How to Grow & Care for Hoya Carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’ (2024)

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I hope your garden is prospering and touching the sky with your efforts. If you are planning to grow Hoya Carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’ in your house then you need to first understand how to grow and care for them. Also if you have already planted them you must need to know how to take care of them.

The Hoya Carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’ was patented by Cobia in the 1950s as Hoya Tricolor. They are also known as Hoya Variegata and have leaves that have pink or white to creamy white edges. This article will help you with information on how you need to take care of them.

Quick takeaways:

  • You can see the new leaves of  Hoya Krimson Queen look very bright pink and change to white in last.
  • There are different variants of the plant as Hoya Krimson Princess has variegated leaves in the center.
  • The following image describes some important points you need to take care of for growing Hoya Carnosa and that is explained in detail below:
Scientific NameHoya carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’
Common NameWax plant, Porcelain flower, Hoya Carnosa
LightBright, indirect light.
WateringWater regularly during the growth period
TemperatureTemperatures between 60-90ºF (16-32ºC)
Hardiness ZoneZones 9 – 12
Humidity60% humidity or more
Soil TypeWell-draining and porous soil mix that is light and fluffy
Soil pH6 to 6.5
FertilizingNitrogen-rich, water-soluble fertilizer is most recommended
RepottingEvery 2 to 3 years
PruningSpring & summer are the best times to prune
PropagationStem cuttings
ToxicityNon-toxic to humans and pets
Mature Size60 to 80 inches if indoors but can reach up to 20 feet in the wild
Bloom TimeThree or four years of growth, spring, and summer

About Hoya Krimson Queen 

Before proceeding, it is important to know more about the Hoya Krimson Queen. Krimson Queen is a vast cultivator of the species that is popular in every household at is grown in every garden as a house plant. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family that even includes more than 500 species.

It will produce waxy leaves in the plant and is even known as a wax plant or wax flower. You will observe its nectar-producing flowers that are sweet. That is why it is also also known as honey plants.

Do you know why the leaves of this cultivar are famous? It is because of their variegation. The waxy foliage on the leaves contrasts well with the pink touch that is displayed by the leaves. 

So it is your choice to grow them in the hanging basket or the ground but they will look amazing.

What’s Unique About Hoya Krimson Queen? 

Are you thinking about the uniqueness of the Hoya Krimson Queen plant? If yes then you should know that not only its very leaves are unique. But also its blooms that come in clusters look amazing in your area. This combination makes this plant a unique one and an amazing addition to your home garden. They are native to Southeast Asia.

They require tropical growing conditions to grow well they can even grow on the pros or branches. Even this plant is used for mechanical support. at the time of cultivation, they will be best as trailing plants, especially in the hanging baskets.

Being a semi-succulent plant, It will help the plant to survive for a longer period Even if it’s not receiving a good amount of water.

How to Grow & Care for Hoya Carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’ (2023)

The Hoya Carnosa plants are the indoor plants that do have easy care but you need to remember the following points in order to take care of the plants such as:

  • Light
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Fertilizer
  • Growth rate 
  • Propagation
  • Repotting
  • Layering


The plants require bright, indirect sunlight. In order to plant them in the home you may require them to give them at least 6 hours a day of indirect contact light.

The hoya. Plants can tolerate medium light but this can also make them weak and Leggy which also results in fewer leaves in lower light.

For proper growth plant the hoya to the east, or north-facing window or keep them a few feet away from the South or west-facing window. 

How to Grow & Care for Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Queen'
Hoya Carnosa


In the case of watering the plant, you need to water more if more light is received by the plant. Also if you see that the soil is compacted then you need to soak the root ball in the water at least for 10 minutes.

But in the colder season, you need to stop watering often in that case only water when to see the soil is completely dry.


If you want the plant to be grown properly you need to use soil having good drainage but dont plant the hoyas in a dense soil mixture having moisture moisture-retaining crystals.

If you are using universal potting soil then it will retain the water longer which causes potential damage to the roots. 

The perfect soil mixture for the hoyas plant is considered a nutrient-rich, loose soil. In case the soil is retaining a large amount of water then you need to replant the plant in potting soil. 


The preferred temperature for growing Hoya Carnosa Krimson queen ranges from  65-85℉. always remember to keep the plant away from drafty windows in the colder season.

How to Grow & Care for Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Queen


The humidity level that the plant easily handles and grows more rapidly is higher than 60%.

To increase the humidity you can try to add pebbles that too filled with water under the plant. you can also do this by using a cool mist humidifier.


In case of providing the fertilizer with higher nitrogen fertilizer will boost the plant growth. In the stage when the hoya plant is about to bloom you need to change the fertilizer and use the fertilizer having higher phosphorus.

In order to have slow-release fertilizer you can apply the worm casting or compost in the spring.

Growth Rate:

The growing rate of the Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen is up to 12 feet long but needs medium light, humidity level above the normal level and you need to take proper care of the plant.


There is a prevalent method used for propagation i.e. Stem cutting but you can also try the propagation by a method called Layering.

Stem cutting:

There is a presence of good healthy vines that you can trim off to grow into a new plant. There are two ways to use the cutting: first, use the cutting for propagation, and second use the cutting after pruning. One important tool you can use for cutting is pruning shears that are cleaned and disinfected. 


You have to cut the parent stem that is completely disease free and need to have a good number of leaves grown at that stem. 


In the case of having smaller plants you should not risk them by trimming too much in that case use the method of layering. For layering, you need to fill the container with coconut coir and perlite.

Then add water to the soil while testing the drainage levels. After that place the pot close to the existing container.

To moisten the soil, spray some water lightly to maintain the root growth but not to water the leaves, which can cause the plant to rot, spreading the vine all over the plant.


The Hoya Carnosa requires to be Repot only when you see the following signs:

  • The root is growing out of the drainage holes.
  • Stunted growth.
  • If you find the Disintegrated soil.
  • If you notice the yellowing of leaves in the plant.
How to Grow & Care for Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Queen'
hoya carnosa

As soon you find any of the conditions you have to repot the plant. Mostly you need to do the repotting every 2 years.

Problems in the Hoya Carnosa plant:

The following are some problems you can find in the Hoya Carnosa plant:

  • Turning yellow leaves: this problem is caused by overwatering or if you have a lack of drainage holes in the pot.
  • Turning brown leaves: the leaves start to turn brown if they are exposed to bright light or sunburn.
  • Turning to dull color: This can be seen if the plants lack sunlight.
  • Wilting: This happens due to overwatering or underwatering.
  • Leggy growth: if happen if there are large gaps between the leaves which cause a lack of sunlight to the plant due which there is leggy growth.
  • Pests: you can find pests on plants like aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites so you need to check for them.

Wrapping up the Context

Hence after reading the article, you will get all the answers to your queries about how to grow and what steps you need to follow for the growth of the plant. Krimson Queen is a vast cultivator of the species that is popular in every household at is grown in every garden as a house plant. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family that even includes more than 500 species.

It will produce waxy leaves in the plant and is even known as a wax plant or wax flower. You will observe its nectar-producing flowers that are sweet. That is why it is also also known as honey plants. So, read the whole guide to understand it properly. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening! 

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