7+ Ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light Shields 

People often do gardening as a passive activity while some are passionate about it. Gardening is a hobby that not only soothes the mind but also helps understand and connect with mother nature. Do you know about the Ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light Shields? The most common form of gardening is done under the sky, i.e., it is entirely outdoors. This includes shrubs, herbs, crawlers, vines, and even large trees. However, people who have an interest in gardening but don’t own large spaces, prefer small-scale or indoor gardening.

One of the most effective and finest ways to pursue your interest in gardening while not having a garden space is by building an Aerogarden. But what is an Aerogarden? Nothing as difficult as aerodynamics! The Aerogarden is a water-based garden device that is small enough to be kept indoors in almost any little space! It is a hydroponic structure that is not so difficult to install. Hydroponic means a system that runs using water to grow plants without soil. 

In this article, we will be discussing some useful ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light shields. Aerogarden is a hydroponic structure that is not so difficult to install. Hydroponic means a system that runs using water to grow plants without soil. So let’s know more about Aerogarden Covers and Light Shields.

7+ Ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light shields 

What is an AeroGarden?

It is a gardening system that is used for growing fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. for aero gardening, there are various models. But the Aerogarden is the system that fits in the smallest of spaces for example as a windowsill or on countertops for that you can use the AeroGarden Harvest Slim model and for larger models, you can use the AeroGarden Bounty Basic.

7+ Ideas For Aerogarden Covers And Light Shields

Various ideas can help you with Aerogarden covers and light shields. Some of them are: 

1. You can use the foam boards 

Guys, one of the simplest Ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light shields is to dim the lights on your Aerogarden. For this purpose, you can put foam boards around it.

If you cannot afford it, then you can even go with the tri-fold board’s kids that are used for various projects. So, it is good for you if you buy some of them for your Aerogarden. 

2. You can use Car Windshield Sunshades

The way people use silver shades in the car so that the sunlight doesn’t come in and make your car hot, the same way can be applied to your Aerogarden. It is the other Idea for Aerogarden Covers and Light shields.

It will keep the light away from your garden somehow. And it will work as an Aerogarden light shield. What else do you need? You can go for it. 

3. Make use of Grow Tents

Guys, growing tents is one of the best methods that you can use for protecting your plants from dark bright sunlight. Theta era made for larger indoor gardens.

So, you can use them for your Aerogarden too. You can buy any grow tent either online or from your local market. But yes, they will be of great use. 

4. You can use Aerogarden Cover

Various Aerogarden covers can be used by you and one of them is Cropcloak Aerogarden Cover. It will help you in covering the light that shines too bright onto your Aerogaren.

It will work smoothly and will act as a shaded cover for your garden. So, what are you waiting for? You should go for this as it will help you a lot. 

5. Mylar Emergency Blanket can be an option 

What about an emergency blanket? Do you think it will help you in the long term? Yes, it can help you a lot. You have to pick any emergency blanket and the price will vary from seller to seller.

You can make a tent from this blanket which will not let the plants heat up. It can heat up to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to make sure that you won’t cover the top of the Aerogarden. It is one of the other Ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light shields.

6. What about a 3-D printed Aerogarden grow pod support system?

It is also one of the great ideas for your Aeogarden covers and light shields. There are various herbs like chives, cilantro, etc in your garden that are delicate and need more care as compared to others. They will grow on the sides of the Aerogarden.

And the worst can happen when they grow into each other. But wait wait wait! This 3-D printed support system is there to help you in the long run.

They will let your plants grow upright and they won’t let them tangle again. They will suit you best for your Aeroagrden. 

7. Make use of decorative spacer caps

As you know plants grow in a wider space and need more room for their growth. It depicts that even in your 7-9 pod Aeroagrden system, you will find someplace left.

It will give birth to the algae which will grow in the area and can destroy your vegetation. So, if you use graphic spacers that will help you to prevent the algae. 

What things can you grow in an AeroGarden?

By using  AeroGarden for growing plants you can save a lot of money as it tends to grow many Herbs for your own which are very expensive. The plants that are grown in AeroGarden are tasty and adding them in the male and more flavor as compared to The Herbs that you buy from the market. So growing Herbs in the aeroGarden does benefit you a lot for example the tomatoes and peppers

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • The seed kids that are used in the AeroGarden which I used to grow herbs do not sprout after many weeks of growing them.
  • According to the AeroGarden in case the seeds do not sprout they guarantee you to replace them at no cost.
  • When you complain to the AeroGarden customer they will ask a few questions such as is their unit functioning properly, is the period of time for germination is completed, the type of water you were using for germination, and the temperature you have provided to the seed.
  • You can also chat with them on their website and you will get a convenient answer and response from them after getting the full information they mail out for replacement.
  • The new seed will be at your place within a week then you can start seeding them with the same procedure.
  • The humidity needs to be maintained in the place which also affects the plants.
  • In case you have planted various types of lettuce in your AeroGarden and if you keep them too wet it will lead to rotting. 
  • So the Dome you need to create in a way that it should prevent the leaves from getting moisture when they are touching the plastic.
  • In case the Dome has collected a lot of water you need to remove it. 
  • In a condition where you are growing the plant indoors and the location is dry so you should not remove the Dome. Only take off the Dome after germination. 
  • The insects are attracted to the young plants in Aero gardening. It also depends upon the reason you are leaving. Some have a number of bugs in their location which may get attracted by the plant.
  • There are many bugs who love to eat fresh vegetables and to protect the plant from these insects you need to bring large mesh drawstring bags. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that gardening activity includes various categories like outdoor and indoor, on a large scale or a small scale. The most common form of gardening is done under the sky, i.e, it is entirely outdoors. You should know about some of the Ideas for Aerogarden Covers and Light shields. This includes shrubs, herbs, crawlers, vines, and even large trees. However, people who have an interest in gardening but don’t own large spaces, prefer small-scale or indoor gardening. Read the guide carefully so that you come to know about the best ideas for your Aerogarden covers and light shields. I hope you will find this guide useful.  


1. Does Blocking the Light Hurt Your Plants?

As you are not covering your garden, you are just using a reflective material like tents, mylar-type surfaces, and others which will let you improve the health of your grown plants so that they do not get spoiled by too much sunlight. So, in short, blocking the light is not hurting your plants at all.  

2. Can You Cover Your Aerogarden?

Of course, Aeroagrden can be covered easily as you need to cover your plants so that they do not get spoiled by the airflow and too much bright sunlight. It is easy to cover your Aerogarden. 

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