Do Deer Eat Pumpkins and Squash? (7+ Ways to keep them away)

A gardener knows everything about the surrounding of their plants, so he also comes to know when the plants start to get affected. But how? Do you know the reason behind the spoiling of the plants? If yes, then you might have taken the precautions to help you. But if not, then no worries! Guys, deer is a notorious animal that is attracted to various plants. If you live in an area where the deer are excess in number then it is difficult for you to save your plants from them. Do Deer Eat Pumpkins and Squash?

Deer seem to be cute but they are those hungry pests that can eat anything that comes their way. One of them is pumpkins and the other one is squash. Even though there are various varieties of squash. They like to eat both of them as they gain nutrients and water from these plants. Deer become clever when it comes to their appetite. They need to remain full always so that they do not suffer from any disease. Gardeners get confused as it becomes difficult for them to protect their vegetation from the clever deer.

Deers can never destroy your crops and eat them. It will be very surprising for you. So we are here to make you aware of it before they enter your garden. You have to take some prevention that will help you in saving your pumpkins and squash and keep the deer out of the garden area. So, let’s initiate this guide to know about the ways that can help you in keeping the deer out of your garden so that you could enjoy the benefits of your vegetation. 

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins and Squash?

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins and squash?

Do you know whether deer like to eat pumpkins and squash? Let’s know about the pumpkins first. Pumpkins are one of those varieties that can be eaten by deer as deer love to eat them only when they are hungry. They can eat various parts of it, even its pulp, seeds, and the whole plant. They can also love to eat the leaves of unripe plants. Especially in the summertime, you will see that deer need more food to eat as compared to the other seasons. Though the pumpkins are not the only choice of the deer they can eat them fully if they are too hungry. 

Now, here comes the question against squash, whether they eat squash or not? As you know squash has a prickling body which makes them feel lucky as deer avoid these types of plants. But when they are in their hunger mode, then they can eat anything that comes their way. Deer are considered attackers who can eat anything whether they like it or not. 

Being herbivore animals, they can eat anything, it is just that they need to taste the plants and gain nutrients from them. They even receive nutrients from the plants they like and also from the ones they do not like. 

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”

– By Hal Borland

7+ Tested Ways to Keep deer Away from pumpkins and squash 

It is important to keep the deer away from the plants that you have grown with your efforts and hard work. So, let’s know about those ways that can help you all in keeping the deer away from the garden area so that you enjoy your vegetation. 

1.) Use motion-activated sprinklers 

You can even use the other way to keep deer out of the garden by using a motion-activated sprinkler. Deer get afraid to hear loud voices, so it is a great chance for you to use it and protect your petunias from them. 

2.) You can even Plant Lavender

Lavender is a flowering plant that is not liked by deer. Moreover, the scent of lavender is not liked by the deer. So, if you plant lavender in your yard, you can save your pumpkins and squash. 

3.) You have to make loud noises 

For withdrawing the deer from your garden, you can produce a loud noise by any means which will make the deer fearful.

You can do so by producing loud noises of shouting, whistles, or even wind chimes to scare the deer. By listening to the loud noises, he will run away from your garden.

4.) Why not use a net?

Have you ever thought of using a net that can not be crossed by the deer to eat the pumpkins and squash? This method is not even that expensive so you can use it without any issues. The net will cover your vegetation. 

5.) Repellent sprays can be used easily 

One of the appropriate options for you is to use a deer-repellent spray that does not allow the deer to come into the garden.

You can even use the rotten eggs for keeping the deer outside your grassland. The smell created by the egg mixed with cloves and garlic can easily help you to get rid of the deer.  

6.) Plant them in hanging baskets

You can try to plant the plants in hanging baskets or pots inside the house. It will not let the deer eat them.

You can easily enjoy your vegetation if you grow your pumpkins and squash in hanging baskets that can not be approached by the deer. 

7.) You can use red cat eyes

It is one of the best ways to keep the deer away from your garden area. You can do so with the help of fake red eyes which do not permit any animal to come to the garden to eat the plants and vegetables. This will work excellently with the deer too.

8.) You need to set up a fence 

Setting up the fence is one of the easy solutions that you can apply to keep your pumpkins protected. You can buy the metal stakes and wires for the fencing as it would help you to keep the deer away from your garden. Make sure to set up a tall fence that should not be crossed by the deer.

9.) You can use the Cat Food Burglar Alarm

You can get creative somehow, and you use it by hanging some of the cans together which will make noise when the deer enter the garden. Deer will get scared and leave your area.  

10.) What about using a Green Screen? 

As you know, green screen plants are not liked by deer. So, if you use them they can be a great barrier for the deer.

Isn’t it amazing to use? Of course, it is. When the plants grow all together tall and leave little space between them, they also work as a fence, so deer won’t come to your garden. 

11.) Sprinkle the Granules and Powders

Sprinkling them with the help of hot peppers, garlic, scented soap, etc keeps the deer away from the garden. 

12.) Try Liquid Sprays

It is recommended to use liquid sprays to get rid of the deer from your garden area. You can even make it as a solution diluted with soap, rotten eggs, predator urine if in the garden, etc.

You can apply it to the garden area so that the deer do not enter the garden.  

13.) Take the help of any dog

You might be wondering how a dog can help you in this matter. But they will help you a lot as when they bark, deer notice that something is going on around them which scares them.

So, dogs won’t let the deer enter the garden as dogs will make loud barking noises which will make the deer nervous.   

14.) Make use of some lights 

As sunlight is the main component needed by plants for their growth. But deer do not like to be in the sunlight, so by providing LED lights to your garden area or blinking them once the deer enter your garden, you can scare them and they won’t come again to your garden area.  

Concluding lines

This guide revolves around the preventive measures that can be taken for the protection of your pumpkins and squash. Deer seem to be cute but they are those hungry upsets that can eat anything that comes their way. One of them is pumpkins and the other one is squash. They like to eat both of them as they gain nutrients and water from these plants. Deer become clever when it comes to their appetite. Gardeners get confused as it becomes difficult for them to protect their vegetation from the clever deer. Read the whole guide so that you could save your greenery. 


1. Do squash plants repel deer?

Yes, they can repel the deer as the smell of the squash is not liked by the deer. Deer do not like the scent of squash plants.

2. What animals eat pumpkins?

Various animals eat pumpkins as they gain nutrients from them. Some of them are moles, squirrels, woodchucks, mice, etc.

3. How to keep deer away from pumpkins?

You can keep the deer away from the pumpkins as it is important to protect your pumpkins. You can do so by using any deer repellent, any spray that can keep them away, you can even making loud noises, etc. 

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