How to Grow and Care for Marigolds? (A Full Guide) 

Are you looking to add some vibrant warm-colored flowers to your garden? Consider growing marigolds! However, it’s essential to know how to properly care for them and ensure they receive sufficient water for optimal growth. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll explain to you the step-by-step process of growing marigolds, allowing you to add this wonderful addition to your garden with ease. If you encounter any problems along the way, feel free to ask for assistance in the comment section.

Key takeaways:

  • Marigolds are great to plant annuals that can be planted in everyone’s home garden.
  • This flower is a popular one for its bright golden and even orangish flowers.
  • You can not get any other annual flower better or easy to grow just like Leucospermum than the marigold.
  • They bloom in the summertime all along. 

Common NameMarigold
Botanical NameTagetes spp.
Plant TypeHerbaceous, annual
Mature Size4–48 in. tall, 6–24 in. wide
Sun ExposureFull
Soil TypeEvenly moist, well-drained
Soil pHSlightly acidic to neutral (6.0 to 7.0)
Bloom TimeSummer
Flower ColorYellow, orange, white, red, gold, bicolor
Hardiness Zones2-11 (USDA); annual in all zones
Native AreaSouthern North America (Mexico)

How to Grow and Care for Marigolds?

Marigolds are present in various shades such as white, orange, red, yellow, etc. that give a unique look to your home garden. If you want to grow them, it just needs your efforts, the rest of the flowers will do their work if they get a little care.

You can grow them outdoors and indoors to get their long-lasting effect. They are a good source for alluring pollinators. When marigolds grow as a group, they are known as tagetes. 

So, let us start to know about the best bedding flowers. If you want to know about the process of growing marigolds and taking care of them, then let us move forward. 

How to grow the marigolds? 

The steps involved in the process of growing marigolds are as follows: 

Step 1– Firstly you have to take the cutting from the mother plant of 4-inch length. 

Step 2- Then, you have to remove all the leaves or buds from the lower end of the stem or cutting.

Step 3-  Take a pot and put the cutting in the rooting hormone by putting the cutting 2 inches inside in a soil potting mix. 

Step 4- By compressing the soil,  put the pot in any plastic bag.

Step 5- Choose the location where the pot receives bright indirect sunlight. 

Step 6- After a few weeks, transplant the pot into the ground to the containers. 

This is how you are done with the process of growing marigolds and making a beautiful garden. 

How to care for the Marigolds? 

Growing marigolds is the one step towards making your garden beautiful. Another thing that plays a lead role is taking care of them. How will you maintain your marigolds? Below are the caring tips for the marigolds so that they perform well: 

Sunlight requirements 

Marigolds tend to thrive in the full sun for their growth. As these are the healthiest plants, they can grow in the sunlight. If you provide shade, then they can fall behind somewhere because of which they won’t bloom as usual. 

Water facilities 

For the proper growth and expansion of the marigold, you are required to water them regularly. Keep the gap between the waterings as it will give time for the soil to dry out. What about marigolds in containers? If you planted them in containers, then you have to water them daily. Give water to the bottom of the plant

Soil needs

Though they do not demand the best soil, yes, they can grow well if you use well-drained soil for them. By providing them with clay soil without any proper drainage systems, they won’t give you the desired results. 

Humidity level 

In humid levels, the flower may not bloom as expected but with the dry air, they can survive at their best. 

Temperature requirements 

As mentioned they love heat for their growth. They need zones 2 to 11 for them. They can grow great in the summertime. 


Marigolds can be pruned so that it enhances the look and growth of the plant. Prune the dead leaves for the new growth. 

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How to Plant Marigolds?

It is easy to plant marigolds in your garden area. One of the best ways to plant marigolds is via seeds. Yes, you heard it right. Marigolds will grow best if you plant them with the help of seeds. When they are young, then you can propagate them from seeds.

Some of the varieties will take some time to flower while some will grow more fast. Below are the steps that will help you in planting marigolds in your garden. They are as follows:

  • You have to put the seeds in the ground directly.
  • Then you have to spread it properly and then cover it with the soil evenly. 
  • You must wait until the seedlings sprout long and keep watering your plant.
  • They can even be grown indoors with the help of grow lights.
  • When they grow, then if you dont follow a caring routine, also they will Flourish.
  • But before that, you have to water the plant so it grows healthy.
  • Water will keep the soil moist. You have to prune the plant with time so that new growth emerges in the plant.
  • Provide your plant with a good amount of nutrients so that the blooms flourish in your area.
  • Keep mulching your plant so that the plant does not get affected by weeds. 

Why do you need to grow marigolds?

Marigolds are a great choice as they have bright foliage with beautiful flowers. But do you think there is any need for growing it? Of course, it is. So, let us know about the points that will show the need for growing marigolds: 

  • The beauty of marigolds can attract everyone to them. It is grown in every garden. You can do decorations with marigolds by drying them out and using them. 
  • Marigolds can be grown easily as they can survive even if you don’t take care of them properly. 
  • Marigolds tend to give a spicy taste and even color the salads and even some dishes. To eat them, you have to grow them without making use of any pesticide. 
  • Marigolds can be great companion plants like celery. They can suit best with other flowers which will enhance the look of the garden. 
  • Honeybees can survive smoothly near marigolds as they do not take any insecticide. It will boost a beneficial honeybee population. 

Common Pests & Plant Diseases

Marigolds are easy to grow plants but they face some of the problems that are common in every plant. Below are the common problems of pests and plant diseases faced by these plants: 

  • Snails and slugs are one of the issues with the marigolds.  
  • They tend to attack the young plants in your garden, especially marigolds.
  • You will observe holes in the leaves that will spoil them and it shows the attack of snails and slugs in the plant.
  • Aphids are the other pests that will come to your plant for sucking its fluid.
  • Also, the plant gets infected by fungal infections especially powdery mildew.
  • You have to keep misting the plant to protect it from all such issues.
  • Last but not least, you have to make use of horticultural oils like neem oil to prevent such pests and diseases. 

How to Get Marigolds to Bloom?

Marigolds will feed you with their amazing flowers but you have to maintain the growth of the plant. Do you know how your marigolds bloom? If not, then why do you worry i am here to help you out. Below are the steps you have to follow to get marigolds to bloom. They are as follows: 

  • You have to provide a good amount of sunlight to the plant which should be the direct sun.
  • It requires to be pruned with time so that new growth emerges in the plant.
  • Also, you have to pinch of the tips of the young plants until they bloom.
  • It will help in producing more foliage in the plant that will look attractive.
  • Do not over your plant as it will cause issues in the plant.
  • You have to provide a good amount of fertilizer to your plant which should not be in excess. 

Binding up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the annual marigolds. Marigolds are present in various shades such as white, orange, red, yellow, etc. which give a unique look to your home garden.

If you want to grow them, it just needs your efforts, the rest of the flowers will do their work if they get a little care. Plant the beautiful marigolds and enhance your garden’s look. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!


What is the best way to grow marigolds?

The best way to grow marigolds is to maintain them with proper care. You need to provide them full sun for their growth. 

How long does it take for a marigold to fully grow?

It takes about 50 days approximately for the marigold to grow fully. 

What is the best fertilizer for marigolds?

The best fertilizer for marigolds is Age Old Bloom Natural Based Liquid Fertilizer, Espoma Garden Food Fertilizer 5-10-5, etc. 

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