Square Foot Gardening: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for Square foot gardening? If yes, then it is a great option as people struggle with the traditional garden so they try to shift the Square foot gardening. 

We are here to let you know about how to set up Square foot gardening in your area. One thing to keep in mind when you begin to plant a garden in a small area is that it involves increasing every square foot of free space so that the garden feels spacious.

So let’s get started to know what is square foot gardening, its benefits, how to do it, its pros and cons, etc.

sqaure foot gardening

What Is Square Foot Gardening?

First, it is important to know exactly what is square foot gardening. Square foot gardening is one of the methods of growing your plants of food in raised beds in one-foot by one-foot squares.

It is a process of growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables in a small area with efficiency. In traditional gardening, you plant the plants in rows but in square foot gardening, you do it in a spaced grid which allows the plant’s density at a higher pace which means that you can grow more plants in less area.

You have to use organic soil that is rich in nutrients for your plans to create a raised bed and then divide it into 1-foot squares. Then each square will be planted with some seeds or seedlings that depend on the type of plant you are choosing for your garden.

How to design your Square foot garden? 

Below are the steps to follow for making your square-foot garden: 

Traditional four-foot square

  • Earlier people used to make a traditional 4 ft.² Garden which was introduced by the author Mek Bartholomew in 1981 in Rodale’s press book. 
  • This method revolves around the 4-foot square raised beds that are being divided into beds of 16 squares
  • Then farmers plant vegetables, herbs, and fruits in the squares by using high-quality potting that includes Pete, moss compost, etc. 
Square Foot Gardening

Grouping of seeds

  • The second thing to do is to plant different seeds in every square in the garden.
  • Now the question comes how many seeds to plant so it depends on the space the plant needs to grow on.
  • You have to avoid overcrowding the plants so that there are no diseases in the plants.
  • So be sure to plant medium small and large-sized plants into every square so that the plants fit accordingly. 

Making a Vertical Garden

  • Now you have to make a vertical garden by installing screens in every square and letting the plant client so that they can grow.
  • It would be great to do so, especially for the companion plants that need more deeper area to grow like potatoes and carrots.

Tiered Raised Beds

  • Last, but not least, you can also use this method on tiered, raised beds as it will give good access to more vertical plants to grow.
  • Example: ECOgardener is another type of raised bed that has three layers which provides more space for the different plants to grow. 
Square Foot Gardening

Benefits of Square Foot Gardening 

The benefits of square foot gardening are as follows:

  • Square foot gardening is not difficult to maintain as it is easy to grow a Garden as compared to traditional gardens.
  • Square foot gardening allows you to grow more plants in a small space so it becomes efficient for you to use your minimal space. 
  • Also, pests do not roam around your plants in the square foot garden because there is less space in the garden as the plants are grouped so it does not allow the pests to move there.
  • Square foot gardening is one of the productive methods as it uses high-quality soil in the garden.
  • When you are developing your square foot garden, the type of soil chosen for your plant depends on you so you choose good quality soil for your plan so that they receive a good amount of nutrients.

Caring for Your Square Foot Garden

As you have set up your Square foot garden now is the time to know how to maintain its growth and gain the possible results from it by following the various caring tips of square foot gardening that are explained below: 

  1. Fertilize your plant- It is important to use a balanced fertilizer for your plant so that it remains healthy and grows at a faster pace.
  2. Set a watering schedule- it is suggested to water your plants regularly as they like to be well watered so that they grow well. Make sure not to overwater the soil if it causes infection in the plant.
  3. Regular check for pests- as you know pests such as bugs, slugs, and aphids tend to ruin the plant by sucking its fluid, so you have to keep a check on the pests by picking them with hand or using any natural pesticide.
  4. Harvest is important- yes it is right. You have to harvest regularly as when you observe that the plants have the behind to produce it is the right time to harvest them regularly as it will help the plants to produce more and more. 
  5. Pruning- Last, but not least another caring tip for square foot gardening is that you have to trim the plants like snake plant trimming when they overgrow so that they can attain their natural shape and size and do not look messy. 
Square Foot Gardening

How Many Plants Per Square Foot? 

Now is the time to know how many plants can be grown Per Square foot. If you are planning to plant seeds or seedlings, in mind that you are choosing the right number of each crop in each square foot of the garden area.

So, below are a few of the tips that will let you know about the spacing needs of the crops:

One Plant Per Square Foot

Large plants will require per square foot area to grow like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower Rosemary, oregano, mint, tomatoes, peppers, etc

Four Plants Per Square Foot

Some of the plants require more area to grow and need to be harvested when they grow such as parsley, basil, Swiss chard, and other greens

Nine Plants Per Square Foot

It includes plants like beetroot, spinach, piece, parsnips, etc. Every plant seed will be planted about 4 inches away from each other.

Square Foot Gardening

Sixteen Plants Per Square Foot

Last, but not least, some of the plants require to be grown in the blocks four by four at a spacing of three inches. It includes onions, carrots, spring onions, garlic, radishes etc. 

Wrapping up the context

In this guide, you come to know that Square foot gardening is one of the methods of growing your plant’s food in raised beds in one-foot by one-foot squares. 

It is a process of growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables in a small area with efficiency. Till then safe gardening.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


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