What To Do with Old Lawnmowers? 5+ Types of Lawnmowers 

Do you own a personal lawn? Well, if you do, you might also be familiar with what lawnmowers are. They’re one of the most important and must-have tools for you if you wish to keep your lawn tidy. Hey folks! I am Anna Scott, a Gardener with 15 years of gardening experience, I am here to help other gardeners to accomplish their goals.

Lawnmowers are machines used to trip the excessive growth of grass in your lawn. Every lawn owner or gardening lover would know the importance of lawnmowers and how useful they are.

Since they’re mere machines, they are, too, subject to wear and tear. While some can be fixed, there might be times when you may need to get rid of the old one and get a new one. But they don’t teach you in school as to what to do with old lawnmowers.

If you’re one of those who seek to know what to do with old lawnmowers, you came to the right place. So, let’s get started to know more. 

What To Do with Old Lawnmowers? 5+ Types of Lawnmowers 

What are Lawnmowers?

Lawnmowers are machines that cut grass, by definition. Homes and workplaces with lawns and gardens need a lot of upkeep. The mower cuts grass to a uniform height with one or more rotating blades.

The height at which grass needs to be clipped is adjustable. These blades can be propelled by an internal combustion engine or by hand power.

Lawnmowers come in three primary varieties: ride-on, self-propelled, and manual. Modern lawnmowers can even run autonomously or remotely.  

It is a superior substitute for the conventional scythe and was first created to mow the grass on playgrounds and sports fields.

The first lawnmower was created in Gloucestershire, England, at Brimscombe and Thrupp, close to Stroud.

What to do with Old Lawnmowers?

There are several ways to get rid of old landowners. A few of them can be:

Donate or Sell:

If your old lawnmower is still in good operating order, you might want to think about selling it or giving it to a nearby charity. Many people or neighborhood organizations might need a working lawnmower and would be grateful for an affordable substitute.

What To Do with Old Lawnmowers? 5+ Types of Lawnmowers 

Recycling Centers:

Just like other appliances, lawnmowers contain recyclable materials. Find out if the recycling center in your area accepts used lawnmowers. Before recycling, some centers can ask you to take the mower apart or take out specific parts.

Metal Scrap Yards:

Another place to get rid of old lawnmowers is a scrap yard. Given that most lawnmowers are made of metal, scrap yards frequently take them in for recycling. Make sure to find out whether they have any special requirements in place for accepting them.

Local Waste Disposal Facilities:

Find out about the rules around the disposal of lawnmowers by getting in touch with your neighborhood landfill or waste disposal facility. Certain facilities might have certain policies about accepting these kinds of things, along with specified drop-off locations.

Types of Lawnmowers

1. Electric Lawnmowers

Most contemporary home lawnmowers are powered by a standard power socket on the electric mains, making them an excellent option for small to medium-sized lawns.

They are often inexpensive, lightweight, and simple to use, in addition to being compact enough to be easily stored.

One thing to keep in mind when using an electric lawnmower is that its power cord length will be your only restriction.

What To Do with Old Lawnmowers? 5+ Types of Lawnmowers 

To avoid this, make sure the mower you buy has a long enough cable to allow you to mow your entire garden from wherever it is plugged in.

2. Cordless Lawnmowers

If you’re willing to spend a little extra money for convenience, a cordless lawn mower is a great option for any homeowner.

With all the features of electric lawn mowers without the trouble of tangling connections that could reduce your cutting range, these mowers are a terrific choice.

Larger lawns are ideal for this kind of lawn mower. Modern cordless mowers are mostly powered by lithium-ion batteries, which have a longer lifespan than nickel-cadmium batteries of the past. However, it comes at a steep cost.

3. Rotary Lawnmowers

These are the most widely used varieties of lawnmowers available today. They consist of a single cutting blade that spins quickly and horizontally beneath the mower. The blade cuts the grass as it makes contact, spinning in a manner like a propeller.

With its excellent performance on most terrains, the rotary lawn mower is considered by many to be the most versatile type of lawn mower available. Compared to cylinder lawnmowers, rotary mowers are more powerful and are better suited for cutting coarser, longer grass.

Depending on your preferences, these come in a wide choice of designs, including electric, gasoline-powered, and cordless rechargeable. But because they do have parts that might break or bend, it’s important to take care of and maintain your rotary mower.

What To Do with Old Lawnmowers? 5+ Types of Lawnmowers 

4. Petrol Lawnmowers

For those of you with larger lawns, this sort of petrol lawn mower is ideal. When a mains power cable cannot reach a big grassy area, these mowers work excellent for cutting the entire area.

Despite being larger and more costly than their electric equivalents, they can cut grass more quickly because of their increased power.

The sole drawback to gas lawnmowers is that, like cars, they require frequent maintenance and emit more pollution from their engines than electric mowers.

Along with servicing, this also entails monitoring and replenishing the oil level.

5. Reel Lawnmowers

Cylindrical blade units are located at the front of reel lawnmowers, sometimes referred to as cylinder lawnmowers. These blades cut against a fixed blade located at the bottom of the cutting unit as they spin vertically.

Reel lawnmowers frequently have two, three, or even more blades attached.

What To Do with Old Lawnmowers? 5+ Types of Lawnmowers 

For flat lawns that you want to keep short, these lawn mower models are perfect. It’s advised to avoid using reel mowers on uneven terrain since the blades are made to cut through softer, smoother grass.

Wrapping up the context 

So, this article shows in detail what to do with old lawnmowers. You can either donate or sell them if they’re still in a condition to do so. Otherwise, you can leave them with recycling centers or metal scrap yards and they’ll take care of the rest.

In some cases, the local waste disposal facilities might take your old lawnmowers for disposal with local waste but there’s no guarantee of that as it solely depends upon the locality and its rules.


Is it okay for me to put my old lawnmower by the curb for pickup?

Whether or not your old lawnmower will be picked up by the local garbage facilities depends upon the waste disposal management of your locality. While some municipality managements allow mowers to be disposed of with local waste, others might not pick it up in the first place.

What type of lawnmower is best for me?

The ideal kind of lawn mower to use on a smaller lawn (up to 1000 square feet) is an electric, push, or cordless one. The ideal mower for a medium-sized lawn (1000–2500 square feet) is an electric, cordless, or gas mower. A petrol lawn mower is typically your best option if your grass is larger than 2500 square feet.

What parts of the lawnmower are recyclable?

Various parts of a lawnmower can be recycled, including the metal chassis and blades. But to recycle them, some materials, like rubber or plastic, might need to be separated.

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