15+ Plants with nearly Black Flowers to make your Garden Attractive

Have you ever considered growing black flowers? It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? What if I say, I’ve got some stunning flowers that come close to being black, which you can cultivate in your garden? You might be curious why I mentioned ‘nearly black’ instead of just black. Are there truly black flowers in nature? The answer is no; purely black-colored flowers don’t naturally occur.

Don’t worry, if you desire black flowers, I have some varieties that mimic that appearance. Let’s not waste any time and delve into how to cultivate them, along with their basic requirements for best blooming.

If you encounter any challenges, feel free to ask for help in the comments section below. Let’s get start to grow these unique blooms.

Key takeaways:

  • Bringing black flowers is not just about dark vibes but black flowers indicate mystery, power, and elegance as well.
  • The black flowers are also used for occasions or for saying goodbye or farewells.
  • Some different plants with nearly Black Flowers that make your Garden Attractive are the Onyx odyssey Helleborus, “Black Star” Canna lily, Petunia black velvet, Tulip “Queen of Night” etc.

Do black flowers need extra care?

Black flowers being so rare and unique don’t need a specialized way of pampering. Just like many plants, they demand a good water supply regularly. The soil should be well-moist and drained. In summer the plants get thirsty often, prune after the looming of flowers to remove old ones and encourage new flower growths. 

15 best Plants with nearly Black Flowers

Iris “Before the storm”

  • Famous flowers among home planters
  • Darest  shade ‘almost black color’ variety
  • Yield flowers during early summer and the whole spring season
  • Sweet scent
  • Iris before the storm can be planted in a pot or garden framing the borders

Onyx odyssey helleborus

  • Provide you with the black contrast in the garden during the spring colors
  • Flowers are purplish black
  • Reaches up to a height of 18 to 24 inches
  • Flowers bloom during the spring and winter season
  • Need full shade and partial sunlight

Black bat flower

  • The black bat flower is the rarest kind of black flower plant
  • The plant reaches a height of almost 36 inches
  • Need a well-fertilized soil
  • The flowers appear during late summer and early fall time

“Black Star” Canna lily

  • Canna lily black stars are best grown in containers and are great indoor plants as well
  • The flowers are accurate for the decorations, and the leaves are also showy
  • The plant reaches up to a height of 18-20 inches
  • The color of the flowers is deep purplish. They like full sun to partial shade

Petunia black velvet

  • Flowers are trumpet-shaped and in a shade of nearly black with a velvety texture
  • They form beautiful landscapes and borders
  • The plant reaches a height of 10 inches
  • Full sunlight is needed for petunia black velvet to thrive

Hollyhock nigra

  • Pretty old choice for gardeners and gives vintage vibes to your garden
  • The hollyhock nigra are biennials and also considered half-perennials 
  • The flowers bloom throughout the summer season
  • The plant reaches a height of 60-80 inches

Viola blackout

  • The black colored flowers in viola plants having varied colors put people in confusion and surely as gazing site
  • They are mostly used in rock gardens or along the borders
  • The plants reach a height of 6-10 inches
  • The flowers bloom during the spring season and also during autumn

Lenten rose “New York Night”

  • The plants are easy to care for, the petals are dark colored almost like black and the middle part has a yellow shade which adds a vibrant feature
  • The plant reaches a height of 2 feet, and needs an ample amount of shade
  • Lenten roses thrive throughout the spring season

Tulip “Queen of Night”

  • The pants are perfect for small gardens
  • Flowers are bulb-like with velvety petals. The plant needs full sunlight and less water
  • The flowers bloom like weeping trees in the late spring season.  Tulip Queen of Night reaches a height of 20 inches.

Persian lily

  • Persian lilies are unique with the long spike on which tiny bell-shaped nearly black-colored flowers are grown. 
  • The upright structure of groups of flowers adds a twist to the garden
  • The plant needs good sunlight, and noon shade as well. 
  • The flowers bloom from late spring to early summertime.

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Black baccara rose

  • Cultivar includes burgundy hybrid tea rose. The petals have a velvety texture. 
  • The plant reaches to a height of 5-6 feet.
  • The flowers bloom from spring to the fall season

Silver laced primrose

  • These are my personal favorites. Gosh! How vibrant and amazingly unique they are!
  • The silverish edges on the blackish petals make them showstoppers with a yellow-colored center. 
  • The flowers will bloom throughout the spring season 
  • The plant thrives in partial shady spots. The height of the plant reaches 6-8 inches. 

Dark dimension hyacinth

  • Another popular choice for gardeners is hyacinth plants. 
  • They are known for their powerful yet good fragrance and easing growing ability on pots. 
  • The plant reaches a height of 10 inches as it matures. Sun requirement is full sun to partial shade

Dahlia Arabian night

  • Who doesn’t love Dahlia!? And specifically, if it is present in such a dark shade.
  • The flowers are in a deep dark burgundy color. 
  • Dahlia Arabian Night can reach up to a height of 34 inches
15 Plants with nearly Black Flowers to make your Garden Attractive

Black Barlow columbine

  • Black Barlow columbine plants need good shade. The plants need well-drained soil
  • The flowers are deep purplish almost like black colored
  • The height of the plant reaches up to 30 to 34 inches
  • The flowers bloom in the late springtime

Columbine ‘Black Barlow’

  • This is a black flower that is bread for cut flower production. It comes under the first cultivar of the Barlow series which has double spurless flowers. 
  • The flower of the plant is Bloom in deep plum which seems almost black and does look like pom poms that have spiky Petals. 
  • The flower used to grow on the long stems over the bushy gray-green foliage. 
  • The flower seems to create a dark spectacle. 
15 Plants with nearly Black Flowers to make your Garden Attractive

Rose ‘Black Baccara’:

  • They are actually hybrid tea roses having deep dark Maroon Petals which give black color to the flower. 
  • The rose first was developed in 2005. They used to grow full of flowers. 
  • The plant does grow with dark green and glossy foliage.
  • The Rose black Bokaro does last for a long season such as blooming between spring and fall. 
  • You can grow the flower in a hardiness zone from 5 to 9.
  •  For growing properly they are used to having proper sunlight.

Hyacinth ‘Dark Dimension’:

  • The plants used to Bloom in dark black flowers. 
  • The flower usually grows in a Star shape which has a dark blue purple color which is as dark as the night. 
  • The flower grows with deep green shop foliage which adds texture to the soft plant. 
  • They are used to grow best in hardiness zones from 4 to 8.
  • The plants are used to survive with temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
15 Plants with nearly Black Flowers to make your Garden Attractive


  • These black flowers are also called as black snakeroot. 
  • They are dark bronze foliage as per the name suggests chocoholic. 
  • They do grow arching stems having delicate mauve pink bottlebrush flowers. 
  • The flowers used to bloom from late summer to early fall. 
  • The chocoholic plants do grow as tall as 59 inches.
  • The plants love to grow in shaded gardens. 
  • They grow best in the hardiness zone from 4 to 9.

Wrapping up the context:

We have listed above the best black flowers that you can keep in your garden or indoors. We hope you have found our favorite one and have decided which ones you will go for. Happy planting! 


What goes well with black flowers?

The black flowers bring a gothic vibe to your garden. But you can combine them with different colors to break the stereotypic theme of the garden. The black flowers are great backdrops too. The flowers go well with the bright colors. 

What are the darkest flowers in the world?

The most striking black-colored flowers are the black petunias. Though there are natural black colored flowers yes nearly black colored flowers exist. 

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