5 Best Grass Whips for your Garden (How to use it properly)

Sometimes the grass in my yard is so annoying that I just whip it all as soon as it grows. It’s so frustrating, trust me. I think many of you will understand my feelings but might feel too lazy to cut it. For that, I’ve got an idea.

You know, I don’t use any big equipment to cut off the overgrown grass and weeds. Yes, I’m not just saying it; the tools are really easy to handle and use. Want to know what I am talking about? Just stay connected.

Here, I’ve shortlisted the best grass whips I’ve personally used, which make the work so easy. So, let’s learn more about some grass whips and how to use them properly.

Key takeaways:

  • Gardens add grace to your house and nobody wants their garden messy and uneven.
  • The Garden should look clean and without weeds. But large gardens and lawns just can be cleaned from weeds by hand only.
  • Grass whips are amazing tools that you can use and need to add tools to your garage to clean and whip off the unwanted grass.
  • The unwanted weeds take over the nutrients of the soil and don’t let the grass and other plants grow healthy in your garden.
  • Many times grass also grows out of the designed boundary that needs to be cut off or taken off. The grass whips are the one that comes into action.

What are grass whips? 

Grass whips are garden tools that are used for cutting overly grown grasses and weeds on the lawn. They look a lot like golf clubs and are great alternatives to sickles and other electric tools. The blade at the end of the grass whips makes the cutting convenient. 

Top 5 Grass whips for your Garden 2024

Here are the 5 best grass whips for your garden in 2024

  1. Brushing cutlass

Brushing cutlass is popular and is on top of this list. This tool has a sharp blade and makes cutting grass smooth and easy in just one stroke. It can be used for both short to tall grasses. The structure designs are handy and easily used. The rubber handle provides a tight grip and doesn’t create imbalance and pain in the arms. A 30-inch long handle doesn’t affect your posture and gives quality results. The tool if maintained well can work for years and is indeed a good investment. 

  1. Double-edged AMES weed cutter

This tool is provided with a double-edged serrated blade made of tempered steel. The cutter can be moved from the left and right direction with a double-sided cutting effect. The blade is sharp enough and might need periodic sharpening. They’re known to be the best cutter of Ivy and tall weeds. You can also use it on your large farms and fields. 

  1. True temper grass whip

True temper grass whip has a hardwood handle that is 38 inches long with a double serrated blade. This tool can cut tall grass and stemless weed quite precisely and effectively. The blade cannot be easily sharpened. The tool again works on the swinging of your arm and the rest will be done by the blade. 

  1. Nisaku 7.5” extra-length grass and weeding sickle

This sickle is appropriate to cut grasses, weeds, and branches, and bordering or edging the lawns. It has a hardwood two-foot handle and can reach a distance for convenient cutting. It can also be used to get rid of ivy, blackberries, and hard grass. 

  1. Bully tools grass whip

The best things about bully tools grass whip are that you can easily sharpen the blade, and reuse it till you want. The polished hardwood handle is 23.5 inches and the shape of the blade is ideal for cutting the grass. Made of stainless steel and durable. 

Grass Whip user’s guide

Most grass whips work by holding them and swinging them back and forth with the blade touching the grass. These grass whips are not automated and will work with manual effort. You can maintain your grass whips for a long time by keeping them away from rust by painting or adding an oil layer on the tool. You need to sharpen the tool as well after the cutting season. Other than this, protect your feet from any casualty by wearing boots and putting gloves on your hands to keep them safe as well. 

Grass whip buyer’s guide

While buying grass whip many of us get confused about which one to buy. Here is a little guidance that will help you see if you are buying the right grass whip or not. 


The hardwood handles provide a good grip and are a lot easier to use than others. The other handles need a lot of nuts that can get free after some use and tear.

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Look for only serrated blades that are super sharp to make a smooth, clean-cut. Blades should be made of steel or stainless steel.


Check the shaft is properly fitted and tightened with the blade. It should be touching the blade and has less gap. 


Before buying a grass-whipping tool, make sure that the junction of the blade and shaft is tight enough. As with the use, they get loosened up and might detach. 


Weight is another important thing you need to consider while buying a grass whip tool. The appropriate weight of a grass whip should be two pounds or less than that. The tool should be easy to handle and use. 

Maintenance of A Grass Whip:

You need to maintain the tools used for a Grass whip so that they do perform their best. Here are some basic precautions and ways to maintain the grass whip:

  • After using the grass you need to clean it thoroughly by washing and drying it and then Store it in a safe place. 
  • you need to protect the tools from moisture. 
  • Exposure to moisture and air will form rust in the tools and you need to apply oil so that you can prevent it from the rest formation. oiling will put the blade in good condition. 
  • You can also sharpen The Blade with a filler or grinder. Sharpening of The Blade all depends upon the use of the tool. 
  • In case the handle grip is wearing off you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Ways for sharpening a grass whip:

If you sharpen the garden tool it will help the tool to be effective when they are used. 

You need to shop the grass blade periodically which will help to maintain the work. In case you are not able to cut tall weeds or grass then it gives you a high indication of the sharpening done to the Blades of the tool. You can easily shop the grass whip using the Dremel tool or file. For sharpening you need to remove the head of the tool from the handle so that you can shop the Blades of the tool.

Reasons to use a grass whip:

The following are some reasons to use a grass whip:

  • Using a grass whip is quite an easy and family-friendly approach once you know how to use it.
  • Using grass whip is perfect for hikes.
  • The maintenance of the grass whip and tool is easy.


We hope by now you have decided what grass whip you would buy. Though our favorite is brushing cutlass, trying another that suits your budget is not a bad idea at all. You can still look for many options other than these whatever suits your pocket. Don’t forget to read the section that has details on what you should look for in a grass-whipping tool while buying one. We are happy to help! 


Are manual grass cutters good?

Manual grass cutters are great garden tools for manually chopping and tearing grass. There are many manual grass cutters like power rotary mowers and reel mowers that easily cut the grass like scissors. 

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