Syngonium Varieties – 17 Common & Rare Types

If you are into indoor plants then Syngonium plants and Syngonium Varieties are the best options you know! These plants are so unique due to their leaves that come in so many varieties and colors. The pink-colored Syngonium ones are the rare ones.

Key takeaways:

  • The Syngonium plants are the favorite of many because they shine inside the house needing just a little care and indirect sunlight. 
  • They have good humidity tolerance as well. Syngonium plants have so many varieties that make one is confused about which one to buy.

In this article, we will share both common and rare varieties of Syngonium plants with pictures that will entertain you as well. We love Syngonium pictures, they are so gorgeous! So let’s get started. 

17 Syngonium varieties that are Common and Rare

1. Syngonium Podophyllum pink allusion

Syngonium Varieties - 17 Common & Rare Types

The Syngonium podophyllum pink allusion plants are vines having delicate structures, growing well inside the house.

The leaves are arrowhead-shaped with pink spots of shade on the leaves. They are easy to grow and look attractive in hanging pots due to their trailing effect. This is a rare variety. 

2. Syngonium  Podophyllum Trileaf Wonder 

The Syngonium  Podophyllum Trileaf Wonder is a unique variety as the leaves grow as a light green color that later on maturity gets to deep dark green color.

They are native to Mexico, Brazil, and Bolivia. The plant cannot grow well until they get a water supply and are rare plants. 

3. Syngonium Podophyllum white butterfly 

The leaves of Syngonium Podophyllum white butterfly plants have butterfly wing-like leaves that have a blend of green and white color, which makes them eye-catching.

The vine grows with good speed and is used in feng shui as well. The Syngonium Podophyllum white butterfly has spade-like leaves and is an evergreen perennial one. 

4. Syngonium  Podophyllum Painted Arrow 

Syngonium  Podophyllum Painted Arrow lives well in normal to medium-level light. The leaves are arrowhead-shaped and dark green colored. Though the leaves are also seen in shades of white, green, burgundy, and pink.

The water should be given according to the dryness of the soil. They are easy to care for plants and can thrive in direct sunlight just like Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant

5. Syngonium  Podophyllum Aurium Variegata 

The variety of Syngonium podophyllum has spear-shaped to arrow-shaped leaves with different patterns marble-like and variegation in sections of leaves that are cream colored. The leaves themselves are lime green in shade. This is another rare variety. 

6. Syngonium  Podophyllum five finger 

The evergreen plants that have light branching and leaves are lightly spotted on the green leaves. The plant likes full to partial sun. They are also called goosefoot vines. 

7. Syngonium  Podophyllum mini pixie 

Syngonium  Podophyllum mini pixie is a dwarf form of the Syngonium pixie butterfly plant. Leaves are pretty looking with green leaves and a cream splash in the middle. The leaves are heart-shaped.

They are great for a minimal look. This is a common houseplant and has an upright growing habit. 

8. Syngonium  Podophyllum Holly 

Syngonium  Podophyllum Holly plants have a versatile nature and leaves look bleached and sometimes show variegation. The leaves are arrow-shaped.

The plant needs little care in regard to watering and pruning. The leaves are five-lobed and the margins of green colored. It is a very rare type and needs regular watering, well-drained soil, and a good amount of light. 

9. Syngonium  Podophyllum Emerald Gem 

These Syngonium varieties have emerald-colored glossy leaves that love the shade more than bright sunlight, partial shade won’t affect them too.

They are perfect to grow on a trellis like a jasmine as they have the climbing ability. These plants have the highest tolerance for low humidity among all types. 

10. Syngonium  Podophyllum Maria allusion

This plant is again unique in itself. The plant gives new leaves that are pink colored that on maturity fade to green color. The plant grows well in semi-shade areas.

They are really attractive compact plants and perfect for the indoors. The plant gives bronze to copper hues as well. They are the common type of Syngonium. 

11. Syngonium  Podophyllum confetti 

Syngonium  Podophyllum confetti plants have confetti-like pink variegation on the light green colored leaves that are arrow-shaped.

The plants can grow even in artificial light and low light but keep them away from direct sunlight. They add a great vibrant look to the indoor spot. 

12. Syngonium  Podophyllum wendlandii 

These plants are rare Syngonium species and are really beautiful plants with a slow growth rate but attain a good height.

They are feng shui plants and have dark green velvet leaves with silver-colored markings in the middle. They have a delicate structure with a trailing habit. 

13. Syngonium  Podophyllum silver pearl 

Syngonium  Podophyllum silver pearl plants are considered one of the best houseplants that bring positivity. According to mythology the five-lobed leaves of this plant represent five main elements like water, fire, wood, earth, and metal.

These plants have a trailing habit and silver-colored leaves making them really aesthetic and elegant for the indoors. 

14. Syngonium  Podophyllum Batik

The plants are in demand and sell really frequently in the market due to their vibrant leaves. The leaves are colored in lace-like white veins on the leaves.

The name has Indonesian origin meaning a dying cloth with wax. The veins are striking ones and the plant thrives in fertile drained soil with indirect sunlight falling on the leaves. 

15. Syngonium  Podophyllum Albolineatum 

The plants are quickly growing and are also known as African evergreens. The leaves are green colored and the plant has a climbing habit. They grow in partial sunlight and are perfect for indoors again. 

16. Syngonium  Podophyllum Bold Allusion 

The leaves look extraordinarily unique due to the pink-colored margins on the cream leaves and the very light green color on the edges.

The plants are very hardy and slow growing. They can thrive really well inside the house. Leaves are thick and easy to care for. 

17. Syngonium  Podophyllum Green gold 

These arrowhead vines are low-maintenance, versatile plants. These come in a variety of colors. The plant thrives in partial shade and looks best in hanging baskets. The water should be given once the soil gets dry. Keep the humidity over 60% for the glossy healthy leaves. 

Wrap-up of the context

The Syngonium varieties would be worth an investment you will know this with time. They are easy to propagate as well to fill more space with Syngonium plants. You can prune the vines according to your need if you don’t want much extension or height. We hope you like this article and the varieties that we have uploaded here. We are happy to share knowledge with you. Do let us know which variety of Syngonium you will go for. Happy growing! 

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