Neon Pothos – Indoor Plant Growing and Care Guide

Neon pothos is a vibrant-looking pothos, scientifically called Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’, and belongs to the family Araceae. They are one of the most attractive varieties of Golden pothos. Yes! The neon pothos is the favorite of almost all home growers, even beginners. They are so easy to care for and grow like scarlet flax. But that care should be given in a distinctive manner. In this article, we will reveal a complete growing and care guide for the neon pothos plants just like Moroccan mound succulents.

Quick takeaways:

  • Neon Pothos are the most attractive varieties of Golden pothos.
  • The neon pothos, just like golden pothos, has become a vine-like growing habit, having bright leaves and green color giving the shape of a heart making them lovely indoor plants.
  • You need to take proper care that can reach 10 ft in length just like you take proper care of palm trees and cucumbers indoors etc.

Characteristics of Neon Pothos

The neon pothos has a tropical origin and belongs to the Solomon Islands. These plants are basically perennial vines which means the plant will grow for years and come back every year. These vines don’t get too much height but with proper care can reach 10 ft in length. These plants don’t go wide that much just like most vines. Neon pothos is toxic to pets like cats and dogs and even humans if they are ingested in any case. The vine rarely flowers but shows flowers during the summer or spring season. Flowers are white colored or green in shade.

Neon Pothos growing and caring guide

The neon pothos is grown best inside the house as the conditions they need are easily met inside the house. They bring such beauty to the indoors as well.

Growth of Neon Pothos

Plans are hardy and will find their way anyway to grow. They usually don’t grow as tall inside the house as in the outdoors. Usually, inside the house, they can reach a height of 10 feet which is about 20 feet when they are growing outdoors. The plants have a trailing habit and can extend to many inches when outdoors. Indoors they can be controlled by cutting or giving little trim to keep them in shape according to the pot or jar they are planted in. They also go well in the hanging baskets.


Other than the neon-like leaves that look extraordinary inside the house, the neon pothos do not bear flowers in most cases when they do in some conditions the flowers are whitish or greenish in color and also do have a particular fragrance. The neon plants bring that vibrant look to the indoors in a subtle way, I believe!


Neon pothos Plants grow best in the bright indirect sunlight. These plants are able to thrive in medium to low light conditions, even the artificial light inside the house. There are many other plants that thrive in medium-light conditions such as begonia, Boston fern, Dumb cane, Ficus, etc.. Neon pothos should stay away from direct sunlight and should be kept a little away from the sun-facing window. The more indirect sunlight these plants get the more leaves will stay vibrant and sunkissed.


The soil That is moist, and loamy with good power of drainage is suitable for neon pothos. Straightly the indoor soil will be perfect for the neon pothos plants. The neon pothos doesn’t need many nutrients but that doesn’t mean the soil should not be fertile. The neon pothos plants will like soil that has little perlite, bark, and sand in it. 

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The neon pothos plants get easily overwatered if the soil is still moist and you water the plant again within short time intervals. The neon pothos cannot survive for long if the soil is soggy or waterlogged. Let the top 1-2 inches of soil get dry then water the neon pothos, check if the water is draining well through the soil or the pot. 


Neon pothos plants love the warm and humid conditions belonging to tropical areas in originality. These plants can grow well like Senecio wax ivy plants until the temperature is not too high or too low. The temperature range should be 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit, anyhow they can still tolerate high temperatures for a little but they simply cannot tolerate frosty weather. 


The fertilizer is to be added to the soil for neon pothos, we suggest you use the diluted balanced fertilizer in the soil, from where the neon pothos will get mild nutrients still not getting overdone. The plant might need many nutrients in the early growing season but later they need to be fertilized one time a month during the summer and spring seasons. Don’t fertilize during the winter season in the case of these plants. 


If you want more neon pothos in your house, there is no need to go to the nursery. You can make copies by using propagation methods. The neon pothos plants are easy to propagate by using the stem section by cutting the stem with 4-5 nodes, using sharp pruning shears. Place the stem cutting the jar of water, with leaves above the water. Let the roots emerge from the cutting, and transplant the cutting into the moist soil, and a clean pot. 


The neon pothos doesn’t need much pruning but the plant can be trimmed to keep in distinct size and shape. The cut should be ¼ inches above the leaf. With pruning the neon pothos will create more branches and the plant will look bushier. 

Common pests and problems

The neon pothos plants are hardy plants that hardly get attacked by the pest but if the above conditions are not given to the pothos plants they will become weak and prone to infections and pests. Scales, mealybugs, and spider mites are some of the pests that attack neon pothos. 

The neon pothos getting deprived of the above conditions might develop problems like drooping leaves and browning tips, plants getting leggy, etc. 


Neon pothos is toxic to pets and humans, so the leaves should not be ingested by kids, cats, and dogs. Keep the plant away from them. 


How do you keep Neon Pothos bright? 

The Neon Pothos needs moderate to high light to show the bright vibrant leaves. These plants should be placed near the west-facing window some examples of the best west-facing window plants. but a little away from the window so that they get filtered sunlight. The neon pothos plants should not get direct sunlight which can burn the leaves. 

Should I mist my Neon Pothos? 

The Neon Pothos doesn’t need mist that much, just give them light watering once a day and they are good to go and grow. 

Why is my Neon Pothos losing leaves? 

If the soil is too dry and not hydrated properly then the neon pothos leaves will start to droop and if ignored they will fall down. The low humidity is another cause behind the falling of neon pothos leaves like the falling of the cactus

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