10 Most Beautiful Ornamental Trees with Purple Flowers to Grow in your Garden

There are such wide varieties of trees that you can grow in your garden, we have discussed some of the most Beautiful Ornamental Trees with Purple Flowers to Grow in your Garden. Many times we want our garden to look more decorative and pretty so for that purpose we grow some blooming plants. But what if blooming trees makes a good option?

Quick takeaways:

  • There are so many species of trees blooming and you are still confused about which one to choose.
  • Some Most Beautiful Ornamental Trees with Purple Flowers to Grow in your Garden are Desert Willow, Texas Mountain Laurel, Chaste Tree, Royal Purple Smoke Tree, Ace of Hearts, etc.

If you want to enhance the look of your garden then blooming trees are best for you. Now

No worries, we will suggest Purple, a better color option that will add richness and an ornamental environment to your garden. Well, there are many trees with purple flowers. We have discussed the top 10 best trees with purple flowers for your garden.

10 most beautiful ornamental trees with purple flowers to grow in your garden

1. Texas Mountain Laurel

The evergreen shrub or tree known as Texas mountain laurel grows slowly and may fit its purple-blue blossoms in tiny gardens. They produce dense clusters of extremely fragrant blossoms that have a distinctive scent of bubble gum combined with soda and draw a large number of pollinators. It can bloom in the spring season and grow well in both high sunlight or partial shade in well-drained fertile soil.

2. Desert Willow

This tree with the scientific name Chilopsis Linearis is another blooming tree option for you that has a pink purple shade of flowers with yellow pistols which gives a great look to your garden. The best part is they have the fragrance in the branches and have leathery, mid-green foliage. It can grow up to 15 to 30 feet tall in full sunlight and blooms in late spring.

3. Green Ebony Tree

This is the best medium-sized tree with its elegant violet flowers that are best grown in warm climates. The branches are pretty graceful and create a spherical crown around the strong, straight trunk, providing dappled shade all during the summer months. The size of this tree goes up to 25 to 50 feet tall and spreads around 15 to 30 feet, grown in well-drained sandy soil and blooms in the early summer season.

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4. Chaste Tree

This tree with the scientific name Vitex Agnus-Cactus is a generous violet bloom tree to grow in your garden. They are good attractors for butterflies and pollinators through their fragrance. It is a fast-growing species that bloom in mid or late summers and grows up to 15 feet tall in loam or sand-based soil.

5. Hibiscus Tree

Although certain cultivars, such as the Purple Pillar, naturally grow in a single vertical column of stems, Hibiscus syriacus, often known as the Rose of Sharon, is a multi-stemmed shrub that may be grown into a tree. Beautiful violet flowers that bloom regularly from midsummer to fall, with each bloom lasting only one day, are a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies.

6. Ace of Hearts

This is easy to maintain and can be grown anywhere. With beautiful purple blooming in the early spring, it creates a crown of cherry blossom that gives a dramatic look. They are enormous and heart-shaped, regularly positioned along the branches, and mid-green until the fall, when they turn yellow for a final blush.

7. Royal Purple Smoke Tree

The unique characteristic of this tree is that it has purple flowers with purple leaves but in different shades. It features a broad, thick crown that will resemble a round or oval and be wider across than up and down. Each leaf is large, veined, and shaped quite consistently. It is best grown in full sunlight and blooms in the summer. It can grow 15 feet tall and spreads nearly around 10 to 12 feet. 

8. Hong Kong Orchid Tree

It is a very ornamental tree with a great combination of magenta and purple flowers. These are great eye-catchers and also attract hummingbirds. Most garden designs benefit greatly from the beautiful Hong Kong orchid tree. They can tolerate high sunlight and are the best bloom from late fall to spring.

9. Royalty Crabapple

Crabapple “Royalty” is a remarkable cultivar with a purple aesthetic throughout, not just in its blossoms. The springtime blooms, which have five petals, are a deep, complete, and dramatic hue of cardinal purple. It is well grown in drained loamy or clay soil under full sunlight. It reaches a height of 15 to 20 feet and blooms in the mid or late spring season.

10. Lavender Twist

Its weeping limbs contort into a twiggy, umbrella-shaped canopy that is covered with lavender-pink flowers, making this one particularly unusual. However, it does not lengthen much, making it ideal for confined places. They need full sunlight with proper watering and are good attractors for various birds and butterflies.

These are the best ornamental trees that you can grow in your garden. If you are still confused about which one would be best for your garden then we suggest you select the Green ebony tree. Make your garden more decorative and beautiful with these purple color blooming trees and we are sure you won’t regret your decision.

Why choose Purple color only?

You may doubt why purple color is the best option. In this section, let us learn some facts about this color. Trees having purple flowers would be the best choice. The purple color depicts a class in any palette, with its uniqueness, it symbolizes strength, full of energy, and is vibrant. 

If we see the historical point of view, this color represents a healing nature that brings a sense of peace, and this color is very much linked to spirituality. Overall, trees with purple flowers would give a fantastic look to your garden and makes it look more decorative and eye-catching.

Wrap up!

In this guide, you come to know that there are so wide varieties of trees that you can grow in your garden. Many times we want our garden to look more decorative and pretty so for that purpose we grow some blooming plants. 

Now there are so many species of trees blooming and you are still confused about which one to choose. No worries, we will suggest Purple, a better color option that will add richness and an ornamental environment to your garden. Read the whole guide to know more about those 10 best ornamental trees that have purple flowers. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


What is the prettiest ornamental tree?

There are various prettiest ornamental trees such as crabapple, Cornus mas, Japanese maple, kousa dogwood, serviceberry, etc. 

Which flower blooms all year round?

Though they are various flowers that bloom all along in the year. One of the best flowers that bloom all year round is the verbena. You might have heard of this flower before. They can attain a height of 3-4 feet long.  

What ornamental trees bloom the longest?

One of the ornamental trees that has the longest bloom is the crape myrtle. 

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