8 Best Blue Houseplants to Grow (With Pictures)

In this article, we will be discussing, some of the Best Blue Houseplants to Grow. Have you ever seen the beauty of blue houseplants? They look awesome in your yard as they add elegance to your home garden. Blue house plants come in various varieties that can be planted in your home garden. By growing some blue houseplants, you can keep your garden improved and even its leaves and stems look gorgeous in your home garden. But do you know about those houseplants? 

Quick takeaways:

  • Various blue houseplants can be grown in your home garden.
  • Some of those houseplants are Mini Angel’s Trumpet, Orchid, blue hosta plant, creeping blue sedum, rosemary, Bengal clock vine, Homalomena, Calathea Zebra Plants, and even many more.
  • They will be adored by everyone in your garden. They will have blue-colored flowers with amazing leaves on them. 

Even it is seen that these plants look great in the wintertime as it adds elegance to your location and brightens up the area. So, what are you waiting for? Go, plant the blue-colored plants in your home garden. Let’s begin this guide to know more about the best blue houseplants to grow at home. 

8 Best Blue Houseplants to Grow (With Pictures)

8 Best Blue Houseplants to Grow 

Below is the list of blue houseplants to grow at home: 

1. Belosynapsis Ciliata

One of the best varieties is the Belosynapsis Ciliata which looks great in your home garden. This houseplant will give you a tiny blue blossom that will cherish your mood. Usually, the plant has beautiful and glossy leaves. This plant will grow great in most locations. 

Like other houseplants, they too need to grow in a well-draining pot or container. Make sure you are taking care of this plant and not overwatering it. Place this plant in an area where they receive partial shade and humidity. 

2. The Creeping Blue Sedum 

Another blue houseplant is the creeping blue sedum which is the farmer’s favorite choice. They are known by their scientific name Sedum sieboldii. If you want to do decorations with the help of this flower, then you can surely go for this. 

They tend to grow great, attaining a height of 12 inches. They are one of the best indoor plants that have elegant blue leaves.

In its leaves, it has a pink line at the outer edges which looks good. They tend to grow in well-drained soil and especially under full sun conditions. 

“Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.” 

By Wangari Maathai

3. Cornflowers

Have you ever grown this species named cornflowers? They are known as the national flower of Poland. What else do you need? They will fit best in your home garden.

They tend to attract the attention of the bees and also the butterflies on them. 

They look gorgeous when planted with other houseplants. You can plant these cornflowers in sunny locations so that they thrive well. They will fill your inner area generously. 

4. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a variety that develops its blog again and again. They will suit best in the wintertime or the cold areas. You need to keep the soil for this plant acidic so that they grow at its best. 

They can attain a height of 3-4 feet long and will need sunlight for their growth. They can even grow in the full sun and also in the partial sun. They are the shrubs that are in zones 5-9. 

5. The blue glow agave 

Agave tequilana is a scientific name for the blue glow agave plant. They are a nation of Mexico and grow well in your home garden. You will observe its great bluish-green leaves that look great in your garden. 

Being an evergreen plant, it will show effects in your garden area. It will add a graceful look with its natural beauty.  They can attain a height of 2 feet long naturally.

You need to put them in the full sun. They tend to grow in sandy soil which needs to be drained. They need watering several times a week. 

6. Butterfly Pea

Butterfly pea is another variety that makes your garden look attractive. They will bloom from springtime till fall. They are scientifically known as Clitoria ternatea. 

They tend to grow in the full sun and can bear partial shade. They will produce about 1-2 inches of blue blooms. They prefer to grow in areas where they receive warm climatic conditions.

They will require a good moisture level for their growth. Make sure you are overwatering the plant as it can develop root rot in the plant.  

7. The blue hosta 

Another variety that can be grown by you is the blue hosta as they’re one of the famous species in blue houseplants. Reign a perennial plant, they tend to grow inside the house and give you beautiful blue flowers. 

They look natural in their way and add a great look to your home garden. The leaves of the blue hosta are broad in shape and are blue colored which looks amazing. You can see the hostas for decorating your indoor house. 

8. The Delphinium 

Last but not the least, The flowers of Delphinium are a fantastic technique to offer height to both floral displays and a lawn as these blooms are recognized for being tall. 

Generally, they want a wall to link to flourish, in addition to well-drained soil. They require an adequate amount of sunshine and shadow to bloom continually, and they do best in milder climates; they cannot grow in moist conditions.

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that various blue houseplants can be grown in your home garden. Some of those houseplants are Mini Angel’s Trumpet, Orchid, blue hosta plant, creeping blue sedum, rosemary, Bengal clock vine, and even many more. They will be adored by everyone in your garden. 

They will have blue-colored flowers with amazing leaves on them. Even it is seen that these plants look great in the wintertime as it adds elegance to your location and brightens up the area. Read the whole guide for its proper understanding. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


1. What kind of plant has silver-blue flowers?

Various plants have silver-blue flowers and one of them is Echinocactus glaucescens as it has beautiful silver-blue stems that look great in your home garden. Make sure you are taking care of your plant.

2. What are the best blue succulents to grow?

The best blue succulent that you can grow is the creeping blue sedum, blue hosta, blue-green chalky, and others. There are numerous that you can see above in his guide. Maintain your blue succulent so that you get the best results from them. 

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