20 Beautiful Peperomia varieties that make your Garden Attractive

This article will acknowledge you about the Peperomia varieties that make your garden attractive. Have you grown peperomia in your garden area? There are various varieties of peperomia that should be grown in almost every gardener’s yard. They are the favorites of everyone as they are old species used for a long time. Peperomia plants can be grown in pots, as houseplants, outdoors, and even in hanging baskets. 

Some of the beautiful Peperomia varieties that make your Garden Attractive are Peperomia Quadrangularis, ‘Hope’ Peperomia, Golden gate peperomia, Peperomia japonica, and many more explained below.

These plants have various shapes, colors, and even textures that vary from plant to plant variety. Do you want to grow them? If yes, then you should know about them. You have to be aware of those species that you need to grow in your garden. So, in this guide, you will see the varieties of peperomia that make your garden attractive.

20 Beautiful Peperomia Varieties that make your Garden Attractive

Growing peperomia in your garden is a great choice, but you need to know about its varieties first. So, below are the top 20 best peperomia varieties that can be grown by any garden to make the garden attractive and eye-catchy: 

1. Peperomia Argyreia

Have you planted this peperomia variety in your garden? If not, then you should go for it as it is the famous variant that every farmer wants to grow in their garden.

This beautiful plant has glossy leaves of green color and it is the specialty of this plant. Its red-colored stems seem to be the inner side of the watermelon.

Isn’t it amazing? If you are a beginner, then you have to take care of this plant so that you can get the desired results. 

2. Peperomia Axillaris

The plant that has bright green vegetation and can grow at a mature height of about 10 inches is more like a Dolabriformis, known as Peperomia Axillaris. It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home.

It can be a good addition to your garden as it needs minimal maintenance for its growth but you have to provide them with water properly. You just have to feed them with good sunlight. 

3. Peperomia Quadrangularis

The plant which is also known as beetle peperomia tends to have beetle shell-shaped leaves which look so fantastic. As someone can get confused about finding this plant, you can get to know them by their stems.

You have seen or felt the shape of its stem. It gives you small dark green leaves. It requires organic soil for its growth. 

4. Peperomia Orba

This peperomia variant can remain fresh all year long. Are you worrying that this variant might overgrow and take up more space in your garden? It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home.

No, You can see their growth as they can attain about 6 inches of tallness and width. So, no worries! Place them in indirect sunlight for better results. It is one of the affordable variants which is also known as teardrop peperomia

5. Peperomia Ferreyrae

This variant will give you bean-shaped variegation that will look attractive in your garden. Being a succulent from the peperomia, it needs to be in proper sunlight and given time to get dry between the waterings.

You can find this species easily in the market and grow them. So, what are you waiting for? Plant this amazing variant in your garden and increase your plantation collection. 

6. ‘Hope’ Peperomia

The hope peperomia tend to grow in the bright sunlight but do not provide them much of it as they will start to fade. It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home.

This plant has pinkish-orange stems with semi-succulent and round leaves. It will look amazing in your garden. 

7. Peperomia ‘Ruby Cascade’

This variant can grow in any kind of sunlight. It is one of the most famous and common species in North America. This plant does not like humid places. Make sure to let the soil dry between waterings. 

8. Belly Button peperomia  

This attractive flowering plant has beautiful small dark green leaves. They will change their texture with time. It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home.

You can plant them outdoors and indoors as well. They will attract people as it is one of the famous peperomia varieties. 

9. Golden gate peperomia

The golden gate peperomia can be grown indoors as a houseplant. It has big leaves which give a dense appearance.

If you work in an office or own it, then you can go for this peperomia variety. It loves to grow in shade areas. 

10. Jelly peperomia

One of the easiest caring plants is jelly peperomia. Have you grown them or are you thinking of adding them to your collection?

It is a great decision as this plant has beautiful oval-shaped leaves which have creamy pinkish corners which look so attractive. You can place them on the small tables to add a look to your home. 

11. Peperomia perciliata

This variant can grow great and cherish us with amazing heart-shaped leaves. It has red stems within.

This plant can attain a height of 2-4 inches. They can spread more than 8-10 inches. So, grow the amazing peperomia variant. 

12. Peperomia japonica

You can grow the beautiful peperomia japonica in pots like zucchini, baskets, in the ground outdoors, etc.

They will suit you everywhere and cherish you with their blossoms. It gives you small green leaves which grow on red stems. They can attain a height of 4-6 inches

13. Peperomia caperata

This plant has big leaves as it has a great growing habitat. People use this variant for a long time so it has become popular.

This plant has a detailed look which will make your garden attractive. They just need minimal care for their growth just like Ripple Jade

14. Peperomia Obtusifolia 

One of the wonderful peperomia varieties tends to grow in bright indirect sunlight. They can even grow in shady areas.

They just can not grow if overwatered. The plant can get harmed due to overwatering. This variant is also known as the baby rubber plant

15. Peperomia incana 

This variant is known as the Felter Pepperface. It has round leaves and gives a great shine if you watch it from different gradients. It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home to make your garden attractive.

This plant will give you the best results if you provide them with the bright conditions desired by them. 

16. Peperomia Kimnachii

This variant that belongs to the Kimnachii family has elongated leaves. You can care for these plants and they will give you the desired results and will cherish you with their dramatic stems and flowers.

What else do you desire? Grow this amazing peperomia variety in your garden to make your garden attractive and eye-catchy

17. Peperomia Prostrata

This beautiful flowering plant will cherish you with its small and round-shaped leaves with a shining look. They will seem to be eye catchy if you plant them in the hanging baskets. It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home.

It is one of the famous cultivars which came recently and people even call it the spring of turtles. Its vegetation will seem to be a turtle shell. 

18. Peperomia Rubella

This plant has small vegetation as compared to others. It tends to give you half-green leaves and half-red from the base. It can make your garden look attractive. They will grow indistinctly.

You can prune these plants when they grow taller. You can place them in a position where they receive diffuse sunlight for their expansion and growth. 

19. Peperomia Serpens

It is a beautiful plant that can grow easily and is a great Peperomia variety that has color shades of white, cream, yellow, etc. It is another Peperomia variety to grow at home.

These plants tend to grow in well-drained soil and need watering for their growth when the soil gets dry. You have to provide them with sunlight indirectly.  

20. Rainbow peperomia 

Guys, if you have started gardening your yard then you can plant the rainbow peperomia in your garden. Last but not least, it is the other Peperomia variety to grow.

They can attain a height of about 6-12 inches and even can spread widely about 6-8 inches. It has beautiful green leaves that can be placed on the hanging baskets

Concluding lines 

In this article, you see various peperomia varieties that can be grown in your garden. Peperomia plants can be grown in pots, as houseplants, outdoors, and even in hanging baskets. These plants have various shapes, colors, and even textures that vary from plant to plant variety. Read the whole guide to understand a variety of peperomia. 


1. What is a peperomia plant good for?

Due to the numerous variants of Peperomia, it helps in reducing stomach ache problems, helps in fighting acne, and the leaves can even be used as a dressing material for any kind of wound. 

2. How many varieties of peperomia are there?

You will be happy to know that there are more than 1500 varieties of peperomia that can be grown in anyone’s garden. It just needs your efforts and maintenance. 

3. What is the rarest peperomia?

The rarest peperomia variety is peperomia elongata which grows in good sunlight conditions.

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