Szechuan or Sichuan Pepper plant – Growth & care tips- Know if it is legal or illegal!

Do you know about a Szechuan or Sichuan Pepper plant? When you are hearing the term Szechuan pepper what comes to your mind? is it a kitchen ingredient? Is it a yummy Chinese dish? Folks, do you desire spicy Chinese dishes? If there is a yes to any of these questions then there is great news for you all. In this article, you can know all about Szechuan or Sichuan Pepper plant and about its growth, and care tips.

Quick takeaways:

  • If you are a spice lover, then this ingredient is a must-have in your kitchen as there are many varieties of pepper plants you can grow like Cayenne Pepper, Jalapeno Peppers, Hot Peppers etc.
  • You should add this to your kitchen. It holds various benefits.
  • These are not the chili peppers, they are the berries on the Sichuan pepper tree.
  • This can be used for medicinal issues and holds a great history in China.
  • Szechuan or Sichuan Pepper plant originated from China. 
  • These are the spreading trees that tend to grow up to the height of 13-17 feet long.
  • Szechuan or Sichuan Pepper plants tend to give blossoms in the late springtime and the early summertime.

Don’t you want to grow these amazing plants just like ZZ plant in your garden so that you can add spiciness to your life? These plants are not difficult to grow.

Common Name(s)Sichuan pepper, Szechuan pepper, Szechwan pepper, Chinese pepper, Chinese prickly ash, mala pepper, Timut pepper 
Scientific NameZanthoxylum spp.
Days to Harvest120 days
LightFull sun to partial shade
Water1 inch per week
FertilizerAll-purpose, slow-release
PestsAphids, citrus leafminer (the latter only minimally)
DiseasesPepper tree leaf blotch, fusarium wilt, alternaria, citrus canker

In this guide, you will clear all of your doubts about reading the Szechuan. Let us get started to know more about the Szechuan plant. 

What is a Sichuan pepper plant? 

The sichuan pepper plant is a spicy cover of the berries which is also known as Schezwan pepper, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese pepper, rattan pepper, and mala pepper. This spice is used in various countries like India, China, Tibet, Nepal, etc. The species is related to the citrus fruits. This pepper is also known as teppala or tripal in India in the Hindi language. This spice can add so much to your garden and even your kitchen. 

Few varieties of Szechuan: 

  • Zanthoxylum bungeanum 
  • Zanthoxylum armatum
  • Zanthoxylum piperitum 

Few takeaways

  • It helps in reducing the pain of an individual.
  • It tends to enhance the immunity of a person.
  • When people recover from an illness, it increases their appetite.
  • It helps in lowering the blood pressure of an individual.
  • It focuses on the strengthening of the bones of an individual. 

What are the caring tips for the Sichuan pepper plant?

There are various points you need to take care of these plants like Dieffenbachia care in winters. Let us throw some light on the caring tips that can be followed for the Sichuan pepper plant: 

Sunlight requirements 

These plants tend to thrive in the full sun. They require at least 7-8 hours of direct sunlight for proper growth. They can tolerate the partial shade too. But for more intense plant growth, provide them with full sunlight.

Water requirements 

When you begin to grow the plant, water the plant daily. If you are growing it in the ground then it will require less water as compared to container-grown plants. Some of the variants can tolerate drought even in the driest weather conditions. 

Soil requirements 

The soil needs to be well-drained for the growth of these plants. You can add some organic matter, agricultural sand, and many more. You can grow them in poor soil, but growing them in organic soil will give you a great plant. 

Fertilizer requirements 

You should put 10-10-10 pellet fertilizer in it for their growth. 


There is no need to trim off the plant as compared to other plants, when the plant regrows don’t prune the plant, and let the flowers convert into peppercorns. You can remove the damaged growth of the plant. 

What are the growth tips for the Sichuan pepper plant in your garden?

Folks, are you into the growing of various species in your yard? If yes, then there can be a great addition that is the Szechuan plant to your garden. 

  • These plants can be planted in the springtime. 
  • You can grow them in containers, pots, or flower beds, it’s your choice. 
  • Make sure to choose well-drained soil. 
  • You need to plant in proper deep.
  • You need to take care of the aphids on pepper plants.

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Is the Sichuan pepper plant legal or not? 

The import of the Szechuan plant was restricted in the phase 1968-2005 because the dried berry of this plant was a threat to the citrus industry. The citrus canker that carries the bacterial disease can harm humans but it can destroy the foliage and various citrus crops, and fruits in the US. though it was not proven whether it carries the disease or not.

In various countries, people are consuming it in numerous forms as explained above. And in 2007 peppercorn was allowed to be shipped to the US which shows that there are no legal allegations on the import of the Szechuan plant, so folks, you can go for it. Let them add spiciness to your life and enjoy. 

Common Diseases:

There are some common diseases that they can get while growing Pepper trees:

leaf spots:

  • If the Sichuan Pepper plant gets bacterial diseases then it will result in waterlogged spots on the leaves of the plant. To prevent the plants from leaf spots you need to pour them with warm water.
  • You can also spray copper fungicides but it does take time for bacteria to build resistance.
  •  If the case leaves a spot you need to remove the affected plants

Fusarium wilt:

  • It is a fungal disease that causes yellowing and wilting of plants.
  •  This fungal infection does cause death to the plant.
  • You need to supply the plant with warm water in order to prevent infection and treat the seeds.
  • Make sure that the plant does not remain soggy for a long time.


  • The Sichuan Pepper plant does result in fungal infection and makes brown spots and curling.
  • If you do not treat the plant correctly it will lead to Defoliation and death.
  • To treat the plant from Alternaria you need to use copper fungicides until the spreading of leaf spots is stopped.
  • You need to remove the damaged foliage so that the infection does not spread more.

Citrus canker:

  • The citrus canker is a disease that you commonly find in citrus trees and these peppers are related to citrus.
  • You need to maintain good sanitation in order to prevent the disease.

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the Sichuan pepper plant. This spice is used in various countries like India, China, Tibet, Nepal, etc. The species is related to the citrus fruits. This pepper is also known as teppala or tripal in India in the Hindi language. This spice can add so much to your garden and even your kitchen. 


Can you grow the Sichuan pepper plant in the US?

Yes, you can grow Szechuan pepper in the US in your garden easily. You just have to keep a check on the sapling where you bought it from. 

How fast does a pepper tree grow?

The pepper tree can grow more than 25-50 cm every year which indicates a fast growth of the plant. 

Is Sichuan pepper toxic?

No, they are not toxic but tasteless. If you take them in excess, then they can harm you. 

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