Repotting Monstera – How and When to Repot Monstera?

Hey folks, welcome back we are here with another informative topic of Repotting Monstera. How and When to Repot Monstera? Monstera plant is one of the famous tropical houseplants. You can easily grow the monstera plant which is even known as the Swiss cheese plant. This plant has large leaves that make the garden look attractive. 

Quick takeaways:

  • Repotting is one of the issues that farmers face nowadays for increasing productivity.
  • You must know that monstera or Swiss plants need to be repotted after 2 long years.
  • Till then you need to maintain the growth of the plant by taking care of it.
  • There are some side effects of the wrong Repotting process that as droop leaves, and stunted growth of the plant. 
  • You might have repoted your monstera plant before or might not be. You need to know about this process fully.

Repotting will help you in numerous unknown ways. In simple words, Repotting means moving the plant from its old pot to the new pot as it will help in more yield of the plant.

Common nameMonstera plant, Split-leaf plant, Swiss cheese plant, Split-leaf philodendron
Plant familyAraceae
Native ClimateCentral America, Mexico
Native Climate
Bright, indirect sunlight
Average mature height (indoor)3 feet
Soil typeWell-draining, peat-based potting soil
Frequency of wateringOnce every one to two weeks during the growing season
Toxicboth dogs and cats
Ideal humidity levelAbove 50%, high humidity

Repotting Monstera - How and When to Repot Monstera?

When to Repot Monstera? 

The first thing you consider when it comes to repotting a monstera plant is when to Repot your plant. You need to find out the time for repotting your monstera plant. Then only you can move further to the process of repotting them. 

Few signs that will let you know the time for repotting monstera plants:

  • Observe the roots if they are growing vigorously and even coming out from the drainage holes. 
  • During watering, notice if the soil is retaining the water properly not to overwater them as they won’t be able to do it. 
  • The plant has crossed two years from its day of growing. 
  • You will observe no new growth in the plants. 

So, follow the plants to know if your plant needs to be repotted or not. After that, you need to Repot them at the time of summer or spring. As in this season, the plant grows actively and gives you the desired results. At the time winter, its growth begins to get slow which affects the growth of the plant. 

It is so because when plants remain in the same potting mix for a long time, then they demand a new potting mix so that they develop new growth. You need to Repot your plant to avoid drooping leaves or wilted leaves. 

Lastly, it has been seen that the monstera plants grow well if you Repot them after two long years. It will help in increasing the growth of the plant and create a healthy environment. 

How to Repot Monstera? 

As mentioned, repotting is important for plants to thrive well. So is the case with the monstera plants. So, it is time to know about its process:

Step 1– Firstly, you have to take out the monstera plant from its pot. Make sure you are not pulling it harshly. 

Step 2– Loose its thick roots if your plant is suffering from the root bound

Step 3– You can add some moss to the new container. 

Step 4– Put the new potting mix into the new container so that the plant grows healthy. 

Step 5- Place your monstera plant in the new container. 

Step 6- Press the soil gently and spread the potting mix in the hollow space.  

Step 7- Now, you have to take care of your plant so that it grows well in the new pot. 

Why should you Repot a Monstera Deliciosa?

Have you ever thought about why it is needed to Repot the monster plant? You need to find this. Read the below points: 

  • Repotting will help the plants to develop new growth. 
  • It will help in providing extra space to the roots so that they thrive well. 
  • It will yield fresh soil to the plant which provides the medium to grow healthily. 
  • It provides a good source of vitamins and minerals. 

What is the Best Time to Repot Monstera? 

Do you know the best time to repot your monstera? If yes, then you are going great and if not, then you need to know about it so that the plant gives fruitful results. 

The best time for you to Repot the monstera is their growing season which is springtime or early summertime. It will help the plants to grow at their best. 

Repotting your monster plant this season will help the plant to give you the desired results. It will develop new growth and remain a healthy plant. Even it helps the plant to stay away from problems like root rot, droop leaves, wilted leaves, curling leaves, fungal infections, etc. 

What is required for repotting Monstera?

The following are some basic requirements for repotting Monstera:

Equipment / Tools

  • Gardening glovesSterilized pruners
  • Watering can


  • Potting mix
  • Plant pot

Signs indicating that it’s for Repotting Monstera:

The following are some signs that indicate you need to repot Monstera plant as soon as possible:

Roots Growing Through Drainage Holes:

  • If plant roots are growing through the drainage holes you need to immediately repot the plant.
  • The roots coming out of the drainage hole means the space in the repot is consumed by the roots they need more space to spread their roots.
  • You need to shift the plant as soon as possible because the roots will block the drainage holes causing waterlogging and root rot.

Slow Growth:

  • The root growing below does translate growth to the leaf and stem to grow above the soil but if you find the leaves have stopped growing then you need to repot the plant.
  • Slow growth can also be due to incorrect environment and care such as overwatering or cold temperatures.
  • If everything is okay regarding the location then you need to look for repotting the plant to solve the problem.

Yellowing Leaves:

  • In case of roots get enough space or struggle below the soil then you can notice the leaves will start turning yellow.
  • The leaves will start to turn yellow, having browning leaf edges. 
  • If there is no space in the pot the plant will not be able to absorb the water and nutrients which will cause their leaves to turn yellow.
  • After noticing the signs you need to make sure to repot monstera.

Low-Quality Soil:

  • The soil used in the pot is used to get low quality after a few years.’
  • The soil will not retain the moisture in the same way it used to retain in starting and this will make the nutrient flush away from the bottom of the pot.
  • In case of noticing that the soil is drying out quickly after a few years.
  • All these indicate that you need to repot Monstera with fresh soil.

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Repotting is one of the issues that farmers face nowadays for increasing productivity. You might have repotted your Monstera Plant before or might not. You need to know about this process fully. 

Repotting will help you in numerous unknown ways. In simple words, Repotting means moving the plant from its old pot to the new pot as it will help in more yield of the plant. Read the whole guide to know more about the process of repotting Monstera.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening!


1. Do Monsteras like being repotted?

Yes, monsters love to be repotted as it helps them to grow at their best. Repotting them with time helps them to thrive well. 

2. Why is my Monstera dying after repotting?

Monstera plants begin to die after repotting because of some issues. One of the major issues faced by these plants after repotting is that the roots of this plant do not grow in the new soil instantly which enables them to gain moisture and nutrients. It makes the plants die as they are not gaining nutrients for their survival. 

3. What kind of soil do Monstera plants like?

Monstera plants like to thrive in well-drained and nutrient-rich soil. They demand a high-quality potting mix for their growth. It should include peat moss too. They will grow best if you provide them with soil that drains properly. 

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