How to Grow Dahlias In Pots? (Successful Secret Tips)

Don’t you find it fascinating to grow Dahlias in pots and fill your spaces with color? Well, I certainly do. Trust me, I’ve grown them in pots, and while it’s not easy, all you need is the right information on the basic requirements for a perfect bloom.”

To assist you in achieving successful results, I’ve outlined all the steps I took to grow Dahlias in pots. If you encounter any problems in the future while growing Dahlias in pots, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Key takeaways:

  • Dahlias are perennials and form great-cut flowers.
  • They usually grow well in the summer season.
  • Dahlias are gorgeous and growing them doesn’t need rocket science.
  • Dahlia needs some proper care when they are grown in pots as well as in the garden.
  • The colors they come in are glazing and the size varies from dwarf to giant ones.
  • The shades of Dahlia are available in neutral colors as well as mixes(patterns) that look extra attractive.
  • Dahlias are perennials and form great-cut flowers.
  • They usually grow well in the summer season. They love bright sunlight.

Though you can grow dahlias in-ground, growing them in pots is super easy and best because they can be carried to wherever spot you want. This is needed because hail storms or fast winds can affect the heavy dahlia flowers, by the morning you see them facing down or getting broken. The sudden shifting of temperature can also cause harm to dahlias, for which you need to move them inside or to safe spots.

How to Grow Dahlias In Pots Indoors?

If you are a beginner planter then planting Dahlia indoors is recommended. The dahlia planting starts with indoor growing, keeping them in a spot that has an ample amount of sunlight and a warm temperature. From the start, you need to plant the tuber having a node or eye facing upwards, which means you will place the tuber in the horizontal direction. This needs to be done 2-3 weeks before the last frost. Keep watering it regularly in optimum amount. The roots will later develop. While growing dahlia indoors, you can also keep the plant lights on, if it is dark or shady outside. 

How to Grow Dahlias In Pots?

What variety of Dahlia to choose from?

There are a lot of varieties available in the market of dahlias. They are very tiny for dinner plate sizes. So, here you need a variety that will grow best in the container. If your pot is large then a large variety of dahlia is suitable as well. If the pot is not that big then the small or medium varieties of Dahlia are favorable to grow. It is important that whatever you are planting the dahlia plant in, they get enough space to breathe, thrive, and grow well. 

What kind of pot to choose?

Not just the variety of dahlia, growing dahlia properly also depends on the pot you have chosen. The tuber that you have enough can be a single or clumped one, accordingly, the circumference of the pot should be chosen. The suggested range of diameter is 8-12 inches. Dahlia needs well-drained moist soil, the pot should contain drainage holes. 

Using a dirty pot can lead to infection of the tuber, or even the dahlia plant in later cases. A clean pot is what you should look for when buying a new pot for Dahlia. 

Potting mix

Adding the potting mix into the 2-inch soil over the tuber is what you need to do after getting the pot. The tuber if placed deep penetrated water and more potting mix about 2.5 cm, which can later be increased as the plant grows more inches. 

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How often should you water dahlia in pots?

Growing in a sunny spot can dry out the growing dahlia plant or bud that will later grow stems. A good amount of water is to be given to the dahlia plants, and the soil should be kept moist and well-drained. The tubers (which are the food store for the plant) shouldn’t rot which can be due to water staying in the soil for a long time. You need to wait for water once a day and wait for the soil to indicate if it needs water. 


Staking helps the plant to stay upright and not bend. Stakes provide them with good strength and support. Large dahlias especially need staking as the big and heavy flowers have a risk of falling due to wind and laying extra stress on the branches. Create more holes near the diameter of the pot and place the stakes into them, tie the stem with the stakes, and there you go! The dahlia plants are straight now and less risky to fall off. 

Potting mix 

The potting mix is important for the growing dahlia in the pot. The potting mix for Dahlia should have content that offers proper drainage to the plants. The famous potting mix for dahlia has loose textured perlite, fine brak, vermiculite, and peat. If the potting mix is wet, make sure it is not too tight like clay or has the same in it. 


Pinching is done to enhance the blooming of flowers, to make them look fuller. Pinching works if you want more flowers, like in dahlias. You can pinch the top of a stem of a 1-foot tall dahlia plant, to increase the lateral branches. This will also help plants to give more flowers. When the new branches are formed, chances of getting more flowers also emerge. But, the con is that the flowering will slow down. Now it is up to you if you want a speedy result or a slow but ‘more flowers’ result.

Fertilizing dahlia in pots

Tubers provide all the food to the young dahlia plants, which decreases the need for fertilizer in this stage. But as soon as the plant grows well leaves, the dahlia plant will be demanding more nutrients, for which fertilizer needs to be supplied. A fertilizer with a good amount of phosphorus and potassium is best suited for dahlia plants.


Dahlias are all about bounty flowers, deadheading them will essentially help them flower. Remove the old flowers or dead flowers after they bloom, this will create space for new flowers and make the plant clean and more energetic. You can deadhead the plant by using scissors or simply using your hands. 

How to care for Dahlia in pots?

  • The moist leaves if kept wet for a long time can get diseased, make sure to keep them dry. 
  • Earwigs usually attack the old leaves, staying hidden under the surface. The snails and slugs are another issues of dahlia, they love fresh young dahlia leaves. Again, keep the leaves dry
  • Mulching too much with straw can also increase the moist conditions which can cause rot and stay for attackers
  • Sunlight is good for dahlia but noon sunlight can weaken the dahlia plant. Keep moving them to a shady area if the sun is too strong outside. 

Can you leave dahlias in pots over winter?

The overwintering dahlia plants in pots will not kill the hope of getting back dahlia plants. So, you can still grow them in a cold climate. The dry and cold frost will surely kill the dahlia plants but you still grow them back by cutting some inches down. The plant will start showing some leaves as the summer weather approaches. If the climate is still cold, you can bring the pot inside the house. 

Wrapping up the context

The dahlia plants need some care while growing and even before planting the tubers. From the above information, you have clearly understood now that the dahlia plants in pots need well-drained soil, about 12 inches in depth, and having a good-width pot for the tubers that have bud or stem and warm soil is what they need. The good sun will make the soil warm for them. We hope we have helped you grow your dahlias in pots. Keep enjoying planting! 

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