How to Grow & Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ (2024)

I was really excited to add Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ to my houseplant collection. Before, I used to think it was tough to grow, but when I grew it, I came to know that it is just important to follow some basic requirements that will help the plant to grow healthily.

Do you want to grow them? But don’t know how to start? Then you have reached the right place where you will get all the information to grow them best and beautifully. So let’s not waste more time and start to grow them.

Quick takeaways:

  • The Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ belongs to the Araceae family
  • The plant does have unique thick and leathery leaves having silver ventations. 
  • The foliage of the plant is able to reach upto six feet
  • The leaves of Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ are dark green which gives a gorgeous look to the plant.

Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium:

Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ is a plant that is native to the Americas from Argentina to Mexico and the Caribbean. The name given is in honor of Belgian plant enthusiast M. The plant is also known as queen anthurium.

The following table gives you quick information about Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’:

Scientific NameAnthurium warocqueanum
Common NameQueen Anthurium
LightBright direct sunlight
WateringThree times a week
TemperatureBetween 68-86°F (20-30°C)
Hardiness Zone9-10 zone
Humidity70% or more humidity
Soil TypeWell-draining potting soil 
Soil pH6.6 – 7.5 between acid and neutral
FertilizingWeekly but weakly with liquid fertilizer
RepottingRepot it in spring
PruningPrune anthurium after blooms fade
PropagationStem cuttings
ToxicityToxic when consumed
Mature SizeCan reach six ft tall by maturity
Bloom TimeSpring, summer

How to Grow Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’?

Growing Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ with the help of seeds is less successful but still, if you grow them with the help of seeds you need to follow the tips for maintaining the environment for growing the plant that I have explained in detail below. The other way and easy way to grow Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ is by propagation which includes the following steps such as:

  1. In the case of propagating the plant, you need a stem cutting from a healthy mother plant.
  2. Use a sterilized scissor or knife to cut the stem to make sure there is no infection to the new plant.
  3. Make sure the stem has some healthy nodes and leaves.
  4. After cutting the stem you have many options either dip the tip of the cutting in the soil, place the stem cutting in water, or plant the cutting directly in a prepared potting mix.
  5. You will notice new roots are coming out of the stem cutting in a few weeks.
How to Grow & Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’

How to Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’?

To avoid any mistakes that will ruin all your effects for growing the plant you need to know how to care for the plant. The following are some basic requirements for caring for and growing Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’.

  • Light 
  • Temperature
  • Watering 
  • Soil 
  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning
  • Potting and repotting
  • Humidity


  • The light requirements of growing Anthurium warocqueanum range from medium to bright
  • Avoid exposure to too much light that will scorch the leaves of foliage plants. 
  • The perfect light requirement is measured from 10,000–20,000 lux.
  • In case you have planted them outdoors you should place the pot in a partially shaded spot so the plant does not suffer from long-term damage.
How to Grow & Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’


  • The ideal temperature for growing Anthurium warocqueanum in hot and humid conditions according to their native place.
  • The temperature range for growing Anthurium warocqueanum is between 68-86°F (20-30°C) which you can easily get if you plant them indoors.
  • If you planning to place the plant outdoors to need to monitor the temperature as in case of a sudden drop you need to shift the plant indoors.


  • The water requirement by Anthurium warocqueanum is just a small amount of water but you need to water them frequently and consistently.
  • The perfect amount of watering them is 0.8 cups of water every 9 days.
  • During summer and spring, you should water the plant every 3 days.
  • In the case of the winter season, you need to reduce the watering amount frequency to once a week.
How to Grow & Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’


  • The ideal humidity condition for growing the Anthurium warocqueanum plant is high i.e. 70% or higher.
  • The plant does love the larger amount of moist air around the plant as it originated from the rainforests of Colombia.
  • To maintain the higher humidity need to use different techniques like using of pebble tray.
  • Fill the tray with water and place the plant on top of it or you can also buy a small humidifier for maintaining the moist air.


  • For growing Anthurium warocqueanum you need to use soil that is well-draining and well-aerated.
  • The soil used for growing the plant should have a high capacity to retain water.
  • The pH level for growing the plant ranges between 6.6 to 7.5.
  • For maintaining the soil draining you can also add peat moss or sphagnum moss and organic materials which help to improve the structure and drainage.
  • You should sterilize the soil before potting which will help them to prevent soil-borne disease.
How to Grow & Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’


  • For planting Anthurium warocqueanum you need to provide the fertilizer in order to meet all the other needs of the plant that will help in growing them healthy.
  • For planting the plant there are many components present in the fertilizer such as phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. 
  • You can apply the fertilizer once a week as there are many options available like organic or inorganic sources.
  • The ideal amount of mixing fertilizer is about one-quarter strength and remember only use it according to the instructions mentioned on the label.

Potting & repotting:

  • The Anthurium warocqueanum plant grows by taking the tree support but for that, you need to change your wooden slabs which is the same as repotting the plant.
  • For repotting the plant, first, detach the plant from the old pot and then remove the soil. After removing the plant you need to transfer it to the new pot which needs to be big.
  • After that fill the fresh potting mix and water the soil nicely.
  • The requirement of repotting the plant does come after every 2-3 years.
How to Grow & Care for Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’


  • To keep the plant healthy to need to prune the plant.
  • Anthurium warocqueanum pruning does have many benefits like you can control the size of the plant and rejuvenate the growth of the plant.
  • You should start the pruning of the plant from the top to the down.
  • By pruning you are able to remove the old leaves, diseased leaves, and wilted ones also.
  • Remember to use sterile shear that will help in preventing the spreading of disease.
  • You have to trim the plant to keep the healthy growth of Anthurium warocqueanum.

Common problems for Anthurium warocqueanum:

If you dont care for the plant properly you will notice some common problems like the yellowing of leaves, and dropping off that commonly occur due to incorrect way of watering or excess way of watering.

Anthurium warocqueanum indoor plants can get pests like spider mites, scales, and mealybugs that do hide on the underside of the leaves so you need to pay attention to growing the plant by spraying them with water several times a week.


For growing Anthurium Warocqueanum ‘Queen Anthurium’ you need to follow all the important requirements so that they grow healthily and without wasting your time and investment in planting them.

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