Can I plant Garlic from the grocery store? (Everything you need to know)

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I hope you are doing great in your gardening field. Do you know about Garlic? Can I plant Garlic from the grocery store? Let’s know about it. Garlic is the most common plant that gardeners like to grow in their gardens. The reason behind this is that the box is full of benefits they hold and provide to the plants that are growing next to it.

Garlic is also a common and most-used ingredient in so many dishes. Whenever we bring herbs or vegetables from groceries we often think of growing them. And I’m sure you are confused again about whether the garlic from the grocery will grow in my garden or not!? Here is the answer, for now, the detailed and needed linked information is written below. So the answer is 

Quick takeaways:

  • Allium sativum which is garlic has bulbs that can grow roots. The presence of roots is related to getting new growths and a new plant. So yes the garlic from the grocery store can be grown to get garlic especially if the garlic has garlic bulbs.
  • But nothing can beat the garlic plants grown from the seed that you bought from a nursery. Because there are still fewer chances of getting a big size or giant garlic from growing grocery garlic as they are injected with the hormones and in some cases with the sprout inhibitors.

You need to choose the best garlic bulb and plant them right to get similar garlic in your pantry from your garden.

What do you need to grow grocery garlic?

Now as you are aware that you can grow grocery garlic at your home you must keep the stiff ready-to-grow grocery garlic. So what things will you need to throw at them? First of all, a good amount of compost that is of good quality and prepared properly is what you need.

With this, you will need a fertilizer that is in ratio 16-16-16, spade, how and mulch having straws and barks fine pieces.

Can I plant Garlic from the grocery store? – When do I plant garlic from the grocery store?

The garlic that you bought from grocery stores can be grown and planted in the fall season. Though there are two varieties mostly which are soft neck and hard neck garlic.

The grocery garlic is the softest neck. The main difference between the two is that the soft neck garlic can be grown easily in hot weather whereas the hard neck garlic is like the cold winters.

Grocery garlic can be grown in the early spring as they are not like most garlic that needs to be planted in the fall season to split into cloves. Also, you can grow them with many companion plants like Spinach, Tomato, Tarragon, etc.

When to harvest the grocery garlic?

The grocery-bought garlic or even any garlic that you grow is harvested mostly in the summer season. The garlic with the growing turned yellow.

But make sure that the whole garlic leaves don’t turn yellow, which means they are dying and too near to death (you are too late!) you should harvest the garlic when only a few leaves have turned yellow and not all.

The end of July is also suitable to harvest your garlic. In case you are seeing the garlic leaves turning brown, you can still harvest the garlic. Take a bulb out and check if they are ripened.

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How to plant and grow grocery-bought garlic?

Planting and growing grocery garlic don’t extra science just like you grow normal garlic, this is how you plant them. But you need to keep some vital points in mind here:

Make the right choice

Choosing garlic that is naturally grown without any chemicals or inhibitors will give you results, otherwise, the garlic in grocery stores is from China that is sprayed with chemicals that don’t let the bulbs produce roots.

You need to get garlic in the grocery store that is organically produced and also you can search for some in the farmer’s market as well.

Make use of a spade 

As you choose the large bulb that looks healthy with no infection. Use a spade to dig out the 5-6 inches of soil and layer some compost and fertilizer over the bed.


Use a hoe to create space and dig the furrows. Now separate the clove of garlic. Make sure the skin doesn’t come off and stay with the cloves intact.

You need to use only the big-sized cloves as they are matured and use the small ones in your dishes.

Place the garlic 

Now the brown or creamish portion of the clove is the flat surface and needs to be facing the soil and in the furrow. The tapered end should be upwards beneath the soil about 1-3 inches.

Fill up the hole

Fill the hole with the soil, covering the cloves, and water the soil lightly about 18 inches deep. Cover the soil with mulch.

Plant the other clove at the space of 2 inches and again follow the same procedure. Water the garlic one time every week.

Will Garlic from the Grocery Store Grow?

Do you know if garlic from the grocery store grows or not? If yes then it’s great but if not, then you; should know about it. Some of the gardeners say yes whereas some say no. It depends on the type of garlic You’re getting from the grocery store.

One of the problems of store-bought garlic is that it will be less likely to sprout in a healthy plant as they are being stored for years in a warehouse or for many months. 

Whereas when you grow your garlic at home, it will take a few months to harvest the previous crop. So it is your choice if you want to go for grocery store garlic to grow a new home garden but if it is organic, then there will be more success in your garden area. 

Where Should I Plant Garlic In My Garden?

You can easily plant garlic in your garden, where the garlic receives a good amount of full, sunlight and also well-drained soil for its good growth. They can even be successful in partial shade, but full shade will not suit the growth of garlic.

You have to plant garlic in that location in your garden area where there is a good amount of space or a good room for the good growth of the plant it will help you in keeping the pests away from your plant. 

What Happens If You Leave Garlic In The Ground?

If you leave garlic in the ground, then they become perineal. One clove of garlic will become many cloves of garlic. After you observe them for one or two years. Isn’t it amazing some of the Gardners stand to leave the garlic in the ground rather than harvest it and store it?

It depends on the choice of the garden. Each clove will be multiplied by more and more bulbs if you leave the garlic on the ground. After that, you can begin to harvest them.

But this type of garlic will not have a strong taste like the organic ones as they’re not being maintained, which makes its flavor mild as compared to those of garlic as annuals. 

Footnote of the context

We hope you like this article. We tried to compile every detail that you should be knowing related to growing grocery-bought garlic. Though in this article we already made you aware that not all stored garlic can be grown as they are sprayed with the chemical that makes them lose the ability to grow further like forever.

You can choose the tropically grown good-sized garlic and plant them. The fall season is the right time to grow garlic. The stored garlic is the soft neck garlic that might tolerate the areas that have too cool conditions. We have also uploaded the procedure to grow the grocery garlic.

Happy growing! Happy shopping! 

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