The Best Greenhouse Plastic (With Buyer’s Guide)

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I hope you are doing great in your gardening field. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Greenhouse Plastic (With a Buyer’s Guide). You may have heard about the greenhouse effect.

It is the phenomenon of capturing the sunlight in a particular area to keep the atmosphere warm. If you are a gardener, you may surely know that plants grow faster in warm atmospheric conditions.

So, to make sure the growth of plants is faster and healthier, many gardeners create an artificial setup in which the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect is used.

Key takeaways:

  • The basic reason to use plastic is that sunlight can easily pass away and it protects the plants inside from the elements like greenhouse plastic there is Vivosun grow tent kits.
  • A plastic covering is used in making this setup. Plants that thrive in heat do well in plastic greenhouses.
  • They hold onto the heat from spending so much time in the sun.

Now the question is which one would be the best plastic to use as a greenhouse covering material.

No need to struggle more for this answer. This article is perfect for you. In this, we will discuss the best three greenhouse plastics and also mention some of the key points to remember before buying them. Let’s get started to know more about them.

The Best Greenhouse Plastic (with Buyer’s Guide)

Before buying plastic covers for your greenhouse, you need to know some facts related to the use of plastic covers and their effect on the plants. So, here in this section, a proper guide is made for you so that there should be no confusion before buying the product.

the best greenhouse plastic

Things to consider while selecting greenhouse plastic:

There are different types of plants that require different climatic conditions. Also, the size of the greenhouse, its durability, and many other factors must be taken into consideration before buying plastic covers. So, let us first know about these factors.

Type of material

At first, it is important to choose the right type of material. As you know Plastic has various categories. But there are mainly three types of plastic material or polymers that are used as a greenhouse cover. It is important to choose a good type of material.


Polyethylene, or “poly,” is the material used most frequently for soft-side greenhouses and is found in residential, commercial, and agricultural greenhouses. It is inexpensive and supplied in sizable rolls for greenhouse external frame attachment.

Although solid plastic panels don’t provide as much protection as polyethylene film does, tears and punctures are simple to mend.

Size and Thickness

Polyethylene film is extremely thin, but the thickness of hard plastic panels ranges from a single sheet of 1/16 inch to a multilayered sheet of 1 inch. The typical thickness of polyethylene film used to cover greenhouses is 6 mils.

A 6-mil polyethylene film is only 0.006 of an inch thick since a mil is equal to 0.001 of an inch. Depending on the weather, growers can often use conventional 6-mil plastic film for 2 or 3 years.


There are now single and double-layered plastics to be used in the greenhouse. Double layered plastics for example polyethylene variants are generally more costly than the single one but offer you a bubble wrap feature and have longer durability.

Anti-drip and Anti-dust properties

Anti-drip is also known as condensate control. Several things might decrease your greenhouse’s effectiveness depending on the outside environment.

Condensate droplets may harm the ecosystem of your setup so it is necessary to control them. 


Depending on the kind of greenhouse, applying polyethylene film is usually as simple as draping the plastic over the frame and using thin wood strips (furring strips) to keep it in place. This is a typical method of mounting plastic film on big or small greenhouses. 

the best greenhouse plastic

A specific channel system that attaches the film without piercing the plastic may be necessary for high-end films, such as double-layer film with baffles or insulating bubbles.

Cutting the panels to size and then screwing them through them straight into the greenhouse frame is a common method of installing rigid plastic.

The Best Greenhouse Plastic

Here is the list of the three best greenhouse plastic covers you can choose from according to your needs and requirements.

  1. Grower’s Solution Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film
  2. SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene
  3. Farm Plastic Supply Greenhouse Film
  4. Frost King P1025/6W Polyethylene Sheeting
  5. Arc Direct Clear Heavy Duty 14 Mil Poly Tarp Fiber

Let’s understand about them in more detail:

Grower’s Solution Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film

  • Another type of the best greenhouse plastic is the grower’s solution Greenhouse clear plastic film which is one of the most famous in the market.
  • The reason behind its best facility is the material they are using in it. They use Polyethylene material that is best for the plants.
  • It is considered a durable product that is thick and comes with a four-year warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this greenhouse plastic and use it in your home garden.

SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene

  • This is 6 mils thick, and by adding an infrared tint, it will let in the lightest possible while highlighting the color red, perhaps growing the size and number of blooms.
  • Additionally, the coating will filter off harmful UV rays to lessen the possibility of burnt foliage on delicate plants.
  • It is considered one of the best greenhouse plastic that you can use in your garden area.

Farm Plastic Supply Greenhouse Film

  • Folks, farm plastic supply greenhouse film is the best greenhouse plastic to use for your plants, especially for larger areas.
  • This plastic film will suit you best if you want to construct a big greenhouse.
  • It is UV protected and is 6 mil thickened which makes it the best choice as the greenhouse plastic.
  • It will provide you with the best fabric and also an accurate size of fabric that can make your greenhouse even better without any issues. 

Frost King P1025/6W Polyethylene Sheeting

  • Spend less on greenhouse plastic and yet benefit from extending the outside growing season.
  • For covering greenhouse buildings, Frost King Polyethylene Sheeting, which has a thickness of 6 mils, is available in a 10-by-25-foot sheet.
  • The best part is that it is reasonably priced. Choosing this would be best as it is the best greenhouse plastic to use.

Arc Direct Clear Heavy Duty 14 Mil Poly Tarp Fiber

the best greenhouse plastic
  • Due to the integrated polyester mesh that gives this product more of a tarp-like appearance than simple plastic sheeting, the Clear Heavy Duty Polyethylene Greenhouse Plastic from Arc Direct is a robust 14 mils thick.
  • The final tarp measures a little over 9 by 19 feet. For added durability, the edges are folded over and finished with reinforced rope.
  • Greenhouse plastic covers would be the best option if you cannot afford glass covering. It is also easy to maintain and install.
  • It also protects your plants from ultraviolet radiation. So, you don’t need to worry about buying these plastic covers.
  • Choose the least expensive polyethylene sheets, or spend a little more for a panel made of polycarbonate that has superior durability and stiffness. 

Wrapping up the lines

In this guide, you come to know that A plastic covering is used in making this setup. Plants that thrive in heat do well in plastic greenhouses. This is because they hold onto the heat from spending so much time in the sun.

The basic reason to use plastic is that sunlight can easily pass away and it protects the plants inside from the elements. I hope this guide will be helpful for you all. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!


Is the grower’s solution greenhouse plastic durable?

Yes, growers’ solution greenhouse plastic is durable. It has proven that it has a thickness in its greenhouse plastic which gives consumers a great choice to opt for it. Even it has a four years warranty. 

What is the best plastic to use for a greenhouse?

The best plastic to use for a greenhouse is plastic polythene which can be afforded by anyone. 

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