Choosing Best Pot for Pothos: Review and Guide

Are you struggling to select a well-draining pot for your plant that will help prevent overwatering for your pothos? Don’t worry I am here to help you.

I know that choosing the best pot is important for growing plants, and the presence of different varieties of pots creates more confusion.

Based on my experience in growing pothos, selecting the right pot should be done, according to the plant’s needs. I understand it can be confusing, so let’s break it down and begin reading to help you easily decide which pot will be best for your pothos.

Choosing the Best Pot for Pothos: Main Considerations

If you want to choose the best spot for your pot plant, you need to consider the following main things about them:

  1. Drainage
  2. Size
  3. Climate and Moisture Retention
  4. Displaying


  • Make sure to choose a pot with adequate drainage, which is the most important thing for growing photos.
  • The plant is not able to tolerate soggy roots so make sure the soil drains and dries out after every watering cycle.
  • You need to choose a pot having either one Centre or multiple small drainage holes which is considered the best for pothos.
  •  having a drainage hole in the pot helps in determining the plant overwatering stage in which the water separated gets drained out from the bottom of the pot or over growing plant by which the roots come out out of the drainage hole.


  • The next important thing to consider is the size of the pot.
  • Many people choose the large pot so that the plant gets plenty of room to grow but if you water a plant having a large size pot after the soil is affected and the root the moisture that is required after which the root will sit in excess of water.
  • In the case of buying two large pots, you need to select a container of about 2-inch laser than the root ball of the plant.
  • When you choose a container that is 2 inches larger the plant will have enough room to grow and the container of the plant will not get the saturated soil sitted at the bottom which will lead to root rot.
  • After buying the appropriate size of the container there may be a need to repot the plant in the larger container once a year.
  • While repotting the plant remember always to purchase which is about to inch ledger in size than the plant root ball.

Climate and Moisture Retention:

  • You need to choose the best pot for pothos according to the ability to hold the moisture.
  • Make sure to choose a pot that does not hold too much moisture.
  • The plant prefers moist soil so make sure to let the top few inches of the soil dry out between watering and do not let the soil keep constantly moist.
  • Always choose the pot that helps in soil retain moisture and traps condensation.

Displaying Pothos in Your Pot:

  • The last point is to choose the pot according to the display factor.
  • As we all know pothos is a wine and will be beautiful if you grow them as a hanging plant that you can place on a shelf or off a wall where the Vines of the plant look graceful.
  • This is the final fact to choose a pot according to displaying them but ensure the plant grows best in the pot you choose for them.
Choosing Best Pot for Pothos: Review and Guide

The Best Pot for Pothos:

After knowing How to select the pot based on a few considerations here are some options for the best pot for pothos such as:

  1. Terracotta pots
  2. Fabric pots
  3. Plastic pots
  4. Hanging basket pots
  5.  Metal pots.
  6.  self-watering pots

Terracotta pots:

  • The Terracotta pots are porous which allows the air to pass throughout the container.
  • They are considered a match for growing pothos but not for other house plans as they need more moisture retention.
  • Make sure to buy Terracotta pots having a drainage hole and do not choose a glazed ceramic pot always choose an unglazed ceramic pot.
  • In the case of the glazed pot, it is used to see the pores of the pot and will not allow the airflow and moisture to wick.
  • There is one consequence of using a Terracotta pot is that it is a bit heavier and fragile.
  • In case you are looking for hanging pots lead more below.

Fabric Pots:

  • The next are the fabric pots which are considered low-maintenance house plants Which does not like the soggy soil like pothos.
  • The pots are highly breathable pot but when compared to terracotta pots they are not fragile or heavy.
  •  You can make the pot from recycled materials
  • You can keep the fabric pot to display and can also fit it into a more solid vessel such as a wire, metal, or wood holder.
  • You can use the fabric pot as a place for hanging baskets.

Plastic pots:

  • The next pot which is considered the best pot for pothos is the plastic pot.
  • But there are some advantages of choosing plastic pots like they are cheap, lightweight, and not fragile.
  • You can use the plastic pots as a hanging basket or mountain pot holder off a wall.
  •  the disadvantage of using plastic pots is that they are not breathable.
  • So if you are deciding to use a plastic pot you need to make sure to use a potting mix that optimises drainage and aeration.
  • I will suggest you use loamy soil with peat moss which will help in the drainage equation to be used as soil.
  • I suggest you use a non-soil-based houseplant potting mix for drainage and airflow.
  • The potting mixes consist of peat moss,  perlite, and coconut coir for perfect drainage.

Hanging Basket Pots:

  • The plastic pots are considered the perfect option for hanging pothos plants.
  • To use the pot as hanging pots you can use white hanging pots which is considered prime.
  • They do come with a removable drip tray by which you can see the water level even when the tray is attached to it.
  • Using it maintains the ideal moisture level of pothos and helps to avoid the circumstances of overwatering.
  • These hanging pots are available in many colors such as sophisticated dark gray.
  • You can select the perfect pot according to your aesthetic preferences.
  • The advantage of using hanging baskets is that they are inaccessible to pets or children as they are toxic to them.
  • Make sure to prevent the vines from falling down from toxicity.
  • All these uses and functions make the plastic hanging basket the best pot for pothos for indoor gardening.

Metal Pots:

  • When compared to ceramic or terracotta pots the metal pots are less prone to breakage.
  • The best pot for pothos are available in various metal materials such as aluminum that help add beauty to your indoor garden.
  • The metal pots are much heavier than plastic ones and less flexible.
  • Make sure to check the pot contains drainage holes because after it’s harder to add holes afterward.
  • The metal pots are a decorative cover for growing pothos plants having drainage holes as doing so will help you to enjoy these pot for pothos without having drainage.
  • Using smaller pots of metals will be good to use.

Self-Watering Pots:

  • There are many gardeners who consist of self-watering pots best pots for pothos.
  • It consists of an inner and outer container which helps in making watering a breeze.
  • Using them will reduce the time and effort of spending time on watering the plant and will also know when the plant needs the water.
  • In case people who forget to water plants regularly these useful pots are perfect for them.
  • There are many disadvantages of using self-watering pots there high risk of overwatering.
  • The cases of overwatering the plant will lead to root tot and other issues. 
  • To use them for growing pothos you need to monitor the pothos carefully so that there is no other problems. 
  • These pots do have excellent drainage and self-watering quality.


Now you can decide how to choose the best pot for pothos that will help to grow pothos and what are the best pot for pothos.

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