What is Edging in Landscaping? Everything about it

You’ll encounter numerous options for landscaping edging, but I’m here to provide the best choices that will make landscape edging super easy. All you need to do is scroll down and learn everything about it.

I understand that many of you may not know what edging in landscaping actually entails. If you’re unfamiliar, don’t worry. Before delving into methods for edging your lawn, let me explain what edging in landscaping means.

So, stick around and start learning about landscape edging types and all the essential things you need to know before starting your landscaping edging project.

Quick takeaways:

  • The way of edging in landscaping is by cutting the lawn by creating a line between the grass, sidewalks, or borders.
  • Some various types of edgers are Manual lawn stuck edgers, Motorized handheld edgers, Lawn edgers, etc.
  • Some uses of lawn edging in landscaping are a freshly manicured appearance, Holding the mulch in a particular spot, Creating an entertaining barrier on the lawn, etc.

What is Edging in Landscaping?

Edging in Landscaping is done by cutting the lawn by creating a line between the grass, sidewalks, or borders. You cut the lawn, create a particular design, and decorate it with stones, bricks, wood pieces, fences, etc. For edging the landscape there are a few tools that ease up the process. That is both manual and electrical. 

How to edge your lawn?

The following types and styles of landscape edging are great to start with. You just need to take a look at your house, location, and the lawn and based upon it decide what type will run a long way and look the best. 

  • You can divide the lawn and garden by creating an edge that is the trench or a little deep creating a visual of a ditch. 
  • Mowing strip-type edging is all about placing bricks or flagstones which will provide a surface for the moving tools on the lawn like a lawnmower.
  • The other type is to beautify edging by adding some aesthetic lowkey vibe giving elements to the edges. 
  • The heaviness of mulch can be held by some solid edging material. Many edging kits are available on Amazon that are 2 inches tall and 4 inches down (suitable for mulch capturing)
  • Landscape edging can be done right using the woods. This also favors the edging in the larger areas. The patterned woody fences and landscape timbers are among the popular ones. The pieces of wood are also being used by many people lately. 
  • Metals that can be galvanized or painted are used for landscape edging with a metallic look. This will give some modern visuals yet a bit of rustic vibes.
  • The last one is using plastics like rolls, stones, bricks, or concrete decorative materials for the formal look of the lawn.
  • The wattle-type landscape edging includes weaving pliable wood saplings, such as willow or dogwood, into a low fence. Wattle is an excellent mulch-holding plant.

Types of edgers used for edging in landscaping

Lawn edger: 

A lawn edger is an edging tool with a rotating steel blade that cuts down the excess grown plants. By using a lawn edger, you can trim down the grass and weeds from the sidewalks, and other spots where a tool is needed. They will create a clean look on the landscape.

Self-propelled walk-behind lawn edger: 

You have got the idea of what I’m going to talk about by its name and might have seen many workers using it. They provide similar trim lines, crisp cuts, and clean looks with their hand-help stick.

Manual lawn stuck edger:

A long-handled tool with a wheel at the end. This is not automated so it needs your effort to work on the lawn. If you have time and want to work out, this indeed is a great option. 

Motorized handheld edger: 

This tool makes work a lot easier with a small-sized wheel having blades that help in edging. This one is a favorite of many users, good practice is needed to use this edger

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Uses of lawn edging in landscaping:

  • A great way to define your lawn, giving a theme to the garden
  • Fresh manicured appearance
  • Don’t waste extra time on weeding and trimming edges
  • Let you know easily where a change is needed, the process gets easy!
  • Hold the mulch in the particular spot
  • Give walkingways on the lawn, which looks beautiful as well
  • Highlights the shrubs and tiny plants with flowers.
  • Create an entertaining barrier on the lawn
  • Create a lot of flexibility in the lawn and bring out creativity.

Landscape Edging Materials

The type of material you are choosing depends on your requirements. You can make your landscape edging with the help of various materials like plastic, metal, stones, bricks, etc. 

That depends on the requirements of your landscape Garden. some may be economical whereas some will be costly so for making your creative landscape garden you can choose the material that has advantages. 

Below are some of the materials that can help you in making your landscape. They are as follows:

Brick: These are one of the long-lasting materials that can be used in your garden area, and they also look elegant. There are various types of bricks so you can choose the best style for your garden area. 

Plastic: What about plastic? It is one of the affordable materials that is used by every Gardner. You can easily install this variety because of its flexible nature. It is not expensive as compared to others.

Concrete: Concrete is another type of material that can be used in different sections of landscape edging that look attractive. you can easily set them in the place or you can make different forms from it.

Wood: Wood is one of the mediums that is used by every farmer because it is affordable. It comes in straight lines, so it becomes easy to work with the woods. also, it will form an organic look in your garden area and will last more than 10 years.

Landscape Edging Costs

The cost of the landscaping edging will be different as it depends on the material and quantity you are choosing for your garden. For example, if you are using repurposed stones then they are free, whereas if you choose tiles or bricks then they become costly.

So if you can go for expensive edging material then you can choose so by investing in the area such as the front yard even they can be used near the garden attractive points. 

But you will be happy to know that various affordable materials can be used by every Gardner, which will look not only attractive but can be used anywhere in your garden. 

Also, costs include when you install the landscape plant and the cost also varies from type to type. This is because some of the materials will require special tools or special installation.

Whereas some will require less installation or normal tools. so if you want the desired look for your landscaping garden, then you have to choose your costs as per your requirements. last but not least you can also make use of DIYs. 

Wrapping up the Context

In this guide, you come to know that Edging in Landscaping is done by cutting the lawn by creating a line between the grass, sidewalks, or borders. You cut the lawn, create a particular design, and decorate it with stones, bricks, wood pieces, fences, etc.

The options are many and we will let you know the best options out there. We will help you do the edging of the landscape super easily and let you know everything about edging in landscaping. Read the whole guide for its proper understanding.

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!

Want to see how edging in landscaping can be done? Check this video.


What is the point of edging your lawn? 

Edging creates a healthy barrier between the grassroots and the landscape that doesn’t allow the grass to grow into the landscape area, in short, it prevents grass from invading. It is seen that edging makes trimming grass quite easy also. 

Is edging in landscaping necessary? 

Edging can ease up the task of maintaining the landscape and grass in shape. But being blunt here it is not necessary once you have created a deep trough all around the landscape and maintained it well.

What are the best edging flower beds?

The Metal lawn edging is considered the best edging flower beds as they are easy to push down the soil and look modern, and graceful. You can paint them, or use tarnished metal, normal metals will give a rustic appearance. Strips of steel and plastic are also great options for edging flower beds.

What is the difference between trimming and edging in landscaping?

In trimming, grasses are trimmed out from the spaces that are hard to reach by the edger for lawnmowers. The grasses are usually seen to be grown on the borders, sidewalks that look abrupt on the landscape while edging creates a line cut in the lawn between grass and the landscape borders.

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