How do you get rid of Aphids on Lemon Trees? (Tested Ways)

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I hope you are doing appreciable in your gardening field. Today I am here to introduce you to one of the new things that can do wonders in your garden. Are you worried about the infest of Aphids on your plants? So, do you know what to do?

How do you get rid of Aphids on Lemon Trees? Lemon trees are one the famous plants and are grown by almost every farmer in the yard. They tend to grow great and will attract aphids most of the time which is not good for the plant.

Key takeaways:

  • Aphids are one of the pests that roam around the lemon trees so they gain nutrients from them.
  • It can be frustrating sometimes too. So you need to keep a check on it so that you get rid of those aphids. 
  • Aphids even go to a great extent if you do not keep them away from your garden.
  • It can be done in various ways such as you can make use of neem oil, and even you plant some of the plants that are not liked by the aphids so that they get killed.
  • Aphids will suck the sap from the lemon trees’ leaves so that they eat it and satisfy their hunger.
  • They can be dismissed by physical removal and even by various tested ways that will be explained in this guide.
  • Make sure you want to remove aphids from your home garden as you need to put in some effort.

So, let’s begin this guide so that you understand the ways to get rid of the aphids on lemon trees easily.  

How do you get rid of Aphids on Lemon Trees? (Tested Ways)

What are Aphids? 

Aphids are one of the pests that have the potential to destroy the vegetation if not eliminated on time.  They are even known as the plant lice that provides damage to the plants by sucking their fluid. 

They satisfy their hunger with the plant’s liquid. You will find them on the underside of the plant’s leaves. They come in various colors. 

They have the potential to make the leaves of the plants from green to brown or yellow which is not at all a good sign as it shows that the plant is getting spoiled and is not growing anymore. Aphids get attracted to various plants and one of them is the trees named lemon trees. 

How Do You Get Rid of Aphids on Lemon Trees?

Several ways can help you in keeping the aphids wavy from your lemon trees and you can save your plant. Read them carefully: 

1. Spray off your trees

The foremost thing that you have to get rid of the aphids on plants is to water your plants with a hose and change its setting to a faster mode. 

It will eliminate all the aphids on the trees. Make sure you are watering it but avoid overwatering with any sprayer so that the aphids get removed from your plants. Even spray off at the underside of the leaves. If you have Aphids in your garden, there are chances that they will cause damage to other plants too like roses, petunias, hibiscus, mint, pepper plants, lettuce plants, Basil, Tomato Plants, etc

2. Make use of insecticide for killing them

Another thing that you have to do is to apply any insecticide to your loom trees. You can make use of some chemical treatments such as insecticides that have these salts in them, resmethrin, cyfluthrin, and permethrin act as they can kill the aphids on your plants. 

This method will surely help you. If the aphids are large in number, then they can be killed easily with the help of insecticides. 

3. Prune the affected areas 

The next thing that you can do is to prune off the diseased or affected areas by the aphids. As trimming will be great if they are large in number. 

You can even prune the leaves, stems, branches, etc. But make sure you are not hurting your plant. After trimming them, water your plants thoroughly as you did in the pansies plants so that the plant removes the aphids if there are any. 

4. You can use neem oil 

Neem oil is one of the solutions that are tried by almost every farmer so that they get rid of the insects or pests from their plant. Neem oil will have a great effect on the aphids which will make them dead. But it will not happen in one day. 

You have to do it for many days to get permanent results. Make the solution of neem oil with water and mix the well by putting it in a sprayer. Do it for contour days by spraying it on the underside of the leaves. 

5. Homemade soap remedy 

Last but not least, you can make a homemade solution if no method works as mentioned above. It can be done easily by taking 3 teaspoons of any liquid dishwasher soap putting it in warm water and mixing it well. 

You can use this solution to kill the aphids on lemon trees. You can add some cayenne pepper to it for a great effect on the aphids. You will surely see the results if you will spray them for more than a week. 

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– By Allan Armitage

Signs of Aphids on Lemon Trees

Before moving to know about the ways for curing your plant, you must know about the signs of aphids on lemon trees. Aphids tend to attack the plant, especially during the time of spring season and also the summer season. Aphids are harmful pests that can harm your vegetation, you need to find out if they are on your plants or not.

So, it becomes difficult to find them as aphids are tiny and can be seen by the microscope. But as mentioned your issues will be solved. They provide damage not only to the leaves of the plant but also its the foliage and flowers in the plant. So, let’s get started to throw some light on the segments that show you the signs of aphids on lemon trees: 

  • Curling leaves
  • Brown-colored stems on the plant
  • Yellow-colored leaves 
  • Sticky leaves and twigs
  • Presence of sooty mold
  • Check the stem of the plant

Let’s get started to know more about them in detail:  

Curling leaves

  • One of the things that you will see is the curling leaves in the plant. It is because of the attack of aphids on the leaves of the plant. 
  • They will suck the leaves’ fluid as they love it because of their soft tissue. 
  • Glucose produced in the leaves is eaten by the aphids which makes the leaves of the plant weak and forms curly leaves in the lemon trees. 

Brown-colored stems on the plant

  • Another sign that shows the aphid on the plant is the brown spots or curling of leaves on them.

  • Notice if there are any brown spots on your leaves

Yellow-colored leaves

  • You will observe the aphids at the underside of the leaves, check this with the help of a magnifying glass. 
  • The continuous attack of the aphids will harm the growth of the plant. It affects the fruit production in the plant too. 
  • It will directly lead the plant to produce yellow-colored leaves in the plant. 

Sticky Leaves and Twigs

  • As I mentioned there is a sugary substance excreted by the aphids, and it tends to develop sticky leaves in the lemon trees. 
  • Aphids will attack the plants and also destroy the nutrients in the plant which will not help in photosynthesis.

Presence of sooty mold

  • Sooty mold is one of the attacks of fungal infections in the plant that produces black spots on the plant. 
  • It happens because of the honeydew in the plant. 
  • The sooty mold on the plants shows that there are aphids on the plant. 
  • They are spoiling your plant.

Check the stem of the plant

  • Aphids tend to stick to the stem of the plant so that they take its benefits.
  • Even they jointly attack the stems of the plants.
  • So, if you find any aphids on the plant stems, then you need to know that the plant is suffering from the aphid’s attack. 

Effects of Aphids on lemon trees

Do you know about the effects of aphids on lemon trees? If not, then you should know about it. Aphids tend to harm the plant in various ways. When they tend to excrete their sugary substance named honeydew, the ants come to eat it and also harm the plant. 

This invitation to the insects will harm the fruit of the tree and even its leaves, flowers, etc. Aphids play a vital role in the spoilage of the plant by spreading fungus in the lemon tree. Some harmful pathogens also tend to harm the plants. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Aphids will suck the sap from the lemon trees’ leaves so that they eat it and satisfy their hunger. Make sure you want to remove aphids from your home garden as you need to put in some effort.

Aphids even go to a great extent if you do not keep them away from your garden. It can be done in various ways such as you can make use of neem oil, and even you plant some of the plants that are not liked by the aphids so that they get killed. Read the whole guide for this proper understanding. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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