How much Water do Lemon Trees Need? (& How often to water them)?

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I hope your garden is prospering and touching the sky with your efforts. Are you searching for the best plant to grow at home? One of the most grown plants is the lemon tree which is famous and provides various benefits.

Lemon trees can be grown easily and they will give you fruit that has various uses. They are amongst the ornamental trees which will add beauty to your garden and make it attractive. How much Water do Lemon Trees Need?

Quick takeaways:

  • The watering needs of the lemon trees depend on where they are planted, the age of the plant, etc.
  • The lemon trees do not like to be in wet soil which happens because of the excess supply of water.
  • You can water the trees one or two times in one week so that they keep growing without any diseases.
  • They can grow in any condition whether outdoors or indoors. Now we will discuss in this guide the watering needs of the lemon trees.

How much water do they need for their survival? And even you should understand how often to water them so that you do not mislead yourself in any way and keep the plant healthy to gain its results.

How much Water do Lemon Trees Need? (& How often to water them)?

How Much Water Do Lemon Trees Need? 

Lemon trees are the easiest-grown plants but their water requirements will differ from place to place. In common, lemon trees love to remain hydrated as it stimulates their growth. The supply of water and its frequency depends on the factors like age of the plant, in which season you have grown them, the location of the plant, and type of the soil you are using for your plant. 

When you grow the plant, they need to be watered more in comparison about 2 to 3 times a week. You need to follow this schedule for about 2 months if you want the constant growth of your lemon tree. 

In dry times, you can increase the watering schedule so that the plant does not suffer from underwatering. Lemon trees need water when the soil feels dry. This can be checked by inserting a finger in the soil and if it is dry, then you come to know that it is time to water your lemon trees.

“Love is to People, what Water is to Plants”

– By favline

You have to keep the gap between the waterings. Make sure you are not overwatering your plants and also not underwatering them as it can cause diseases like root rot, waterlogged soil, and yellow-colored leaves or curling of leaves which is not at all good for the growth of the plant. 

How to water lemon trees in containers?

Folks, now we are here with great information about how to water from trees in containers. So, are you ready to know about it? If yes, then let’s get started. The requirements of lemon trees in containers differ from those of lemon trees in the garden. As you know container does not contain much space and will drain fast, so it requires more water as compared to ground lemon trees. 

So, it is important to water the lemon trees in containers about 2 times in a week that totally depends on the size of the container and also the sunlight they receive when you have grown your lemon trees. During hot climatic conditions, you have to water your lemon trees in containers or about every day. They require a good amount of moisture for their growth. 

At the time of summer and full sunlight, it is recommended to increase the frequency of watering your lemon trees. It will not let the soil dry quickly for long. Choose a good container that has a good amount of drainage holes in it. 

So that the water in the plant never sits down there and flows out from the drainage holes. Last but not least, the frequency of watering your plant depends on the container you are choosing in your garden. 

Signs of a Thirsty Lemon Tree

Lemon trees are one of the trees that are famous in every gardener’s choice. Being a hardy plant, it will not require much water but it is also suggested not to neglect to water it. 

It is because when the plant becomes thirsty, it becomes important for you to water the plant in the soil, and if you do not do so, then the plant gets spoiled. So, let’s know about some of the signs of the thirsty lemon trees. They are as follows: 

  • Drooping flowers
  • Dry soil surface
  • Undersized leaves and fruits
  • Brittle roots

Let’s know about them in detail: 

Drooping flowers

  • Drooping flowers develop in the plant as they are suffering from water needs. 
  • Providing too little water to the plant will cause drooping flowers in the plant. 

Dry soil surface

  • Is the dry surface of the soil good for the growth of the plant? If yes, then why? 
  • It is because of the low supply of water to the lemon trees. Plants require water to grow well. 
  • Lemon trees will grow well in moist soil and well-drained soil for their growth. 
  • So, when the plant does not receive a good amount of water then the soil becomes dry and even cracked. 

Undersized leaves and fruits

  • Also, another sign of thirsty lemon trees is the slow growth of the plant. 
  • Water is important for the plant in the Phloem and xylem activity. 
  • The plants that are affected by the watering will show you less growth in the plant. 
  • Also, understanding will be caused in the plant because of the development of droopy leaves in the lemon trees. 

Brittle roots

  • Last but not least, you will observe brittle roots in the plant which shows that the plant needs water to grow. 
  • So, by looking at the roots, you can water your plant. 
  • You will see that the healthy roots are white. 

How often do you water lemon trees? 

Now, you know how much water you have to give to your trees but it is important too to have an understanding of the concept of how often to water them, right?

You can feed your lemon plants with water one or two times a week so that they keep them hydrated and give you useful results. 

Before watering the plant, you need to check the moisture of the soil so that the soil does not remain dry and overwatered. If it shows moisture then you can see that the plant can live without water for some days. On the other hand, dry soil shows the need for water from the lemon trees. 

Growth stageSpringSummerFallWinter
(6-8 weeks after planting)
every 2-3 daysevery 2-3 daysevery 2-3 daysevery 3-5 days
(planted less than 2 years ago)
every 1-2 weekstwice a week in hot weatherevery 1-2 weeksevery 2-3 weeks
(planted 3 or more years ago)
every 2-3 weeksevery 1-2 weeksevery 2-3 weeksevery 3-4 weeks

How can you know if your lemon tree needs water?

Folks, do you know when your plant needs water? If yes, then it is great and if not, then you need to know about it. Let’s know about some of the points that will show the need for water from lemon trees. Below are: 

  • Firstly, you have to check the soil moisture before watering the lemon tree. You have to insert your finger deep down 3-6 inches which will let you know if the soil is dry or not. If it feels moist, then you need to wait for a few days to water them.
  • If there are any potted lemon trees, then have to water the plant two times a week. It will depend on the humidity level of the location too. 
  • If you have grown lemon in the container, then you have to water it unless it drains out fully. Provide them with water so that they thrive well. 
  • You need to adjust the schedule for the watering regularly so that you manage it that way. 
  • You have to water the ground and plant lemon trees once a week. You can use any equipment like a hose. Even you can use rainwater. 

What will happen if you overwater or underwater the Lemon tree?

You should know the consequences after overwatering or underwatering your lemon trees. If you already know about it, then it’s good but if not, then you should know about it. 

This is because excess or less of anything can harm the growth of the plant. The same is the case with the overt warning and underwatering of lemon trees. Sometimes the soil remains damp which tends to cause fungal infections in the plant. 

The lemon trees will not be able to recover if there are yellow-colored leaves in the plant and destroyed roots. So, it becomes important for you to follow the right routine for your plant. 

Make use of fungicide for your plant by spraying it on the lemon trees so that your plant remains protected from diseases. Planting different varieties of lemon trees or hybrid trees will benefit your garden area as there are numerous varieties of them. 

Can you overwater lemon trees?

Lemon trees require a good amount of sufficient watering but not an oversupply of water. It is because these trees do not like to be overwatered. 

Lemon Trees will suffer from various issues like root rot, fungal infection, and many more if you provide excess water to them. 

Overwatering mainly results from the wrong soil you are using in your pot, temperature, potting problems, and humidity issues. So, let’s know about some of the common signs of overwatering as follows: 

  • Foul smell in the soil. 
  • Wilted leaves in the plant.
  • Yellow-colored leaves. 
  • White mold on the base of the tree. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Lemon trees can be grown easily and they will give you fruit that has various uses. They are amongst the ornamental trees which will add beauty to your garden and make it attractive. They can grow in any condition whether outdoors or indoors. 

The watering needs of the lemon trees depend on where they are planted, the age of the plant, etc. lemon trees do not like to be in wet soil which happens because of the excess supply of water. You can water the trees one or two times in one week so that they keep growing without any diseases. Read the guide fully for its full knowledge so that you grow your tree healthily. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


1. How do you take care of a lemon tree in pots?

You can take care of your lemon tree in pots by maintaining them and fulfilling its basic needs. You need to water them regularly for their growth. Provide them with sunlight so that they thrive well. Make sure you keep the drainage hotels in the plant which will not create humidity in the plant and the plant will live freely.  

2. How much water does a citrus tree need?

A citrus tree needs about 17 gallons in a day to thrive well in the wintertime. In the summertime, you need to water them about 135 gallons a day. 

3. When should I water my lemon tree?

You need to water your lemon tree when the soil feels too dry as it shows that it is in need of water. You need to check it by inserting a finger about an inch deep to check its moisture and if it is dry, then you have to water them. Make sure you keep the gap between the waterings. 

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