Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Chelsea flower show is the world’s most famous flower show that encourages visitors about planting, making them love plants even more with the captivating 39 gardens. The Chelsea flowers have already started on May 24 and go on till May 28.

Quick takeaways:

  • The season of spring brings out a lot of colorful opportunities, Chelsea flower show is one of them.
  • It was famous for the name of a great spring show.
  • The Chelsea flower show is organized for at least five days in May.
  • The show was first organized in 1912, and from then till now the show has been attended by the British royal family.
  • Visiting this flower show in Chelsea will give you a world-class experience in view, planting, and whatnot.
  • The stylish appearance looks so fabulous, making shopping fun and a fresh experience.

Location of Chelsea Flower Show 

London gate of royal hospital road, royal hospital Chelsea, London, SW3 4SR

Tickets for Chelsea Flower Show

Tickets aren’t easily available because of early bookings. Scroll down when you still have a chance to visit the show:

The tickets for the Thursday show ‘all day’ slot are available (8 a.m to 8 p.m) for the public at a price of 110.85 pounds while for members all tickets are sold out. 

Unfortunately, all the tickets have been sold out for the time slot from 3:30 p.m to 8 p.m.

For Friday, the tickets are available for both members at a price of 85,85 pounds and the public price of 110.85 pounds in ‘all day time slot 

The time slot 3:30-8 pm is booked, so you just don’t miss the chance if you can opt for all daytime slots.

Chelsea flower show late tickets are available on the site, members in price 72.10 pounds with 1.25 pounds delivery charges. And public charges are 77.10 pounds with 1.25 pounds delivery charges. The time slot for the late show is 5:30-8 p.m. Visitors will experience live music, demonstrations, and various workshops.

Best day to go to the Chelsea Flower show

The best day to go to Chelsea Flower is near the weekend days, depending on if it is included in the schedule. These days the fees are a lot cheaper as compared to other days. Saturday, the rate is the cheapest.

The theme of the RHS Chelsea flower show 2023

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has wildflowers and trendy designs having native plants creatively keeping it natural.

What Chelsea flower show 2023 has to Show

The mesmerizing show gardens and the contest between the designers designing them, let people know about the upcoming or ongoing fashion in designing the garden like edging. 

The sanctuary garden is small and makes people feel more connected to green, nature, and well-being. 

This category is new and is called ‘all-about-plants’.  Recently, the new designers in Chelsea, have also come out with container gardens and balconies with inspiring styles for living in cities.

You can buy, ask your doubts to the experts too.

This year after the success of the houseplants studios in 2021, Chelsea has again included it and the Ranelagh Gardens for inspiring people with the house plants option. The studios are designed like houses, you can feel good by looking at houseplants, buying or getting help from the designers too(plant clinic).

Malvern Garden buildings famous for the party plants are incorporated into the edible bus stop, inspiring people about the benefits of workplace wellbeing.

Many scientific innovations are included like the health benefits of planting, and discoveries that have lately succeeded in horticulture. 

London fire brigades create awareness among the people about floods, how to prevent them, and projects on various composts on what to include and what not to.

RHS hub– a one-stop shop for all the stuff related to plants and planting.

Great pavilion hand-picked trade stands are about a collection of the best nurseries out there.

Gardens of Chelsea flower show 2023

Show garden 

  • Rewilding Britain Landscape – awarded with gold – by Lulu Urquhart and adam hunt
  • The Meta Garden! Growing The Future- awarded with gold- by Joe Perkins
  • The Mind Garden- awarded with gold- by Andy Sturgeon
  • The RNLI Garden- awarded with gold- by Chris Beardshaw
  • Brewin Dolphin Garden- awarded with silver- by Pauly Hervey- Brookes
  • New Blue Peter Garden(Discover soil)- awarded with silver gilt- by Juliet Sargeant
  • St. Mungo’s Putting Down Roots Garden- awarded with silver- by Darryl Moore and Adolf Harrison
  • The RAF Benevolent Fund garden- awarded with silver- by John Everiss
  • Hands Off Mangrove by grow2know- awarded with silver gilt- by Smith and Danny Clarke
  • Alder Hey Urban Foraging Station- awarded with silver gilt- by Howard Miller and Hugh Miller
  • The Perennial Garden- awarded with silver- by Richard Miers
  • Morris & Co. – awarded with gold- by Ruth Willmott
  • Medite Smartply ‘Building the Future’- awarded with gold(BEST CONSTRUCTION)- by Sarah Eberle

For more such plant related-articles, you may also read, What is a Propeller Plant? – How to Grow Crassula falcata ‘Propeller Plant’? 

Sanctuary garden 

Out of the Shadows- awarded with gold(BEST SANCTUARY, BEST CONSTRUCTION)- BY Kate Gould

A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons- awarded with gold- by Tony Woods

A Swiss Sanctuary- awarded with bronze- by Lilly Gomm

Circle of Life- awarded with TBC- by Yoshiro Tamura

Connected, by Exante- awarded with silver gilt- by Taina Suonio

Kingston Maurward The Space within Garden- awarded with silver gilt- by Michelle Brown

The Body Shop garden- awarded with silver gilt- by Jennifer Hirsch

The Boodles travel garden- awarded with gold- by Tom Hoblyn

The Place2be Securing Tomorrow Garden- awarded with gold- by Jamie Butterworth

The Plantsman’s Ice Garden- awarded with silver gilt- by John Warland

The SSAFA garden supported by CCLA- awarded with silver- Amanda Waring

The Stitcher’s Garden-awarded with silver- by Frederic Whyte

Balcony garden

  • The Cirrus Garden- awarded with silver gilt- by Jason Williams
  • Jay Day was designed by flock party- awarded with bronze- by Alison Orellana Malouf and Su-Yeon Choi
  • The blue garden- awarded with silver- by Tom Wilkes-Rios
  • The potting balcony garden- awarded with silver gilt- by William Murray

Container garden 

The still garden- awarded with gold- by jane porter

A Mediterranean reflection- awarded with silver- by Tanya k Wilson

Mandala. Meditation & mindfulness garden- awarded with silver- by Nikki Hollier

The enchanted rain garden- awarded with silver gilt- by Bea Tann

Wild kitchen garden- awarded with silver gilt- by Ann Treneman

All about plants

The wilderness foundation UK Garden- awarded with gold(best)- Charles Hawkes

A textile garden for fashion revolution- awarded with silver gilt- by Lottie Delamain

The core arts front garden revolution- awarded with gold- by Andy Smith Williams 

The Mothers for mothers garden: this too shall pass- awarded with Silver- by Pollyanna Wilkinson

Plant of the Year in the Chelsea flower show 2023 

-Semponium ‘destiny from surreal Succulents, Cornwall.

Product of the Year Chelsea flower show 2023 

-Peat-free John Innes1,2 & 3 composts by Dobbie.

What happens to the garden after the flower show 

The 39 gardens after the show are either dismantled or moved. In many cases, the gardens are used for various assignments. RHS Chelsea also auctions it or donates it to charities for wellbeing. 


Is it worth going to Chelsea Flower Show? 

If you have a love for plants, then it is worth visiting the Chelsea flower show. The show has numerous plants from small show gardens, and container gardens, to a huge tent of displays by various popular nurseries.

How long does it take to walk around the Chelsea flower show?

It takes around 5 to 6 hours to look around all the main displays from show gardens, flowers, bus stops, etc. It is a huge event, and it’s time-consuming to see the whole of the show.

How many show gardens at Chelsea 2023?

Chelsea flower show 2023 will be featuring 39 gardens of which 13 are show gardens

12- sanctuary gardens 

4- balcony gardens

5- container gardens

Is there a dress code for the Chelsea flower show?

The royal families attend the first two days of the flower show. They seem to be well dressed. Other than that there is no dress code for the Chelsea flower show.

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