5+ Working ways to get rid of Spider Mites on Basil (& Prevent Them)

I was facing a serious problem with my basil plant and it was “spider mites”. Yes, you heard it right. It wasn’t just one or two spider mites; there were many, making my basil plant look unhealthy. To get rid of spider mites, I tried various methods, and guess what? I succeeded, resulting in my basil plants thriving.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve outlined crucial methods to rescue your basil plants. Just stay connected to get help in getting rid of the plant and make it look best. Moreover, if you encounter any other issues, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Quick takeaways:

  • Basil is a great herb that is grown in every farmer’s yard.
  • Sometimes you will see that the basil leaves have some yellow spots or black spots.
  • They show that your planta has been infected. Spider mites tend to feed off of your plant and suck them which makes them weaken.
  • You can easily get rid of them by using neem oil spray, insecticidal spray, garlic spray, and many more explained below.

What Are Spider Mites?

Spider mites are minor bugs that come in reddish-orange color and tend to destroy the vegetation of your garden area. They can come to your garden in the summertime and spoil the plants by feeding on them.

It becomes difficult to get rid of them but you need to keep them away from your plants. Otherwise, they can spoil your plants, especially basil. They even tend to grow nests on the plants as they make the leaves infected and the leaves will turn brown after that. At the extreme level, they will die. 

5+ Working ways to get rid of Spider Mites on Basil (& Prevent Them)

5+ Working Ways To Get Rid Of Spider Mites On Basil 

Guys, it becomes necessary for you to know some of the ways out that will help you get rid of the spider mites. Basil is a favorite herb of gardeners that they grow with their efforts and hard work. But basil suffers from the infected leaves which get diseased by the spider mites. So read the below points so that you get rid of the spider mites in basil: 

1. Make Use of a hose for spraying the plants 

It is one of the best solutions that will help you to get rid of the spider mites on your basils just like you come to know how to get rid of ants from tomatillo plants. It will help you to remove the underside insects on the leaves.

They will be removed if you use a hose. Even this method can be applied to your houseplants. Wash the leaves fully so no spider mites remain on the basil. 

2. Make use of a Neem Oil Spray

Neem oil spray is one of the best options that every farmer opts for as it is an organic method that helps you get rid of the spider mites on the basil.

It will coat the spider mites in a layer that will kill them at a faster pace. It is so because this oil contains chemical compounds that weaken the spider mites and their hormonal system which makes them dead.  

3. What about Hot Pepper Spray? 

Hot pepper is a spicy herb that can make the taste of the dishes savory and spicy. So, if you use it as a spray to keep the meat away from your garden, then it is not a bad idea. You can go for it.

You just need to spray it around the leaves and even under the side of the leaves which will make them die. You can take about 80-90 gms of red peppers and mix them in a single gallon of water and spray them on the spider mites. 

4. You can even use a Soap Spray

Have you ever made a soap solution? If not, then you are going wrong as it is a proven method to get rid of insects. It can be made easily and does not even need much money. What else do you need?

Choosing this option would be great for you. You can use the right soaps and apply them on alternate days so that you get rid of those spider mites

5. Garlic Spray can be a great choice 

Last but not least another method that can be used to get rid of the spider mites is to use a garlic spray. It produces a foul smell and if you use it properly, then you will see the results soon.

It can keep the spider mites away from your garden. You just have to spray it on the leaves of the plants. 

How to prevent spider mites? 

It is said that prevention is better than cure. But as human beings, we always do opposite things. But as you have grown vegetation in your garden with a lot of effort, then it is your responsibility to look after your plants and also at the things they are suffering from. You can prevent the spider mites in the following ways: 

1. You should Control the weeds in the Garden

Weeds are one of the courses for gardeners. Weeds provide a house for many insects, pests, and spider mites to your plants.

So, it would be best if you control the weeds in your garden so that you prevent spider mites in your garden area. 

2. Keep a Check on Your Leaves and Fruit frequently 

It is better if you keep a check on your plants regularly. What happens if you found the mites lately if you don’t watch your plant regularly?

So, make sure you check your plants regularly so that when the spider mites start appearing on the leaves, then only you remove them.  

3. Make sure that you remove Invaded Plants after harvest

In the growing season, you will see that spider mites are infested, so you need to get rid of them.

You can either burn them or opt for any way which will make them die. Do not harm your plants. 

4. It is better to Maintain moisture and humidity

You need to put the pots in some platter of water so that it retains moisture. If you place them in moist conditions, then the spider mites won’t attack your plant in any way.  

Concluding lines

In this article, you come to know that Spider mites tend to feed off of your plant and suck them which makes them weaken. Guys, you need to stop it as it is a wrong thing that is happening all around you. So, here comes the importance of the methods that will help you to save your basil plants. So, read the whole guide carefully so that you get rid of the harmful spider mites on your basil plants.  


1. Can essential oils kill Spider mites?

Yes, essential oils are helpful when it comes to killing spider mites. They have a great impact on them and they tend to die. 

2. How do I get rid of mites on houseplants?

You can use any of the natural remedies that could help you to get rid of the mites on houseplants. You can make use of hot pepper spray which will kill the plants. Even garlic spray can be used. 

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