15 Rare Black Orchids (With Images and Care Guide)

This article is all about beautiful and Rare Black Orchids. Who doesn’t love orchids? Orchids are popular in making bouquets, gifts, etc. You might want to know more about these plants that are black in color especially if it’s orchids.

Key takeaways:

  • All credit goes to their beauty which can make one awe and think about their natural existence and arrival on the planet. Even more, than this, black orchids are a thing. but you need to take care of them by watering the orchid plant and must avoid overwatering etc.
  • According to some research, there is no black color in nature in any form that people are aware of.
  • Some Beautiful and Rare Black orchids are Paphiopedilum ‘Black Jack’, Paphiopedilum’ Pisgah Midnight’, Fredclarkeara after-dark orchids, Black Dracula roezlii, etc.

In this article, we will reveal some best and most amazing dark-colored to black-hued orchids with pictures for easy identification just like different types of lime trees. So let’s dig in! 

But first, a question might be hitting your mind: are these rare black orchids even real? 

Do black orchids exist in nature? 

Basically, there are no black orchids in nature. The orchids that appear black from afar are dark-colored orchids on looking at closely. Dark-colored pigments like dark maroon, dark burgundy, beetroot, dark blue, and deep purple color can impart a dark appearance to the orchids. 

According to the researchers in Monnierara Millennium Magic Witchcraft, there is no black color in nature in any form that people are aware of. So the black color orchids can be artificial like they have been dyed or injected with back color. 

What are Rare Black Orchids? Is a black orchid rare? 

Black orchids or we can say dark-colored orchids are absolutely rare. Darkly pigmented orchids are not found in every house. The most dark-colored orchids are the black phalaenopsis orchids and the rarest of them all is the blue orchid. The black orchids are made by the breeder for special occasions, though many people keep the lack of orchids at home as a thing of interest.

15 Beautiful and Rare Black orchids 

1. Paphiopedilum’ Pisgah Midnight’ 

  • Another name: Pisgah midnight 
  • Height of plant: 
  • Diameter of flowers:2-5 inches 

The flowers are large in size with a deep maroon color and lighter stigma. There are stripes on the petals and the leaves look mottled and bright green colored. 

2. Paphiopedilum ‘Black Jack’ 

  •  Other names: Blackjack 
  • Height of plant: 25cm
  • Diameter of flowers: 6-7 cm 

The orchids of this plant are deep wine-colored with a lip that is also dark colored with a green undertone. The sepals of the flower look curly or wavy. They are also called beginner’s orchids due to their easy-to-grow quality yet they are rarely seen. 

3. Phalaenopsis ‘Kaoda Twinkle’  

  • Other names: Koada Twinkle, chocolate drops 
  • Height of plant: 55 cm 
  • Diameter of flower: 13.5 cm

With the burgundy dark specks on the petals and the deep beet-colored flowers, they are very popular orchids. The petals look curved when completely opened. 

4. Fredclarkeara after dark orchids

  • Other names: SVO black pearl 
  • Height of plant: 4-5 inches 
  • Diameter of flowers: 7 cm 

This type of dark-colored orchid plant is the first man-made nearly to black-colored orchid. The flowers are just not deep dark colored but also have a sweet fragrance. The fragrance also has a hint of spiciness. The black pearl will show flowers that somewhat resemble the butterfly. 

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5. Maxillaria schunkeana

  • Another name: Black velvet 
  • Height of plant: 30cm
  • Diameter of flower: 2 cm

Indeed a rare black orchid has flowers of velvety texture and the flowers appear on the pseudobulbs that are cylindrical in shape. The buds are more like tulips and are dark-colored. In 2007, these plants were ranked and placed in the top 10 monocots belonging to the genus Brasiliorchis which are of the orchid family. The flowers are very small in size yet cannot be ignored and get all the eyes on their beautiful appearance. 

6. Black Dracula roezlii

  • Other names: Dracula, monkey face 
  • Height of plant: small to medium size
  • Diameter of flower: 2-4 cm

These are rare dark-colored orchid plants that have so many other names like monkey muzzle, son of the dragon, etc. the flowers are minute in size and are native to Columbia and Ecuador. The flowers have a dark brownish hue and the veins are also darkish in appearance. 

7. Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight

  • Other names: Living bouquet, cymbidium 
  • Height: 50 cm 
  • Diameter of flower: 5-6 cm

The flowers of this plant are large in size and need some good care from the planters. The flowers have drooping peduncles and maroon-colored petals that almost look like black with the mid lip of white color with spots. 

8. Vanda Robert’s Delight Black

  • Other name: Big black 
  • Height: 30-40cm 
  • Diameter of flower: 11-12 cm 

The flowers of the plant are dark purple in color with black markings that make the flower look extraordinary. The plants don’t need repotting and need bright indirect sunlight. 

9. Paphiopedilum Night Watch

  • Other names: venus slipper 
  • Height of plant: long single peduncle
  • Diameter of flower: single flower of diameter 10-12 cm 

These are just not other flowering plants but are really unique and easy to care for. There is no stem and many leaves. The flower is again deep maroon in color. 

10. Doritaenopsis Black Bird phalaenopsis

  • Other name: Blackbird 
  • Height of plant: 35-4o cm
  • Diameter of flower: 3-5 cm 

The flowers have petals that are blueberry colored and have a dark appearance with a long peduncle. The flowers bloom after an interval of 3-8 months. The flowers are really attractive and are medium-sized looking like black birds with wings open.

11. Phalaenopsis Black Prince

  • Other name:  Ever spring prince 
  • Height of plant: 17-21 inches 
  • Diameter of a flower: 21/2 inches 

The phalaenopsis orchid plant has inky-hued dark-colored flowers and is known to be the deepest purple-colored flowers ever. The floral has a whitish center part.

12. Paphiopedilum Hsinying Maru

The flowers are huge in size and the color they exhaust in is maroon to purple, the petals have a lot of spotting, and stripes are visible. This plant was produced first in Ching Hua in 2001. 

13. Phalaenopsis Black Butterfly

The flowers of this plant are a dark burgundy with the petals all dark and having light-colored lining on the edges. The petals look a lot like butterfly wings. 

14. Cymbidium Cali Night ‘Geyserland’

The darkest orchids are deep dark chocolate colored. The flowers have a velvety texture.

15. Cat Eye Black Orchid

  • Height: 4m 
  • Diameter of flower: 5-6 cm 

The petals are the deepest blueberry color you have ever seen in flowers. The mid part is yellow colored with the dots on it looking like a cat eye. 


Final words of the context

We hope this article was useful and enjoyable for you watching all those beautiful pictures because who can’t get obsessed with these dark-colored orchids? Anyhow, do tell us which one you like most of all. We are curious and happy to fill your queries. Thank you! 

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