Reasons for White fungus balls in soil growing in potting soil

One day, while I was walking in the garden, I found a white powdery substance with tiny roots on it. What is that? I know about powdery mildew, but this seems different. Is it bad for my garden vegetables?

Someone told me it’s a fungus, but the main question is, how will I find sources to get rid of this substance?

Just chill! If you are having the same questions and problems, getting hyper will not find any solution. I somehow managed to get rid of it with some experiments. Don’t worry, I will help save your plants.

Here, I have explained step-by-step ways to get rid of white fungus balls in the soil and the causes of fungus in the soil so that you can prevent the situation in the future. So let’s get started.

What Causes Fungus in Soil?

Talking about the fungus is a eukaryotic organism that is used to live on organic matter and results in the formation of spores. The Kingdom includes the fungus, mushrooms yeast mildew, rust, and molds.  they are used to growing in many conditions but they thrive in warm moist and dark environments.

They are used to living on organic material that is mostly found in places where there is a high amount of dead Leaves food waste manual debris and other composing items. The growth of fungi can be any time in the year and anywhere in the soil. 

They are mostly present during the period of high humidity such as late summer and early autumn seasons. The type of white fungus balls such as puffball and think hornless to the garden and there are also some activities which benefit the plant for example breaking down of organic matter will help in making more nutrients beneficial to the plant.

The fungus is not poisonous to humans. the growing of puffball does look similar to the deadly death cap mushroom so avoid munching on these fungi unless you are sure it is a mushroom or not.  It is natural not to like the stinkhorns to grow in the garden because of their rotting smell Which is used to encourage curious pups. However, it also causes harm if it gets ingested by small dogs.

If your plant is dealing with fungal infestation it means the plant is having other issues such as over-watering which will prevent the plant roots from getting the oxygen that is needed for their growth and it can also cause the problem of root rot.

Reasons for White fungus balls in soil growing in potting soil

What Are the White Fungus Balls in Soil?

The white fungus ball in the soil is given a term for large colonies of fungi. they are present in various shapes sizes and forms and having them in the soil depends upon the type of fungus that causes them. Some fungus balls are harmful while others are completely benign. but it doesn’t mean to neglect them you must know about what type of fungus you are experiencing in this soil then only you can prevent them from coming back to the soil. There are mainly Three Types of fungal balls present in the soil that I have discussed below:


  • In this case, the ball of fungi in the potting soil has a round mass of Fuzzy matter which means it is a puffball that is formed with colonies of over 20 different types of fungi.
  • The formation does depend upon the type of fungus responsible which can vary in size form and color.
  • Mostly you will find puffballs the size of golf balls.
  • They are a little bit different from the regular shape of the fungus because the puffball consists of stalks or stems in them.
  • According to me, they are not harmful to the plant but in case you find them it means that there is presence of which can become or create problems for the plant to grow.


  • Another type of white fungus ball is the stink horn which is caused by one type of fungal species called Phallaceae.
  • You will find them in fluffy round white balls that look like puffballs when they are immature.
  • This fungus has the strongest and most stinky smell.
  • The stinkhorns have spores on their body which are quite sticky.
  • They’re also not harmful to the plant but you need to get rid of them because of their bad smell and excess of organic content in the soil

Cluster of Eggs:

  • Basically, the white fungus balls present on the plant and in the soil are tiny white eggs of fungi in short they are not actually fungal colonies but immature fungal molds.
  • It does look like an insect egg but if these eggs are open you will find of spore inside it.
  • They are found only when there is the presence of too much mulch quantity such as lawn clippings.

How To Get Rid Of White Fungus Balls In Soil:

To protect your plant from the white fungus balls in the soil you need to get rid of the tiny white balls by performing several methods in which you need to use an organic option or there are some method in which you need to apply fungicide. the following are some ways to get rid of the white fungus balls:

1. Dry Out The Soil:

  •  we all know that fungi are used to grow in warm and moist environments.
  •  so I will suggest you provide the plant with Better drainage so that over-watering does not affect the soil because over-watering does result in fungal infection.
  •  to get rid of the white fungus ball in the soil you need to dry the soil and then remove the ball from the soil.
  •  the most important work you need to do is take care of the plant watering so always provide the plant the water which is enough for them to grow and thrive.
Reasons for White fungus balls in soil growing in potting soil

2. Repotting:

  • In case the soil is contaminated with fungi and bacteria all over the soil.
  •  you need to get rid of them by spending some time and money on repotting the plant which is effective as they will be soil that is fungus-free.
  •  you need to spend the money on the fresh soil that you are going to use and a new pot. 
  • you can also try using a new sterile pot.

3. Remove the Balls Individually:

  •  to remove the ball individually from the soil first, you need to wear rubber gloves and then start picking up the tiny white fluff balls from the soil.
  •  it is a very easy task to pick off the balls that are present on the ground but not every ball is present on the surface and there will be times you need to use a rake to get closer to the ball.
  •  you need to remove the uppermost layer of the soil with all caution.
  •  make sure not to harm the plant roots while completing the task of removing balls from the surface of the soil.
  •  the most important thing is not to throw the ball outside or in the compost Bin You need to properly dispose of the balls to prevent them from spreading in the soil.

4. Apply Fungicide:

  • To apply fungicide is the most effective method to get rid of the white fungus balls in this soil.
  •  there are many gardeners who choose the option of using organic matter as the thing it is safe for the plant to apply them.
  •  according to me, There was not any issue with applying fungicide.
  • You can also use liquid copper fungicide to get rid of the white fungus balls in this soil.
  •  make sure to handle these types of chemicals carefully and always follow all the instructions that are labeled on the packaging of the chemical.
  • To get rid of the balls you can also try using name oil which is a natural fungicide.

Organic Methods For Treating Fungus:

  • If you don’t want to use any chemical product then you can use the natural product such as name oil vinegar or baking soda to get rid of the white fungus balls in the soil.
  • Using the name oil is quite effective as a fungi side and pesticide and can be helpful for treating different plant issues.
  •  using the organic method is helpful for getting rid of the fungus in mulch.
  • You need to use two tablespoons of the name oil and mix it with a gallon of water after which you can apply it to the soil.
  • If you are not satisfied with the mix you can also add some dishwasher soap which will result in a more effective way
  • Try to pour the water mixture on the affected plant soil every week.
  • In the same way, you can use baking soda and soap by mixing them in a gallon of water and then applying them directly to the affected area of the soil.
  • To stop the white fungus balls from coming back into the soil you need to lightly Sprinkle the cinnamon on the soil surface.
  • It does contain a flavor and fragrance that is dried from the cinnamaldehyde acts as a Natural fungicide that prevents the growth of mold.
  • If you are using vinegar first make sure to use it only on acid-loving plants as it can harm or kill the plant due to the presence of high acid content in it.
  • To use the vinegar mix it with a gallon of water and one cup of vinegar so that the plant does not get irritated and you can get rid of the white fungus ball in this soil.
  • To make sure the plant does not get affected by the solution you need to stay away from the leaves and stems of the plant.


Growing white fungus balls in the soil is mostly not a threat to the plant but you need to keep your garden pot and soil free from this microorganism for the hygiene of the plant. Having white fungus balls in this soil of the garden is very poisonous to the pet so make sure to follow all the steps to get rid of these balls. You need to avoid the growing condition of fungi such as in dimlighted warm and moist places where these fungi thrive best. Make sure to two water the plant in a bright hour as it will prevent the excess moisture from sitting around the pot.

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