Groovy Plants Ranch: Location, Staff, Owners, Jobs, Products, Reviews, and Everything In Between

I was in search of a nursery to add some new plants to my garden then I got to know Groovy Plants Ranch. I found them quite interesting, but as it’s essential to know the history before trusting anyone.

After familiarizing myself with them, I found it interesting. You won’t believe it, but I ended up ordering a plant because they used to sell plants all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Why not place your order?

However, before making any purchases, I believe it’s crucial to do some research. That’s why I’ve written this guide, covering everything about Groovy Plants Ranch—from their location, staff, and owners to available jobs, products, reviews, and everything in between which will make you decide whether to buy or not.

Key takeaways:

  • The location of Groovy Plants Ranch is at 4140, County Road 15, Marengo.
  • The staff of groovy ranch plants is passionate about horticulture.
  • The opening of groovy plants ranch is by 8 a.m. and the closing is by 7 p.m.
  • They do offer Pumpkins and gourds, Pottery, Herbs, Perennials plants, etc.

About Groovy Plants Ranch

Groovy Plants Ranch is a nursery that claims to grow and sell some intriguing plants all over the world. That is true! They are just so professional in handling three greenhouse wooded areas like no other. During the time of the coronavirus, the official website was closed and the doors were opened which leads to a “happy vibes” scenery that people love and heaven for plant lovers. Also, covid times have made many home-stuck people love plants and care for them. This place is perfect if you love pots, plants, colors, and music. Sounds so exciting! Right!?

You can get the classic retro feel from the atmosphere in GPR. The live music playing in the background like in the bushes gives you some Western to 60’s experience providing you utter peace.

Source: Columbusnavigator

Location of Groovy Plants Ranch

This 2-acre wooded area is located in Marengo, Ohio which is approximately 30 miles northwest of Downtown.

The exact address is this perfect destination for plant lovers is

4140, County Road 15, Marengo, Ohio 43334 it’ll be helpful to follow these directions to Groovy Plants Ranch.

Groovy Plants ranch staff:

The staff is friendly and supportive. They will guide you best to make choices. They will guide what to buy and let you know about happening spots you can head to. Though I love all the spots of the groovy plant ranch. It’s just so hippie and groovy place with its colors, plants, and think of horticulture.

The staff of Groovy Ranch Plants is passionate about horticulture, and they produce, grow, and sell unique varieties of plants, not just this you will find pumpkins and gourds there, which is a surprise to visitors. The amazing thing is they can buy them and take them to their homes.

Groovy plants ranch hours:

It stays open for a whole week. They let the people come in by opening doors by 8 a.m and closing it by 7 p.m. Though, the old-time was 8 a.m to 6 p.m. which is now altered to 7 in the evening, to let the people shop and enjoy one hour more than before.

Guidelines of Groovy Plant’s Ranch:

  • They have made masks compulsory from the time of covid and make sure that visitors of any sort don’t get infected.
  • The first entry is reserved for senior citizens. They let the senior citizens come first as a token of respect for adult plant lovers.

Groovy Plants ranch owner:

The owners of Groovy Plants Ranch are Jared Hughes and his wife Liz Hughes. Both of them, in the beginning, started by selling succulents at the city markets and online. During COVID, the website was closed and this huge area was designed for people to buy groovy plants.

Jared Hughes used to study for an associate degree in Architecture and landscape design from Columbus State Community College,  simultaneously he was working as a retail manager at Foertmeyer and Sons in Delaware. He worked there for 5 years until he planted the succulents cutting that he cut from the rack of succulents got from Foertmeyer. He went to the market and got a comment for his plant as a ‘groovy plant’. That’s how he got the idea.

Jared Hughes started the business with a few succulent cuttings and later (after 10 years) that business turned into a large area property having fruits, plants, pots, rare plants, and whatnot for ‘plant lovers’.

Groovy Plant Ranch was decided in the year 2009.

Groovy Plant Ranch originally opened on April 13, 2016, in Ohio.

What Groovy Ranch offers:

  • Groovy Plants Ranch offers some fine varieties of
  • annual flowers,
  • Succulents and cacti
  • Rare and unique plants like Alocasia, Stingray, etc.
  • Pottery
  • House plants
  • Perennials plants
  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Herbs
  • GPR gears like tote bags and other cool stuff.


The Groovy Plants Ranch has a service of selling to approximately 50 states.

Groovy Plants Ranch Instagram handle:

their Instagram handle has attained a lot of popularity in the 5 years, having username Groovy plants ranch with post numbers till now uploaded- 1938 posts, followers- 38.3k. you can check out their Instagram handle in case you are curious to take a look at their page.

Reviews of Groovy Plants Ranch

With 584 Google reviews and 4.9 stars rating

Ratings on Trip Advisor: 4 stars

Rating on 4.5 stars

Rating on Etsy: 5 stars with 12,858 reviews

The popular ones are:

“Friendly service and a large variety of exotic plants at reasonable prices.”

“Super friendly, helpful, knowledgable owners and staff.”

“Very popular place, had 2 trucks, a lemonade, and coffee one”

“This is the cutest greenhouse. We have done activities here including wine & paint and wreath making. The employees are all so friendly and knowledgeable. They are conveniently located near I71 and State Route 61”

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Groovy plants ranch jobs:

Groovy is always hiring candidates for various vacancies. They keep working on their team and keep upgrading it.

Also, they have indicated that the positions are temporary but can be made permanent as per the candidates’ capabilities.

The final note of the context:

This article was all about the reviews, products, history, and jobs of Groovy Plants Ranch. You have come across this famous greenhouse which is filled with beautiful plants, pumpkins, and other recreational options. I hope you have liked this effort of ours.

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