Why do my ZZ Plant Leaves Turn Yellow? (Reasons and How to Fix them?) 

Why do my ZZ Plant Leaves Turn Yellow? Have you ever faced the spoilage of your plants or their weakening phase? You might have seen the yellow leaves in your plants, haven’t you wondered where they come from? If not, then it is time to know about them as they depict that the plant is not suitable and is getting spoiled by outer factors. In this guide, we are talking about the famous ZZ plant that needs only less care for its survival. They can easily be neglected and then they develop yellow leaves and even become dull. 

Key takeaways:

  • Folks, yellow leaves are a sign of weakness in the plants as they are getting infected by outside factors.
  • You have to understand the reasons why they are turning yellow. It is a tropical perennial that belongs to eastern Africa.
  • This plant is grown by almost every farmer in their home garden. Even this plant can be used as a decorative piece in your home that will look attractive. 
  • ZZ plants are scientifically known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia have different varieties and this plant can even survive for long in drought. But you have to feed them water so that they grow well but avoid overwatering.
  • Lack of nutrients, water, sunlight, fertilizers, and other factors lead them to turn their leaves yellow just like hydrangea.
  • Yes, it is true. So, let us begin this guide so that you come to know how you can fix the issues of yellowing leaves.

Do you know the reasons behind it?

No worries as we are here! The reasons and the ways that can be used to fix the issue will be discussed in this guide. So keep connected. 

Why do my ZZ Plant Leaves Turn Yellow?

It is important to maintain your plants properly so that they give you the desired results. One of the best plants is ZZ plants, they can fade with time if you don’t take care of them. As you know when the plant matures, it tends to have yellow leaves due to various issues that will be discussed in this guide. 

You should know that it is not a big concern but it can be one if you won’t take the precautions on time. If the leaves of the ZZ plant are turning yellow then what can you do about it? Firstly you have to know the reasons behind it. So, let us move forward to understand its reasons for tuning yellow: 

Overwatering your ZZ plants

One of the best reasons is that you overwater your ZZ plants. The roots of the plant get waterlogged which won’t let them take oxygen. It will turn them into brown and black color, it depicts that the plant is becoming weak and spoiled. 

Underwatering your ZZ plants 

What about not providing sufficient water to your plants? When you don’t have time for your grown plants, then plants start to fade with time as they are not receiving the inputs. Yellow leaves are caused due to the underwater of the ZZ plants. Even the leaves will begin to droop if the plants feel a lack of water for a long time. 

Not Adequate Sunlight

Sunlight is the main source needed by the plants to grow at their best and the same is needed by the ZZ plants. But what if you don’t provide them sufficient sunlight as ended by them? Then, the plants will begin to spoil. When you are providing them with low lighting, then they will start their leaves yellow which is not at all a good sign. You need to feed them with sufficient sunlight. Indoor plants suffer a lot in this matter.  

Unsuitable fertilizing system

Fertilizer provides a great source of nutrients but when the plants do not get those nutrients, then they tend to turn their leaves yellow. You have to take soluble fertilizer for your ZZ plants as they will grow in this. But the imbalance in the nutrients causes the yellow leaves. Over-fertilizing of ZZ plants will also cause a deficiency in the plants. 

Pests are a great problem 

As you know pests are one of the causes of yellow leaves of any plant. They have the potential to spoil the plants by feeding them regularly. They tend to suck the sap from the plants and gain its nutrients. The leaves become weak and unhealthy because of this. Yes, it is true. You have to check on the pest that roams around your plants. Some of those pests are aphids, bugs, mealybugs, and many more that spoil your vegetation. 

How to fix the ZZ Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?

It is always better to take precautions so that you prevent diseases. So as you know the reasons, it will be good if you know the ways to fix the yellow leaves too. They are as follows: 

  • First, you have to provide adequate sunlight to your ZZ plants so that they grow well. If they are not getting sunlight where you have placed them, then it is time to change their location so that they receive the indirect sunlight to thrive well. 
  • Make sure you are overwatering your ZZ plants and also not overwatering the ZZ plants. Set a proper schedule for watering your ZZ plants. Water them when the soil feels dry. 
  • Watering once or twice a week is enough depending on the climate region. During winters, watering once a week is enough.
  • You have to fertilize your ZZ plants so that they gain nutrients from them. Feed them with liquid fertilizer once a month. 
  • Do not over-fertilize your plant instead use a slow-release fertilizer that can help you in preventing the yellow leaves. 
  • Make sure you use filtered water for watering your plants so that it doesn’t cause any problems related to chlorine or other minerals. 
  • You can even make use of neem oil for getting rid of the yellow leaves. 
  • You can use a way by rubbing alcohol on the cotton ball and wiping the yellow leaves with it as it prevents yellow leaves.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the pets if they roam around your plants to suck their fluid and gain all the nutrients. You can remove the pests by using motion-activated sprinklers. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that It is important to maintain your plants properly so that they give you the desired results. One of the best plants is ZZ plants, they can fade with time if you don’t take care of them. As you know when the plant matures, it tends to have yellow leaves due to various issues that have been discussed in this guide. You should know that it is not a big concern but it can be one if you won’t take the precautions on time. Read the guide carefully to know more about them.  


Why is my ZZ plant not growing?

The ZZ plant is not growing as you are not meeting their needs properly. They are not getting succulent water and conditions needed them. The plant will not grow if it is not receiving the basic needs.

Why are my houseplant leaves turning yellow?

Your Houseplant leaves are turning yellow as they do not have nutrients that can help the plant to grow. Oversunlight can harm the plants which will make the houseplant leaves yellow.

Why are the leaves on my ZZ plant turning brown?

The leaves of the ZZ plant turn brown as the plant is getting over sunlight, which will give birth to brown patches on the leaves as it causes sunburn.

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