Do’s and Don’ts for Propagating Pothos- Different Methods for Propagation

I love to grow pothos indoors, but I didn’t realize it had any disadvantages. Are you aware of them, or are you just growing without any knowledge? Isn’t it shocking that the pothos you grow have some do’s and don’ts for propagating Pothos? Let’s delve into pothos in detail.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about pothos because I was once in your place. To help you out, I’ve explained everything you need to know, including the do’s and don’ts for propagating Pothos, different methods of propagation, the need for propagation, and many more facts. Stay connected to get the answers and start reading.

Key takeaways:

  • Pothos are commonly named as money plant, Ceylon creeper, and Devils’ ivy.
  • The pothos doesn’t take much time to grow back and reveal roots. 
  • For propagating pothos, you need to have a knife, pruning shears, potting mix, a tumbler of water, a glass container, etc.
  • To cut the Pothos plant for propagation you need to have an incision at an angle of 45 degrees.


Pothos, scientifically called Epipremnum aureum, are the favorite houseplants that are evergreen vines and love to climb, making them perfect hanging plants. The roots are clingy and the leaves are beautiful heart-shaped. Devil’s ivy, this strange name is due to its power of not being killed and having speedy growth. These pothos plants are easy to grow and give a dreamy look to the interior of your house.

What is propagation? 

Propagation is a method of asexual type of reproducing a plant that you already have, using vegetative parts like cuttings, seeds, etc. Put that cutting in a nutrient medium and wait for the appearance of roots. After which you can plant it. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Propagating Pothos

If you are up to propagating the pothos plant, that’s a great idea because they do not have much time to grow back and reveal roots. 

The reason can be anything that you want to propagate photos. 

Even though they are the easiest ones to propagate the pothos, pruning them, and propagating them still need some precautions. Here are the dos and don’ts for propagating Pothos:

What do you need for propagating Pothos?

The tools for propagating the photos are essential. Make sure the tools are sterilized or cleaned well. But what tools will you need? The propagation knife, pruning shears, potting mix, tumbler of water, glass container, nutrient medium or rooting hormone, and good sunlight.

How do you cut the Pothos plant for propagation?

Detangle the stems that are usually twirled around as well as the branches. Select a stem that is healthy, green with three leaves, and has one node, and cut that area. Make an incision at an angle of 45 degrees. This cutting can be used for propagation. 

In Water: 

The best result-showing method is water propagation. This method is not that complex, know-how!

Move 1st: Now you have tools with you that won’t infect the plants. Cut the stem just below the node including all that I told you earlier. 

Move 2nd: the cutting that is callused, now has to be placed in the water that should be filtered, you can also use tap water but avoid ice-cold water. If you don’t know how to call us, just leave the cutting in dry dark warm conditions for two days.

Move 3rd: the cuttings in water that are collected in a glass container need to be in front of sunlight. You can place them in a corner to get a good amount of sunray in a day. They look aesthetically good in the glass container too. 

Move 4th: as soon as an inch, long roots start emerging. The cutting is ready to be planted.

In soil

If you want hardy roots, you can propagate pothos in the soil. You can pot them directly into the soil without transplanting too much. 

Move 1st: Choose a propagating chamber or make sure the soil is moist and well-drained. The potting mix being used should have half of the perlite or good-quality seedling mix. 

Move 2nd: the soil medium should be porous and have holes for proper drainage. You also need to make two to three holes with a pencil or pipe and place the cuttings into them. 

Move 3rd: use rooting hormone to layer over the nodes. The rooting hormone will provide nourishment and healthy root growth. The soil should properly surround the leaf nodes to avoid their dropping. 

Move 4th: now cover the medium with a plastic bag gently and make a good gap between the leaf surface and the bag. Make sure the spot is sunny but not too hot and warm enough. Soil should be moist, but not soggy to avoid rot.

How to propagate pothos fast? 

By division

For propagating pothos by division, you simply need to make sure the pothos are healthy and well hydrated for which you need to water them well. 

Add the potting mix to the soil, and make it moist, and well-drained. Now, remove the root ball from the container having the pothos plant. You can slide your hand inside to the bottom touching the side edges to tap on the bottom of the container turning it upside down. Brush off the excess dirt, and use a knife for spitting. Place the cut section deep into the soil, put a layer of soil over it, and moisten the soil. Avoid putting the pot in direct sunlight. Keep the soil warm with indirect sunlight as you need to provide proper light for the growth of the pothos.

Other ways of propagating Pothos 

By Layering

The pothos can also be propagated by the layering method. Layering is a way of asexual reproduction where the aerial roots are placed into the soil present on the shoot or branch. 

Choose a healthy offshoot having aerial roots of pothos and lower down the offshoot into the soil still attached to the parent plant. The soil can be contained in the ground or in other containers placed near the pot having pothos. Wait for proper roots to develop within a few weeks. 

From Cutting

How long does it take to propagate pothos in water?

Depending upon the amount of sunlight the cutting gets, the roots appear to sprout from nodes in water within a week or two.  After this, it is up to you whether you want to move it or keep growing it in the container. It will still thrive in it. Make sure of the fungal infection on the bottom part. Provide them with good sunlight and fertilizer(liquid fertilizer in water). 

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When should I propagate Pothos? 

The right time to propagate photos is during the summer season. You can collect the cutting at any time of the year but propagating pothos in winter will not be quick in providing the result. The summer heat and spring season are more favorable for propagating the pothos.

Don’ts of propagating the pothos:

  • You should not propagate pothos in low temperatures during the cold season. 
  • The sunlight should not be direct, or you have chosen a spot that doesn’t get enough light
  • Very little moisture can be a reason for pothos not propagating
  • Changing the water of the container after too long. 
  • Not giving proper good time for the roots to appear which is a minimum of 2 months for the plant to be formed
  • Not pruning pothos well as soon as the plant is growing at a good height. If you want pothos fuller, prune them every next day.
  • The parent photos are not healthy or diseased can also be a reason that pothos cuttings are not propagating or showing roots.
  • Many times planters don’t keenly cut the stem which lacks the node and leaves that it must have. 


Is pothos hard to propagate?

Pothos can be easily propagated by using the cuttings either in soil or water. You can also propagate them by division as well. The pothos are friends of beginners, they motivate the new planters as they are very easy to grow. 

How long should you propagate pothos in water before planting?

Pothos need at least 4 weeks to reveal the new roots in water, which are suitable to get planted. The water needs to be changed so that the root doesn’t occur. As soon as the roots develop, you can plant them in a potting mix that is well-moist and drained. 

Can you keep pothos in the water forever?

When the roots appear in the water, you can move the plant to a big container, ground, or even keep pothos in the water forever. Pothos can be kept in water if the care is appropriate. Liquid fertilizer should be provided to pothos in water. 

Can you propagate pothos without nodes?

Propagation of pothos through cuttings is possible. The cutting must include nodes and a few leaves to show roots. Having a leaf in cutting is important and a node is that section that contains a leaf. Nodal areas of plants can show new growth.

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