Why Are Spider Plant Leaves Turning Brown? – Causes and Fixes

Why Are Spider Plant Leaves Turning Brown? As you know gardening is an ongoing trend and people love to do it either at a basic level or on a professional level. Yes, it is true. Do you want to know more about the plants that can be grown in your yard? Then, stay connected with these guides as in this article, you will come to know about the spider plants.

Quick takeaways:

  • The most beautiful and most grown houseplant is the spider plant that is easy to care for.
  • They can be grown in your area easily.
  • Spider plants are one of the plants that are mostly grown inside the house and add so much value to your area. 
Why Are Spider Plant Leaves Turning Brown? - Causes and Fixes

If you are facing issues like rotted roots, brown leaf tips, or yellowing of the leaves then guys you are at the right place as we are here to help you. These houseplants tend to lose the color of their leaves due to various factors that affect their growth and the whole plant. Do you know about them? If yes, then you are edging great but if not, then you need to think about it otherwise your plant will be spoiled. 

Sometimes the gardeners face the issue of browning leaves, so let us know about some of its causes and also the ways that can help you in fixing the spider plant leaves turning brown. For its proper understanding, you need to stay connected with this guide. Let us move forward. 

What is a spider plant?

Spider plant is one of the famous houseplants that is grown by almost every farmer as it is an adaptable plant. They tend to grow in the areas where they get warm and even cool temperatures. It is a flowering plant like the ZZ plant which adds elegance to your yard. 

It is also known for its feature that provides you the opportunity to have an air purifying system. What else do you need? Go for this plant and if it is already grown, then you need to take care of it so that it doesn’t catch any problems like root rot, brown or leaves, and others. They are proven to make a tardive look in the house. 

Why Are Spider Plant Leaves Turning Brown? 

Are you worried about the brown turning of your spider plant leaves? If yes, then let me tell you that there is no need to worry about this. All you have to do is to read down the below causes:  

Excessive supply of water 

The foremost cause that makes spider plant leaves brown is the supply of more and more water or overwatering to your plants which is not good for them. All plants are not the same and the same goes for their needs to grow. It is tricky to water your spider plants. Though they like to be in the dry soil but with a touch of the moist soil in it until they receive the water. But when you give them water in excess, then the soil becomes soggy which doesn’t suit the plant and it turns its leaves brown. 

Oversupply of sunlight 

Are you exposing your plant more to sunlight? If yes, then you are going wrong. Spider plants do not like to be in direct sunlight as it makes the soil fully dry which leaves no moisture in that. The lack of moisture will result in the brown leaf tips of the spider plants which is not at all a good sign. 

Too much salt builds up

The plant becomes toxic and tends to spoil its roots when they are fertilized regularly which is not good for the plants. It is because the salt builds up with the help of fertilizers. Excess of salt will make the tips of the spider plants brown. 

Pests play an important role

Pesta has the potential to destroy the plant no matter what. They tend to suck the juice or fluid from the plant for their survival and destroy the whole plant. Petes like spider mites, mealybugs, and even aphids are attracted towards the spider plant and make the plant weak. Ti will slowly turn its beautiful leaves into a brown color which is not good for the plant. 

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Inadequate humidity conditions

Spider plants tend to grow in a humidity level of about 40 to 60% but if it goes lower than that, then the plant begins to turn its leaf tips brown and then the whole leaf. It shows that the plant is getting spoiled. You need to cure this anyhow either by using any humidifier or humidity tray for your plants. 

Overfertilization is a big cause 

Fertilizer is like a fuel that works with the plant. But as you know, excess of everything is bad for all. So, when you provide fertilizer to your spider plants in excessive amounts, it makes the plant weak and turns its leaves brown. So, it is very important for you to look after this issue so that you could stop your plant from getting spoiled. 

Improper supply of water

Is your plant getting as much as water needed by it for its proper growth and maintenance? If yes, then good, but what if not? Then the plant will begin to become dehydrated and turn its leaves brown. It will depict the less supply of nutrients like water to the plants for their survival. There will be no moisture left in the plant which won’t allow the plant to grow. 

How to fix the spider plant leaves turning brown? 

As you know the causes of the spider plant leaves turning brown, now is the time to know about the ways that can help you in fixing those affected areas. Let us begin with the help of the following points: 

Remove the affected areas

The first thing that you need to do is to cut back the tips of leaves that are overwatered. By cutting the affected area you are letting your plant live free as it won’t affect other plants too. Try to use well-drained soil for your plant so that you need not to provide them more water and don’t turn the leaves brown. 

Make less use of fertilizer

By using the fertilizer in a low quantity, you will allow your plant to grow well without any disease. Either stop applying it or use it in a minimum quantity. It will for sure fix the issues of brown leaves of the spider plants. 

Check the Moisture of the soil

What are you waiting for? Have you checked the level of moisture in the soil? If not, then go for it as it will help you to check whether the plant needs water or not. You can do so by inserting the finger into the soil and if it feels dry, then it is time to water the plant. Add drainage holes to your spider plants so that the plants grow well. 

Try to keep the plant in the shade

Though sunlight is required by your plant and the same goes with the shade. When the plant gets sunburned by the excessive sunlight, then comes the right time to place them under the shade so that it recovers itself.  

Improve the level of humidity  

Last but not the least, you have to maintain the level of humidity in the room where you have planted your spider plant. It can be doesnt with the help of a humidifier and even a humidity tray. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this guide, you come to know that spider plants are one of the plants that mostly grow inside the house and add so much value to your area. These houseplants tend to lose the color of their leaves due to various factors that affect their growth and the whole plant. The beautiful and most grown houseplant is the spider plants that are easy to care for. They can be grown in your area easily. Read the whole guide so that you know about its causes and even the fixes that will help you. 


Why are my houseplants turning brown?

Your houseplants are turning brown because they are suffering from one problem or the other. It can be the imrp[eorp supply of sunlight or excess supply of sunlight, wrong quality of water, overt warning of your plant, nutrient deficiency, and many more that makes the leaves of the houseplants brown.  

Why is my Spider Plant pale and Limp?

Your spider plant is pale and limp as it is receiving sunlight in excess which makes its foliage pale. It provides black spots to it which is bad for your plants. Even you will observe its crispy leaf edges.  

Why are the tips of my Spider Plant Brown?

The tips of your spider plant are brown due to factors like overwatering, sunburn, undersupply of water, overfertilization, etc. 

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