12+ Best Tall Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

Many gardeners may wonder what makes a plant fall into a tall perennial flower. A depends upon the plant’s height and blooming time. If you are thinking of planting tall perennial flowers in your garden then I have mentioned below some top tall flower lists by which you can decide which perennial flower you want to go. 

Let’s begin to learn. 

Tall perennial flowers:

Tall perennial flowers are tall and these flowers are colorful and they bloom and grow high these flowers look very beautiful and elegant when they are grown well in gardens. Many gardeners love to grow these flowers. Tall perennial flowers are tall in size and it adds a great addition to the garden and it also fills the space in the garden with beautiful colors. There are different varieties of flowers that are well grown in the garden. these different colors fit with the garden and produce a beautiful flower collection.

Tall perennial flowers add elegance, vitality, vibrancy, eye-catching and longevity. These flowers are tall in size and add colors and beauty to the garden. As these flowers bloom and grow in different zones they look very fascinating and attractive and it attracts the people when they see these beautiful flowers in the garden.

Here are some top Tall Perennial Flowers:-

The following is a list of some tall perennial flowers:

  • Oriental lily
  • Joe Pye weed
  • Delphinium
  • Herbstonne black-eyed Susan
  • Hollyhock
  • Boltonia
  • Goatsbeard
  • Queen of prairie
  • Plume poppy
  • Gunnera
  • Canna lily
  • Cup plant 
  • giant lily 


  • Oriental lily is a beautiful perennial flower that looks very attractive and beautiful and it blooms in late August.
  • this plant grows easily and can reach up to three and six feet in height. 
  • Its design and pattern look very beautiful.
  • Oriental lilies produce large and fragrant blooms that have different colors and are a perfect addition to any landscape.
12+ Best Tall Perennial Flowers for Your Garden


  • Joe Pye weed is well known for attracting butterflies and bees in the garden. 
  • This tall perennial flowers is pink in color and looks very delicious and attractive. 
  • With dark green leaves it reaches up to 12 inches
  • This flower needs well-drained soil, sun, and partial shade as it helps the plant for better growth. 


  • Delphinium flower is bold and beautiful and looks very attractive when it blooms in the garden. 
  • However, to bloom this flower is quite challenging for many gardeners. 
  • These tall perennial flowers may grow up to six feet tall and need sun and fully drained fertile soil.


  • This is a bright yellow flower and is six feet tall and it blooms in midsummer to late fall.
  •  These flowers attract pollinators, butterflies, bees, and other insects. 
  • These perennials are aggressive and territorial.


  • Hollyhock is the best choice to border your garden even though many people consider 
  • This flower is a biennial because it has many varieties that live for two years. 
  • This flower grows up to 8 feet tall and these flowers have a wide variety of bright colors that are available in single or double-cup bloom.


  • The Boltonia plant reaches up to six feet.
  • This tall perennial flowers is white, pink, and yellow in color. 
  • This flower is also known as False Alster. 
  • Boltonia needs full sun but it grows in partial sun. 
  • The hardiness of this flower is between 4 to 9 and even this flower attracts butterflies and pollinators. 
  • Boltonia needs full-drained soil to bloom.


  • Goatsbeard is a perfect perennial flower as it has unique foliage and it adorns in early summer with white petals.
  • it is also known as bucks beared
  • This tall perennial flowers grows up to six feet.
  • this flower has Male reproductive organs on one plant and female organs on another. 


  • This flower is tall and radiant as this flower can stand as high as nine feet
  • During the summer season, this flower produces white flowers with fragrance.
  • these tall perennial flowers grow best in partial shape and need well-drained soil.
  • This flower grows in climates of 7 to 9 and requires more maintenance than other flowers. 


  • These flowers are sweet and soft like cotton candy.
  • These tall perennial flowers provide a burst of colors.
  • It can grow upto 8 feet tall
  • It has dark green leaves which look fluffy and beautiful.
  • These tall perennial flowers provide pollen to insects. 
  • This flower needs less maintenance as compared to other flowers. 


  • This flower has the potential to grow high up to 7 to 8 feet.
  • It is a tropical perennial flower and even this flower is used for decoration purposes.
  • This flower adds elegance and more charm to the garden. 
  • It grows best in hardiness zones of 3 to 5.
  • This flower needs continuous care and monitoring. 
  • This flower needs a warmer climate to grow. 


  • Gunnera flowers add magic to the garden.
  • it needs ten-foot growth and six-foot wide leaves.
  • These tall perennial flowers are also known as dinosaur food. 
  • This flower is very impressive and has deeply lobed leaves.
  • this flower needs some care and maintenance so that it can get regular moisture from the soil.


  • The Canna lily is a center of attraction in the garden as it has big leaves with brightly colored blossoms. 
  • Canna lilies are red perennial flowers, pink, yellow, orange, and white in color and shine brightly in the garden. 
  • This flower can grow up to 8 feet tall. 
  • These tall perennials have variegated leaves.
  • this flower doesn’t need much care or maintenance as it can grow in low maintenance. 


  • Cup plant has different names which include pilot weed, square weed, and even carpenter’s weed. 
  • This flower grows up to 3 to 8 feet tall and can tolerate cold temperatures.
  • This perennial has upper leaves that attach and clash with the stem.
  • It creates a water foundation for many birds and insects.  
  • Even this flower can stand up to 8 feet with pride.
  • it even catches the eye of a flower lover with the golden crown of daisies. 


  • The giant lilies are tall perennial flowers that produce 20 trumpet-shaped white flowers having Maroon strips on them. 
  • These flowers do have a strong fragrance. 
  • The plants reach towering heights and grow in part shade. 
  • You need to plant them in a part sheet and moist while training soil. 
  • These tall perennial flowers grow up to 9 feet tall
  • They are best grown in the hardiness zone from 7 to 9.


These tall perennial flowers look very beautiful and classy when they are grown in gardens even though some of these flowers don’t need much care or maintenance while some of them need much care and maintenance. These flowers are tall and look very elegant and attractive when they are grown in gardens even though these flowers are known for their beauty.  These tall perennials are in a number of varieties and different colors. 


What perennial flowers don’t spread?

 Hemerocallis (daylilies) Baptisia australis (false indigo) Astilbe that don’t spread.

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