Why is my Lavender Plant wilting? (How to fix it?)

Ever wondered why your plants tend to wilt? If yes, then you are at the right place as I was also worried about the lavender plant wilting. Then I came up with some of the solutions mentioned in this guide. Why is my Lavender Plant wilting? Wilting is a clear indication that the lavender is not in healthy growing conditions or that the plant itself is not healthy.

Quick takeaways:

  • Lavender is a beautiful plant to get a space in your garden with purple color toned flowers.
  • The lavender should keep thriving, every gardener’s dream! Lavender Plant wilting occurs because of various reasons such as heat stroke, excess sunlight, overwatering, high use of fertilizer, pests, and disease, and many more.
  • The Lavender Plant wilting can be stopped by following the guide.

But hold on! Are your lavender plants wilting? The wilting of lavender plants can be due to many reasons, that’s what we will tell you in this article and all the remedies that you can try to stop that beauty from wilting. Let’s know some more reasons for a wilting lavender plant with some effective ways to fix it.

Why is my Lavender Plant wilting?

First of all, it is a clear indication that the lavender is not in healthy growing conditions or that the plant itself is not healthy.  The conditions like soil being too soggy, overheated plant and dry soil, high acidity in soil(low pH), underwatered soil, etc. can be reasons behind the Lavender Plant wilting.

In short, we want to say the lavender plant is under some kind of stress. The stressful plant brings or invites many agents near which can harm them whether they can be pests or diseases. They also cause drooping of the lavender plants like the drooping of polka dot plants

1. After transplantation

Many times the plant gets under shock when transplanted from one soil condition to another or location. The plant needs time to adjust and fit into the new soil type. In such a case, the plant wilts, and proper care is what the plants need at that time. It is one of the causes of Lavender Plant wilting.

Just not the soil type, but other conditions also change indoors there is little dry air as compared to the garden, just like temperature, water, and other conditions also make the plant do little adjustments. Just with good care and patience, the plant will revive back to its ‘no drooping’ condition.

2. Heat stroke

Heat stroke can be another reason behind the Lavender Plant wilting. Usually, you see lavender happy in the calming weather or season. The place where they are seen in bunches again is cool and pleasant. The hot weather can make the leaves and even the plant droop.

The sudden heat with hot wind can cause heat stroke in the plants which can cause them to wilt. As the temperature drops a little like in the morning or evening the plant can get back to its normal condition. Watering lavender plants at high temperatures should be avoided as this thing is temporary.

3. Overwatering or underwatering

Lavender plants do not need much water, but obviously, they do need some water to survive. Lavender Plant wilting happens if the soil is wet for a long time and has not been checked for drainage properly. Many times the drainage is good but you are watering the lavender plant too frequently.

Let the soil get dry before watering. In summer time watering lavender plants two times a week is enough to quench the thirst for lovely lavender. In the starting phase of lavender plants, they need a good amount of water or frequent watering.

Lavender plants if underwatered will again droop and you will see the soil getting cracked and too dry. So it is important to check the soil, if the soil is dry then water the plant if moist yet avoid watering.

4. Too much fertilizing

Fertilizing lavender plants are good in the early stages of growth but too much fertilization will make the soil insufficient for lavender to grow properly and then they wilt.

It is one of the causes of Lavender Plant wilting.

The optimum level of fertility is needed to keep the lavender straight and blooming.

5. Plant getting suffocated

Straightly put, if the pot size is not 12-16 inches then your lavender plant will get suffocated and indicate this via drooping. It is one of the causes of Lavender Plant wilting.

The small-sized pots can rootbound the lavender plants and don’t give them ample space to grow properly.

6. Type of soil used

The soil that has proper drainage if watered a little high from the optimum level can still manage as the soil has good drainage. It is one of the causes of Lavender Plant wilting.

The sandy soil is ideal for growing lavender plants instead of clayey soil, which is a bit tighter and has poor drainage.

Sandy soil also gets dry but clayey soil takes a long time to dry and wet conditions for the roots for a long time and can lead to root rot, fungal infections, etc.

7. High acidity

It is one of the causes of Lavender Plants wilting. The low pH of the soil can create acidic conditions which depend on the plant type and how much acidity they prefer. Lavender plants survive in acidic pH of 6.5 to 8 which is slightly acidic to more alkaline type.

The soil becomes too acidic which can be due to rainfall, weather conditions, decay, etc, and can cause wilting in lavender plants.

8. Water-clogged soil

The well-drained soil doesn’t stay wet for a long time and gives the proper amount of moisture that the lavender plants need. It is one of the causes of Lavender Plant wilting.

When you are watering the soil, ensure the water is not forming the layer of the soil for a long time and getting soaked inside properly.

Remember, don’t overwater. The sandy soil is seen to have the best drainage and suits lavender plants as well. 

How to fix lavender from wilting? 

  • Transplant the plant during the spring season.
  • Provide water to the plants one to two times a week. Avoid overwatering the lavender plants. The soil should be adequately dried before you water the plant. 
  • Choose a pot of proper size, large pots will not make the root bunded and let them absorb nutrients efficiently
  • Fertilize the lavender plant rarely, and also don’t supply too much nitrogen to the soil, which can cause wilting of your lavender plant. 

Wrapping up the context 

We hope we have got the answers to your question about wilting in lavender plants. You somewhere would have gotten a clue what is going wrong with the lavender plant or other situations leading to such a wilting issue. Boost the caring process of the lavender plant as the wilting can be corrected by proper care and the tips that we have described above, follow these and do let us know. Happy planting! 


1. Will wilted lavender come back? 

The lavender gets wilted due to temporary climate fluctuations. If the plant is well cared for and appropriately watered, planted in a large-sized pot, then sudden temperature changes can still drop the plant.

The plants get back to normal when the temperature gets to normal. About 5-7 days are needed for the lavender plant to come back to its original state. 

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