Succulent Bouquet DIY Ideas – Making Succulent Bouquet for Home

Hey folks, do you want to make succulent bouquets at home? Are you really into it? In this guide, you will surely come to know about the process of making it. Succulents have been a popular ornament in recent years.

This may be due to various sizes, shades, and shapes. There are succulent garlands, centerpieces, hanging terrariums, wall plants, and more. They are a popular and relatively inexpensive alternative to flowers. So a succulent bridal bouquet is a beautiful choice for a wedding. 

Quick takeaways:

What is a succulent bouquet? A quick internet search will reveal many DIY succulent bouquet tutorials. Learn how to make a succulent bouquet to add a special touch to your happy day.

What is a Succulent Bouquet?

It all starts with choosing the perfect plant. Since the stems of succulents are usually short, you’ll also need floral tape and wire to make pseudostems for gripping. The beauty of a succulent bridal bouquet is the ability to preserve these succulents long after the big day. 

Succulents are treasured memories of your wedding, and once detached from the pseudostem and planted, they can thrive for many years. Or you can use them as a thank-you for the bridal shower.

Also, you can use other flowers and plants when making succulent bouquets. Plenty of flowers will add more texture and vibrancy to your bouquet. Succulents are widely regarded as symbols of tenacity, strength, and selfless love.

Advantages of succulent bouquet 

Finally, we are here to learn about the benefits of succulent bouquets. Though there are various benefits of it, but few of them should be known to you so that you enjoy them. One of the benefits of succulent bouquets is that you will not need to inspect them regularly. 

One of the happiest and lucky plants is the Desert flora which will last long for various days without the need for water. The water they store in their fleshy leaves will help them to survive at their best. If you will look after them, then it will not wilt. 

So, you can make use of succulent bouquets by using plants like sedum, echeveria, and pachyveria. You can make use of these for making bridal bouquets. It will be economical to use them. 

How to Make a Succulent Bouquet at Home?

Hey folks, do you know how to make a succulent bouquet at home? Do you want to make it? If yes, then you have to follow the below steps for proper understanding:

Step 1- Firstly, you have to choose the succulents from the nursery containers and remove them.

Step 2- You need to softly wash out the glued soil and also cut down the roots.

Step 3- Now, for creating a stem, put the piece of floral wire in the base of the succulent, and curve it for forming a loop.

Step 4- With the help of floral tape, wrap both the base of the succulent and also the top of the floral wire. 

Step 5- You have to collect your succulent flowers together, you can also add some cut flowers to your bouquet from your garden. 

Step 6-  Place all the stems at the top as close to the bottom of the flower as possible and secure with floral tape. 

Step 7- This will bundle the flowers together into a dense bouquet.

Step 8- As a final step, wrap the stems with pretty ribbons.

Can we make a hair comb from the Succulent?

Yes, of course, you can easily make hair combs by using succulents. It can add elegance to your look and you will look glamorous. But you will require some things to make it. They are:

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Let us know how to make it with the help of the below steps: 

Step 1- Firstly, you have to cut the floral short length and pierce the bottom of the succulent and air plant.

Step 2- Twist the wire by folding it gently.

Step 3- Now, you need to begin covering the wire with the spikes of the comb. 

Step 4- Fix it at the right place where you want to keep the succulent. 

Step 5-  Wrap the wire continuously around the comb by putting more flowering into it. 

Step 6- Now, place the rosette’s succulent in the middle.

Step 7- Also, you can add small flowers or fillers to give an amazing look. 

Step 8- Remove the excess material from it and conceal the end by putting it with the base of the succulents. 

This is how you are done with the making of a beautiful hair comb made with succulents. You can easily make it within 10-15 minutes and add as many flowers as you want to.

You can gift this hair comb to your special one as it is handmade, elegant, and cost-effective. 

Top Beautiful Succulent Bouquets for Wedding Purposes

Let’s get started to know about the beautiful succulent bouquets for wedding purposes. A few of the best are explained below to choose: 

The Echeveria Violet Queen and Lily Wedding Bouquet

It is one of the best beautiful succulent bouquets for wedding purposes. Its rosette shape is amazing that is in the Echerveria. Its leaves are great and also its shape is.

For making the bouquets, you have to take 3-4 rosettes that are 2.5 inches wide. You can make a bouquet with the help of calla lilies and the baby’s breath. These lilies come in various shades of white, red, yellow, pink, blue, etc. 

The All Greenovia Wedding Bouquet

It is another type of beautiful succulent bouquet for wedding purposes. They are considered exotic succulents that can be found easily in various shades. So, you make the bouquet with the Greenovia. 

All-in-all Succulent Bouquet

What about giving a unique bouquet to your close ones? If yes, then you can go clubbing all the different ranges of succulents which will make an amazing choice to gift.

You can use some of them like Echeverias, Crassula Ovata, Jade plant, and Sedum as each of them will add a distinctive look to the bouquet. 

The Cactus Wedding Bouquet

Last but not least, the cactus wedding bouquet is another best choice that is a beautiful succulent bouquet for wedding purposes. They will look aesthetic though some people do not consider them to be included in the bouquet.

Your fingers will be saved from the cacti so do not worry. It will add an amazing burst of color to the bouquet. Also, you can make use of blue thistle which is one of the gorgeous flowers. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about succulent bouquets. Succulents are treasured memories of your wedding, and once detached from the pseudostem and planted, they can thrive for many years. Or you can use them as a thank-you for the bridal shower.

Also, you can use other flowers and plants when making succulent bouquets. Plenty of flowers will add more texture and vibrancy to your bouquet. Succulents are widely regarded as symbols of tenacity, strength, and selfless love.

What are they in reality, their meaning, and ideas for making? I hope this article will be useful for you all. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!

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