Why is my Cactus turning white? (Causes & Treatments)

Cactus is one of the succulents that are native to South and North America. They can be grown easily in your home garden and add an elegant look to your home garden. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on the variety. They will give you blossoms at the time of spring. These are hardening plants that can be killed by anyone. Why is my Cactus turning white?

Key takeaways:

  • cactus come in various sizes and shapes depending on the variety like Cereus Peruvianus, Fishbone Cactus, Dancing Bones Cactus, etc. They will give you blossoms at the time of spring.
  • You need to find out first why your cactus is turning white. This can be done by checking the water supply of the plant, the sunlight absorbed by the plant, and even the fertilization of the plant.
  • When you do these things in excess, then the cactus begins to turn it’s color white which shows a wrong sign of the plant. 

Sometimes, gardeners face that the cactus is turning its color white, do you know why it happens? It is a cause of concern for you as your efforts are going in vain. No worries! We are here with a guide that will let you know about the causes behind the white cactus and even the ways that can help you in treating the cactus plants.  

Why is my Cactus turning white? (Causes & Treatments)

Why Is My Cactus Turning White?

Cactus are succulents that are hard to kill. But these plants can be affected by some reasons. So, you need to know about its causes first. Some of the causes of the white-colored cactus are as follows: 

  • Sunburn 
  • Root rot 
  • Fungal infections
  • Pests 
  • Overwatering and underwatering 

1. Sunburn

One of the main causes of the white turning of cacti is because of sunburn. Though cacti love to grow under the sunlight it also leads them to sunburn. 

If you have paced the cactus plant in the shade and one side is under the sunlight, then it will get sunburned which harms the growth of the plant and the plant start turning brown.

Excess sunlight will cause burns in the plant and you will observe a white cactus developing in your home garden.

2. Root rot

Another cause behind the turning of white cacti is root rot in the cactus plant. You need to observe the brown spots on the cactus, it will make sure that the plant is suffering from root rot. 

Salt will begin to develop in the plants which will also invite the bacteria to come up and the plant will not be able to soak in the water which will make them dry and the chances of rotting become more in this case.

3. Fungal infections

Another cause is fungal infections in plants. The fungus problem is one of the diseases that the plants do not like as it stunts the growth of the plant. It will be noticeable on the spores from where the wind blows. 

It can even take place because of the overwatering of the plant and humidity issues in the plant. You need to fix this issue unless the roots get managed by fungal infections.

4. Pests play a major role

Pests are one of the common reasons that tend to spoil your vegetation like cacti. Pests like mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, ants, etc. have the potential to eat your plant and spoil it by sucking its fluid to gain nutrients. 

Ants attack on its waxy component named honeydew which is excreted by them. So, you have to watch if any pests are roaming around your cactus plants or not. 

5. Overwatering and underwatering

Last but not least, an improper water schedule also disturbs the plant. Watering your cactus plants more often makes them weak as the plants do not like to be overwatered and even not underwatered. You need to keep checking if your plant needs water or not. 

The plant will become thin and wilted because of the excess water supply. Underwater cactus plants will even make the plant pale and drop the plant which is not good for the cactus. So, you need to fix it. 

Things to keep in mind  
1. You have to provide indirect sunlight to your plants. 
2. Make sure you fertilize your plants about once a year.
3. Water them 2-3 times a month.
4. Make sure you’re Repotting your plants after one year.
5. Provide them with an area of humidity of around 40% to 60%. 

How can you treat your white cactus? 

Following are the treatments for fixing your white cactus: 

1. Treat the fungal issue

The first thing that you have to do is to treat your fungal issues properly. You have to do this by pruning the affected areas. After that, you have to make use of a fungicide

You have to spray your plants daily so that the cactus remains hydrated and does not catch fungus anymore. Even make sure to place them in a location where they receive natural sunlight

2. Treat the sunburn issues 

The other thing that will help in tearing your cactus is to not expose your plants to the sunlight more as it will prevent sunburn. It just needs your efforts and care. 

Try to move your plant towards a shaded area so that it thieves well without any issues. It will even not keep your plant suffering from water issues. 

3. Place your cactus inside the house

When you observe that the cactus is turning white, then comes the time to move your plant inside the house so that it retains its natural color. Place them in a warmer location so that they get some heat. 

The temperature outside develops frost damage in the plants which tends to be recovered so that the plant gets treated.

It is advised to remove the affected parts too with the help of any sterilized knife. Make sure your plant is not getting a too cold temperature. 

4. Keep the pests away from your plant

For removing pests from your plant, you need to take some steps such as you can take cotton and rubbing alcohol on it and apply it to the cactus so that the pests get killed.

Another thing can be done by using a mixture of neem oil. It will treat the white cactus plant. 

5. Water the cactus on time

Last but not least, it is recommended to water your plants on time. They do not need to be watered regularly but you can water them when the soil becomes dry. 

In the summertime, you have to water them two to three times a month. It will keep the plant hydrated and will remain healthy. Make sure you are making drainage holes in the pot so that the plant does not become overwatered. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that the Cactus is one of the succulents that are native to South and north America. They can be grown easily in your home garden and add an elegant look to your home garden. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on the variety. They will give you blossoms at the time of spring. These are hardening plants that can be killed by anyone. Read the whole guide to understand the causes and treatments of the white cactus properly.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


What happens to the cactus when it freezes?

The cactus plane tends to freeze because of the damage to the plant. When the plant gets damaged due to any reason it will show a white color in the plant which shows that the plant is freezing. 

What are these tiny white Bugs on my Cactus?

The tiny white bugs on your cactus depict that the plant is infected by the pests like mealybugs, aphids, etc. that are eating the plant and sucking its fluid. 

Why are my cactus leaves turning white and crispy?

The leaves of your cactus are turning white and crispy because of the less amount of chlorophyll in your plant. The leaves of the plant become crispy due to the undersupply of water. 

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