Do Groundhogs Eat Watermelon? (How to keep them away?)

Do Groundhogs Eat Watermelon? Groundhogs eat various plants, fruits, and vegetables for your garden. One of them is watermelon. Have you ever seen small rodents that come to your garden area? If yes, then you might be knowing about them. It is because they can harm your vegetation, yes it is true. There can be various plants in your garden that are loved by the groundhogs. They are the interesting but notorious creatures that have become a major brand in American society.

Groundhogs are even called by other names ground pigs and even woodchucks. They eat various plants, fruits, and vegetables for your garden. A watermelon is a great option for groundhogs to eat. If you live in an area where the area abundant groundhogs, you think before planting watermelons on your lawn as they won’t remain anything behind. They can eat your vegetation once or twice a day so that they satisfy their hunger. They will suck the fluid of the watermelon so that they receive a good amount of nutrients and they remain healthy.

So, guys it is better to know about the ways out that can help you in keeping them away from your garden so that you enjoy your vegetation. Otherwise, what is the fun of your planting plans, vegetable fruits with a lot of effort and hard work, right? If you agree, then you have to read the whole article so that you come to know about the tips for getting rid of them.

Do Groundhogs Eat Watermelon? (How to keep them away?)

What are Groundhogs? 

Groundhogs are a variety of those animals who love to eat sunflowers, fruits, vegetables, and plants for their survival. They are even called woodchucks, marmots, and whistle pigs. They are one rodent that tends to damage the garden area. They have the power to make the soil weak by digging in it again and again which will not let the plant receive proper nourishment. It will surely cause injuries to the livestock. 

Being herbivore animals, they can eat anything that comes their way so that they enjoy their livelihood. They create a nuisance that is not good for the gardeners. They will come to your garden area for their food again and again.

Do Groundhogs Eat Watermelon?

Folks, what do you think groundhogs eat watermelon? Let’s proceed to know about it. What happens is that at the time of the summertime and the early fall, the melons get ripped which will lead the groundhogs to another fruit named watermelon. They tend to taste the watermelon first just like deer eat pumpkins.

Groundhogs are clever creatures who rob the fruit from plants and then they will enjoy eating it. What do they get from the watermelons? Are they getting some amount of energy or what? They gain nutrients from the watermelon.

They even suck the juice from the fruit and leave nothing behind. As watermelons grow at an after pace, this makes it easy for the groundhogs to enjoy the watermelons and eat them. 

How to keep groundhogs away from your plant? 

It becomes important to protect your vegetation when they get continuously harmed by animals. So we are here to give you the important tips that will help you to keep the groundhogs away from your garden. They are: 

1. Make use of ultrasonic sound devices

Groundhogs have a good heating system and they get nervous by the loud noises produced within their area. So, if you use ultrasonic electronic devices in your garden, then you will get scared by the consistent noises and run away from your garden area. 

2. Why not use Scarecrows?

Fortunately, it is a great idea to use scarecrows to keep the groundhogs away from your garden. Place them near your plants that are loved by them so that they get scared and you need to change them after some days.

You will not put in any extra effort as they should not come to know that they are fake. If they know that this is fake then they won’t be scared by them anymore and you will be caught. 

3. You can make use of Trap

A trap can be made up of a wooden box, wire mesh, and also their favorite fruit inside it.

Place it in a safe place and when they come inside to eat the fruit then you can shut it. They won’t come to your area again. So you should be happy to know it.

4. Castor oil

It is a natural remedy that would keep the groundhogs away from your garden area. As you know they have the smell of this oil.

So, by pouring the oil around the burrow holes, you will see that they won’t like it and will leave their holes and go from the garden.

You have to do so when they are not around and for that just notice their activity so that you come to know about their timings.

5. Use some scents 

As mentioned they do not like the foul smell. If you make use of scents in your garden, there are chances that they will leave your garden.

You can use garlic, cayenne pepper, and lavender as they are not at all liked by the groundhogs. So they will leave your garden area. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Grounshoga is even called by another name ground pigs and even woodchucks. They are part of the squirrel family. They can be found mostly in the regions of Canada and even America. They can live up to 6 years and are one of the largest varieties of the squirrel family. They eat various plants, fruits, and vegetables for your garden. One of them is watermelon. A watermelon is a great option for groundhogs to eat. If you live in an area where the area abundant groundhogs, you should think before planting watermelons on your lawn as they won’t leave anything behind.

Read the guide carefully.


1. Do groundhogs eat lavender?

No, they do not like to eat lavender as it produces a strong smell which is hated by them. 

2. What plants do groundhogs not eat?

Various plants are not eaten by groundhogs. It is so that they produce a strong small and some of them are irises, daffodils, lavender, peonies, etc. 

3. What do groundhogs eat in the summer?

They can eat any plant in the summer that is loved by them. Some of them are lettuce, garden fruits, corn, clovers, dandelions, and many more. As these items are easily available in the summertime so they get attracted to them and eat them vigorously. 

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