10+ Animals that eat Sunflowers (& Tips for getting rid of them) 

Have you heard that sunflowers face problems when they begin to produce seeds? Well, I do, so before my sunflowers encounter any issues, I want to know how to deal with them to save my sunflowers. You might be wondering, from whom do I have to save my sunflowers? Hold on, all your confusion will be cleared—just trust me, it’s true.

I’m talking about the animals that eat sunflowers. Yes, plant lovers, you heard it right—there are more than 10 animals that love to eat sunflowers. You will be surprised to find that you have to protect your flowers from these animals too.

Do you know what animals eat your sunflower plants? If yes, then you should get rid of them to protect your vegetation. But what about those who don’t know? No worries! I’m here to guide you about the animals that eat sunflowers. So, let’s start this guide to learn about the list of animals that eat sunflowers and discover ways to get rid of them.

Key takeaways:

  • A gardener loves their plants and vegetables as he grows sunflowers that have many benefits with his efforts and hard work. Sunflowers are one of the most grown flower plants.
  • Sunflowers are beautiful and make your garden eye-catching and gorgeous.
  • They are tall and can attain a height of about 20 feet.
  • Its flowers look so unique and dazzling.
  • Sunflowers are made in a way that they provide a good source of livestock and wild stock. 

10+ Animals That Eat Sunflowers

Sunflowers have beautiful and bright flowers that produce no foul smell. It is elegant and gives an attractive look to your garden. But most often, sunflowers are caught by the animals who eat them. What is the fun of the gardener then who grows them with effort and for the desired results? So, you must know about those animals that eat the sunflowers. Below are the top 10 animals that eat sunflowers:

Rabbits – Do Rabbits eat Sunflowers

One of the animals that love to eat sunflowers just like it loves to eat tomatoes and other plants in the garden is a rabbit. Rabbits eat the flowers, seeds, and even the stalks. It is obvious that the rabbits are short and can not fly, so they cannot eat the seeds but can do so by eating the dropped seeds or the over seeds or plants. Gardeners have become a pest that needs to be out of the garden. There are ways to get rid of them so that you protect your garden. The ways will be discussed in this guide. 

Deer – Do Deer eat Sunflowers 

Do deer eat sunflowers? Of course, they do. They love sunflowers more often, it is planted by some hunters to attract the deers to their area. You can get rid of the deer from your garden by building a fence and other ways out there that will be discussed in this guide. Deer even jump from the fences, so choose another method for getting rid of them. 

Mice and voles – Do Mice and voles eat Sunflowers? 

The culprits behind the eating of sunflower plants or seeds are mice and voles. They tend to climb the plants and even drill the plant to get them to see them or eat them. You won’t be able to see your seedlings within a few days because they robbed them. They will eat it, so you have to remove them from the garden area. 

Chipmunks – Do Chipmunks eat Sunflowers?

Another type of animal that loves to eat the seeds of the sunflower is chipmunks. They will roam around your garden so that they get a chance to eat its seeds. In the summertime, they need more of the seeds and they save for the winners in their holes. They even climb the plant so that they can get to eat it. 

Squirrels – Do Squirrels eat Sunflowers

Being a sunflower fan, they are also driven towards them. The birds and squirrels will hang around your plants so that they can eat them. You have to watch their activities so that you can stop them from eating your plants. They are destroying your vegetation which is not a good sign. They will even save the seeds in the holes for later use. 

Aphids – Do Aphids eat Sunflowers? 

It is a black bug that eats the sunflower. You won’t be able to protect your plants as they hide on the underside of the leaves of plants. Thrift mouths are designed in a way that they bite and such the liquid front he leaves that can weaken the plant. With time, the plant will be destroyed. 

Birds – What Birds Eat Sunflowers

One of the major roles in eating the sunflowers is played by the birds. They are the common animals that are drawn toward eating sunflowers. Various birds eat sunflowers such as cardinals, juncos, house sparrows, starlings, grosbeaks, bluejays, and so on. Some birds love to eat the seeds of the sunflowers. They come to your garden and get their fix of sunflower seeds. So, protecting the sunflowers from animals is very important.

Raccoons – Do Raccoons eat Sunflowers?

You might know before that a raccoon’s priority is not eating the sunflowers, rather they will eat its seeds and nuts. Raccoons even eat other plants in your garden area. So, you tend to protect your area from them as they will destroy your vegetation fully.

Pests and Insects – Do Pests and Insects Eat Sunflowers?

Sunflowers attract the bees and other insects towards them as they are so attractive. But some bees, pests, and insects can harm them by their effect, and the plant will be destroyed. One of the uncommon insects is spittlebugs which leave no suspect behind for catching them. So, you have to protect your garden from such insects and pests so that you get the desired results. 

Sheep – Do Sheep Eat Sunflowers?

If you know that sunflowers belong to the forbs family, forbs are loved by the sheep. They can eat forbs anytime as long as they love them. Do you know what forbs are? Forbs are those leafy plants that tend to thrive in the grasses and develop a flower. Sheep know what is beneficial for their health. Due to their nutrient value, they eat the sunflowers.

I hope now you have found out what animals eat sunflower leaves, the following are some tips for you to save your sunflowers

Tips for getting rid of Animals that eat Sunflowers 

Guys, you might be aware of some of the tips that help you in removing the animals from your yard as they harm your vegetation. But here, you will see more of the tips that will surely be useful for you in getting rid of those animals. Below are they: 

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Doing fencing 

Fencing is a great option that can help you in getting rid of the animals. Even if it is a permanent way out that will keep the animals away from your garden. So, you can build a border fence around your garden. Make sure to keep it 3-4 feet high which will not let them come inside. It is one of the effective ways to get rid of the animals that harm your vegetation. You can choose any chicken wire or fencing material so that the animals stay out of the garden area. 

Use motion-activated sprinkler 

Another tip for getting rid of the animals is to use any motion-activated sprinkler that won’t let the animals come in and destroy the plants or vegetables. It would easily find the animal and then spray this water so that they go away from the garden and they will get scared to come next time there. So, use this option as it is very effective. 

Bird Netting

Birds can be restricted from coming to the garden area if you use any bird netting for them. You have to take the step if the animals or birds act dangerously and harm the plants. It might hide your sunflowers which won’t be good for them, but you have to do it as something is better than nothing.  

Setting up the scarecrow 

If you do this, then almost every animal will get scared to enter the garden and your problem will be solved. Various birds destroy the plants, it is especially for them as they are scared of the fake hawk. 

Binding up the context 

You all know that Sunflowers are one of the most grown flower plants. Sunflowers are beautiful and make your garden eye-catching and gorgeous. They are tall and can attain a height of about 20 feet. Its flowers look so unique and dazzling. Sunflowers are made in a way that they provide a good source of livestock and wild stock. Gardens face the problem of eating sunflowers, so you have a full guide here that lets you know about those animals that eat the sunflowers and various tips are shared that will help you in getting rid of them.


Which animal robs sunflower heads?

The most famous animal that climbs the plant and eats its seeds is a squirrel. 

Do Bees Eat Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are one of the most popular types of flowers in the world. They are grown primarily for their blooms, but many people don’t know that bees also eat sunflowers. In fact, bees can be found eating sunflower flowers all around the world.The bee’s stomach is very efficient at breaking down plant material, and this includes sunflower petals. The bee’s digestive system also helps to break down the cell walls of the sunflower, which gives the bee access to the nutritional contents inside the flower.Some people think that bees are attracted to the smell of sunflower flowers, but this isn’t actually the case. All flowers have a sort of “scent” that attracts insects, and sunflowers are no different. The scent that attracts bees is actually related to the plant’s ability to produce nectar.

How can you keep the animals off the sunflowers?

Animals can be removed from the garden or your sunflowers by doing things like, fencing, do not make your garden attractive, you can use protective shields, etc. 

How can you keep rabbits from eating the sunflowers?

Rabbits can be kept away from sunflowers by spreading hot pepper around the beds of your sunflowers so that rabbits when they are sniffed run away.

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