How to Grow & Care for Caladium Praetermissum ‘Hilo Beauty’ (2024)

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Are you looking for a plant for your collection with a great appearance? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

Caladium Praetermissum is one of the amazing plants grown by every gardener in their home as it produces fantastic foliage. 

Caladium Praetermissum is known as Hilo Beauty which is in demand. It is native to Brazil. So, without wasting time, let’s get started to know how to grow and care for Caladium Praetermissum ‘Hilo beauty’. 

Quick information
Common name Alocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’
Sunlight Bright, indirect light
Soil usedRich, quick-draining, peaty
Water requirementsWater if the top half of the soil is dry
Plant typeSemi-succulent
Mature size 24-48 inches
Hardiness Zone9-11

About Caladium Praetermissum ‘Hilo Beauty’

Caladium Praetermissum is one of the most liked plants of all gardeners because of its beauty of leaves. 

As its size is big and has patterned leaves it is also known by other name “Elephant Ears”. They tend to produce heart-structured foliage which will be adored by you. 

It comes in different shades of green color and cream which looks so graceful in your home garden. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, it will be a great addition to your collection. 

Growing for Caladium Praetermissum ‘Hilo Beauty’

Growing Caladium Praetermissum is as easy as eating your meal. All you need is to make use of the right ingredients for your meals as well as plants. 

The right time to grow your plant will be springtime or summertime as it will develop a great plant. It can be grown in various ways like root division, via seeds, etc. Let’s throw some light on both segments: 

Via seeds

Step 1- For growing your plant from seeds, you have to buy the organic seeds packet from the market at a reasonable price. 

Step 2- Then, take a container and soak the seeds in it by adding warm water to it. Do not disturb the seeds overnight. 

Step 3- Now, take a pot with well-drained soil and good drainage holes.

Step 4- Put the seeds in the soil and pour the soil on it. 

Step 5- Pat down the soil gently so that it gets mixed with the seeds. 

Step 6- It is important to water your plants more consistently at the beginning as it needs to thrive well. 

Step 7- You have to wait for about 2-3 weeks so that the sprouts come out. 

Step 8– Keep watering your plant and let the soil remain moist for your plants.

Grow & Care for Caladium Praetermissum ‘Hilo Beauty’


Via Root division

Step 1- Choose a sharp knife to cut off the root system of the plant. 

Step 2- Now, cut it into parts so that every part conations a bud. 

Step 3- Then choose a pot or more pots for each part to grow. 

Step 4- Now, it is right to replant them in different containers that are filled with water and well-drained soil. 

Step 5- Keep your containers in an area where they receive plenty of indirect sunlight for their growth.

Caring for Caladium Praetermissum ‘Hilo Beauty’

Caring for your plant is not difficult unless you are connected with them. Caladium Praetermissum prefers regular watering, good fertilizers, and indirect sunlight for its growth. 

Sunlight needs

  • Caladium Praetermissum likes to grow in indirect sunlight which will enhance the growth of the plant.
  • Also, due to insufficient sunlight, its leaves can fall so the range should be 15,000-35,000 lux. 
  • Being the native to tropics, they can bear the full sun but not too intense. 
  • They come under the west-facing plants and like to be away from the rays of sunlight. 
  • If planted indoors, you can make use of a grow light to feed your plants with sunlight. 

Watering needs

  • They like a light watering routine for their growth. Feeding them regularly but a few times a week.
  • They like to be moist and well-drained. 
  • You have to check the moisture of the soil by inserting a finger in the soil about half an inch and if it feels dry, then you have to water the plants.
  • In winter, water them less than in summer.

Humidity and temperature needs

  • These plants tend to thrive in a humidity level of 50-80 %.
  • If you will not provide them with this level, then they can begin to turn their leaves brown. So, mist off the plants regularly.
  • Caladium Praetermissum likes to be in warm environments. So, the best range for them lies between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If it goes below 60 degrees Fahrenheit then they can be ruined so stop doing it.

Soil needs

  • The best pH level for these plants lies between 5.5-6.5 which is slightly acidic. 
  • Soil that is rich and soil that holds moisture will be best for them. Also, it should drain more water from the plant. 
  • Using a mixture of perlite, and peat moss oil also makes a good choice for your plant as it will balance the soil mix. 

Fertilizer needs

  • Fertilizer is needed by every plant to thrive well and grow at a faster pace than before.
  • Ar the beginning, use a slow-release fertilizer for yur plants. 
  • Add water soulible balance fetilier with a ratio of 1-1-1 N-P-K.
  • Dilute the mixture in its half and apply the fertilizer in the time of summer.
  • After every few weeks, fertilize your plants, but make sure not to fertilize in winter. 

Potting and Repotting 

  • When it comes to repotting your plant, it means changing the location of a plant from one container to another container. 
  • Choosing a pot with a good amount of drainage holes will be more prominent.
  • Choose a pot bigger than the previous one about 1-2 inches wide so that the roots remain comfortable in the new pot. 

Pruning needs

  • Last but not least, another need of the plant is to be pruned off so that it can gain a good shape.
  • Make sure to remove all the yellow-colored leaves from the plant otherwise, it damages the whole plant with time.
  • Prune off the plants with the help of sterilized scissors. 
  • For more growth of your plant, cut off the center bud from where it emerges from the tuber. It will help in developing more stems in the plant. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this guide, you come to know about the Caladium Praetermissum is one of the amazing plants grown by every gardener in their home as it produces fantastic foliage. Caladium Praetermissum is known as Hilo Beauty which is in demand. 

So, grow your plant happily and nourish it with more and more nutrients for its growth. I hope the process of growing is clear to you all. For any queries, read out it again. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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Anna Scott loves gardening and has been doing it for a long time. She wants to help new gardeners learn from her experience. Through her writing, she shares tips and advice on how to make gardens beautiful. Anna hopes her words will inspire new gardeners to succeed.

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