palm is scientifically known as Caryota which will grow about 6 to 8 feet long it will cherish you with its amazing leaves that are in the shape of a tail. 

It will grow well if you will maintain the growth of the plant. And for that, you have to provide this plant with a good amount of sunlight so that it looks amazing in the area.

Majesty palm 

Majesty palm is another type of tall houseplant that is scientifically known as Ravenea rivularis. If you’re looking for a fast-growing plant that will grow best in the shady area then you can go for this variety of houseplants. 

They not only look beautiful, but they are dense that looks attractive. It produces dark green-colored foliage in the plant that contrasts well with the other plants in the area. 

Areca palm

This plant will produce gorgeous, bright green colored fronds in the plant. You will see that the leaves of this plant will look like bamboo plants. 

It is because its leaves resemble the tree look. if the plant receives plenty of sunlight for its growth, then it will produce long-lasting leaves and remain the best indoor houseplant. It will grow about 5 to 7 feet long.

The Money tree

Money tree, which is also known as Pachira Aquatica, has a spindly trunk that lends itself to braiding, which is how many of these trees are sold. The money tree thrives in high humidity and dampness, but it should never be left standing in water that causes overwatering. It can be found growing in marshes and wetlands in the wild.

How to Care for and Maintain Tall Houseplants? 

Below are the caring tips for maintaining the growth of a tall house plant that you have grown with all your efforts. so without hurrying up, you have to follow the below points: 


Light is needed by every plant and the same is the case with this plant. As you know, most of the house plants require bright sunlight for growth, but the plant will grow even well in the low sunlight conditions.

If you want to see the healthy results of this plant, then you have to feed them with a good amount of sunlight. 


This plant will grow well in well-drained soil. You have to keep the soil moist and receive healthy results from it. For that, you have to keep ordering your plant until the water comes out from the drainage holes.


If you want to grow your plant at a faster pace, then you have to feed them with a good amount of fertilizer.

This plant will grow well for the general-purpose Fertilizer that you have to feed them at the time of spring or summer season. It is because, in this season, the plant will grow at its best to attain the best height. After all, it receives a good amount of light. 


These plants require the average indoor temperature to grow well. You have to keep them in mind to keep them away from the cold drafts or air vents.

Wrapping up the context 

Last but not least, tall indoor plants should be planted inside your home to make it more attractive and beneficial. There are even various benefits of planting trees indoors. I hope this article will be helpful for you all as you come to know about various plants that can be grown indoors easily. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!


Do snake plants get taller?

Yes, the snake plants get taller with time when the plant becomes fully manure. If you will provide proper conditions to the plant, then the plant will attain a healthy shape and size. It will grow about 6 feet long. 

How can I make my indoor plants grow taller?

It is relatively easy to make your indoor plants grow taller. A few of the tips you can follow are increasing the exposure to sunlight, providing proper moisture to the plant, and last but not least, you have to prune off the plants to stimulate new growth in the plants. 

What is the easiest indoor plant to grow tall?

There are various easiest indoor plants to grow tall. Some of them are Parlor Palm, Rubber Plant, Ficus Audrey, Bird of Paradise, Elephant’s Ear, etc. 

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