When and How often does Jade Plant Bloom?

When and How often does Jade Plant Bloom? Have you ever grown jade plants in your home garden? Ain’t they look so beautiful and add great vibes to your home garden? Of course yes. They are one of the houseplants that are famous and most grown by farmers. Do you know if jade plants bloom or not? Various factors help the plant to bloom that will be discussed in the guide. 

Key takeaways:

  • Jade plants are scientifically known as Crassula ovata. They even work as ornamental plants.
  • It is said that jade plant bloom in the time of winter.
  • When the jade plant becomes mature, it blooms once a time in a year and cherishes you with its results if you maintain the growth of the plant.
  • They take about four years to bloom and mature. Yes, it is true. Rest you will come to know in this guide.
  • They are very common plants that will grow effectively.

But do they bloom? It’s a tricky question.

When and How often does Jade Plant Bloom?

This guide will let you know the information regarding the jade plants. One is when the jade plant blooms and how often they bloom. Let’s begin this guide to know about them.

When Do Jade Plants Bloom?

It is true that if a plant doesn’t receive proper care, it will not bloom as per expectations. But if you maintain the plants, then you will know when the plants will bloom. Jade plants tend to bloom in the late wintertime or even in the early springtime

But you need to know that only those plants will bloom who are mature enough. These plants will grow vigorously but they bloom in their own time. You need to provide them with plenty of sunlight so that they bloom fast and constantly. 

When you grow jade plants indoors, then there becomes fewer chances for the plant to bloom as it receives plenty of sunlight for its growth. Even the humid level is high indoors which is not good for the plants. So, the chances of flowering become less in the situation of indoor plants. 

How often does a jade plant bloom?

Jade plants tend to bloom once a year. It needs proper care to thrive well and nourish you with blossoms. But what happens with this plant is that being a succulent this plant will not bloom constantly as it has its flowering routine. 

The jade plants store energy for themselves so that they bloom properly. When this plant gives flowers, it doesn’t give them for long. Even these plants do not need any flowering for reproduction. 

They will not bloom as perennial. This plant is among those plants where the flowers will bloom rarely and irregularly. When these plants get mature, they bloom at the time of early springtime or late wintertime. 

Does a jade plant bloom?

Wild jade plants yield white or pink flowers as they reach maturity. However, because indoor plants receive insufficient sunlight, they rarely bloom. A jade plant needs at least six hours of bright, continuous sunshine each day to bloom.

Jade plant flowers first appear as pink sepal-covered buds. The blossoms emerge in two or three clusters when the sepals have fully opened.

The flowers of the jade plants tend to develop at the end of the stems which looks amazing and even if they are brief. Jade plants don’t begin to bloom until they are fully developed. 

It’s also important to note that jade plants cultivated outside of the USDA hardiness zones for plant zones 10 and 11 are unlikely to bloom because the chilly winters in zones 1 to 9 prevent bud development. 

Is there any way to make the plant bloom?

Yes, of course, some ways can help you in making the jade plant bloom. Do you want to know about them? If yes, then you have to stay connected with this guide. Read the below points carefully:

1. Sunlight plays the main role

Sunlight is needed by every plant so that the plant becomes healthy and blooms. when it does not receive plenty of sunlight needed by them, then it begins to stop its bloom. 

So, for improving the blooming, you have to place the jade plant at a location where they receive about 6 hours of sunlight a day.

It will let them grow healthily and even the plant will bloom amazingly. Even if they can be placed in the shade, they won’t bloom. 

2. Provide them with sufficient temperature 

Temperature plays a vital role in the upbringing of a plant. You can provide them the temperature in the range of 55ºF to 75ºF as it will suit the best of these plants to improve their blooming.

Do not decrease this temperature as it will help you a lot in blooming it. 

3. Place them in a good location 

Being a houseplant, it needs to give flowers but it doesn’t. So, what about shifting them to some other place so that they bloom? 

When the plant matures inside the house, then also you can shift them outdoors so that they improve its blooming system. 

4. Choose a good watering system 

You need to water your plants regularly so that they thrive well. Make sure you give time for the soil to get dry. You can check the moisture of the plant. By inserting a finger in the soil about an inch and if it feels dry, then you can water your plant. 

Water will provide nutrients to your jade plants. In the wintertime, do not water them much or overwater. But do not change your watering schedule as it plays an important role in the blooming of the plant. 

5. Fertilization of jade plants is important

Last but not least, you need to feed your plants gently. There is not any specific fertilizer that helps in the blooming of the plant, you can use any kind of fertilizer for feeding your jade plants. 

But make sure you are using the right amount of fertilizer for your plants that contain less amount of nitrogen so that it makes the plant bloom by focusing on the plant. 

You can make use of any fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus and potassium. It will make the roots of the plant healthy. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Jade plants tend to bloom one time in a year. It needs proper care to thrive well and nourish you with blossoms. But what happens with this plant is that being a succulent this plant will not bloom constantly as it has its flowering routine. 

The jade plants store energy for themselves so that they bloom properly. When this plant gives flowers, it doesn’t give them for long. Even these plants do not need any flowering for reproduction. 


1. Is it hard to get a jade plant to bloom?

No, it is not hard to get a jade plant to bloom. But of course, it needs your effort to make it bloom and even good environmental conditions.  

2. What does a jade plant flower look like?

Jade plants have pretty thick leaves that look glossy. They produce the flower by producing the seed. They are one of the best houseplants and bloom in the color pink and even white. The flowers are star-shaped which adds uniqueness to the garden area.

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