5+ Successful Tips to start growing Kale on a Balcony easily

Growing Kale can be pretty interesting, and also we will be providing some successful tips to start growing Kale on a Balcony easily. Gardening doesn’t always need large, big ground, a huge garden even though the balcony can do great if you know how to grow plants smartly in such little space. Worry not! We keep uploading the gardening information that you ACTUALLY need. Anyhow, we guess you want to grow kale on your balcony with a high success rate. We got you covered just keep on reading. Also growing kale is a great idea. I mean kale is a great vegetable that should be in your kitchen most of the time due to its so many benefits.

Key takeaways:

  • Plants look really beautiful if they are grown on balconies irrespective of their size and they are available in different types.
  • In most cases, the small Sized plants look really classy and elegant on the balcony.
  • Even though your balcony doesn’t get the ample amount of sunlight that kale requires, these plants can still thrive well in growing lights or artificial lights that are usually used indoors or on balconies.

Impressive points about Kale 

One good thing about kale is they don’t need much space as they grow longitudinally and straight, with the leaves on the bottom indicating they are old due to their yellow color, and the new leaves are grown upwards. So yes! It’s a great idea to grow them on your balcony as balcony flowers..

Advantages of growing Kale on a balcony

  • The kale on the balcony has the least risk from the pests which are usually present in the garden either on the grass or on other plants
  • The kale plant does not easily bolt that easily. The flowering season does not really change the flavor of kale. 
  • The kale plants can grow in excellent conditions as well so they can beat the heat and cold really well. They can be grown year long. 

How to grow kale on a balcony? – 5+ Successful Tips to start growing Kale on a Balcony easily

1. Number one is what sun-facing balcony is your balcony 

Whether the balcony gets sun or not, partial sun or full sun, bright light or dim light, all these factors are the most important when thinking of growing kale on the balcony. The balcony is ideal if the sun it gets is not too strong or direct. In such a case, the south-facing balcony is one of the suitable balconies to grow kale. The balcony should get at least 5-6 hours of sunlight in a day to keep kale thriving. The sunlight should not be direct and provide shade in the afternoon direct sunlight. If the kale is not getting enough sunlight then you can install some lighting to fulfill the light requirements of the kale.

2. Using a suitable-sized pot

The using pots to grow kale should not be that big or that small. Just not this the soil should be of good quality as there would be no other soil on the balcony, but just in the pot. The potting soil should be well nourished and also well-draining so that water doesn’t stand in it. Though kale is a versatile plant in the case of pots it can literally grow in any pot but being a gardener we should be precise and calculative. 

The kale that is the regular size needs a pot that is about 8-10 inches in length and should be wide. But if you are okay with growing baby kale plants then a 5-6 inches pot would do good. The pot should be 1-2 inches deep. The pot should have a good amount of drainage holes if not, then make holes using hot gauze wire on the plastic pot. 

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Using terracotta pots also helps in the proper drainage of water. In case you think the pot’s size is too wide then you can grow one to two kale plants as well and get double the number of leaves, but you must put the space between the kale plants.

3. Hydrate the plant and soil

The kale plant needs a good amount of water for this; they need constant watering. You need to water kale plants every day but a light amount is necessary. Keeping the soil moist by about 1-2 inches in a week is a healthy way to grow kale. The soil should be draining the water properly and won’t stay soggy or get mushy. You can also place a tray or any other reservoir below the pot to avoid unwanted leaking on the balcony.

4. Fertilizer

The potting soil for kale should be fertile and have major nutrients in it. Kale needs to be fertilized with all-purpose fertilizer one time every 1-2 weeks. The all-purpose fertilizer will fulfill the need for NPK for the kale plant in these 1 or 2 weeks. Before using the fertilizer make sure you follow the written instructions given on the package and then use it.

5. Companion planting when in doubt

On the balcony, companion plants can bring wonders. As you get so much in little space and variety as well. Just not this, the companion planting will benefit your main plant as well in growth and keeping it healthy, deterring all danger. If you have grown kale in a pot, grow some plants like garlic, cilantro, chard, and onions that regulate the growth and health of kale plants. It is always vital that you maintain good space between the two plants so that they don’t get suffocated.

6. Give trimming once in a while

As I told you guys before, the kale plant leaves have older leaves at the outer side and near the base that are yellow colored which is the indication. The kale should be harvested two to three times a week. If you see frequent yellowing of leaves, cut them regularly to avoid any kind of infection. The leaves will grow again just like lettuce. 

Should you worry about flower buds on kale plants?

The plant moves to the flowering stage if they are getting aged or is under some kind of stress which can be water stress or temperature or any other. The kale plants will produce flower buds under stress as well. If unwanted flowering occurs you do not need to worry.

Because the kale plants after even flowering will not become bitter. The bolting won’t really affect the flavor of kale. You can even eat the flowers as well, similar to broccoli. Just to avoid water stress we always suggest the upper 1-2 inches of soil if it is dry or wet. If the ground feels dry make the soil moist again by showering little water on the soil. This will not make the soil soggy at all.

Summing up the context

We hope you like the information and that this article was helpful to you. In this article, you get to know about growing kale on your balcony. By now we are sure that you have made up your mind to grow kale on the balcony knowing how easier it is than it appears. Kale needs regular watering, good indirect sunlight, and well-drained soil. Kale is not only nutritious but can be grown in any season as they have a good tolerance for heat and cold. Happy growing up! 

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