How Often to Water Pothos? Plants for all seasons

I used to struggle with my pothos plants drying out or turning yellow when I planted them in my houseplant collection. Do you know why? Just guess what it could be? Wait, let me give you a hint: ‘It’s a basic need of every plant.’

Have you figured it out? If not, let me tell you, the problem lies with water. Yes, pothos plants get effective in their watering schedule, so it’s really important to know how often you need to water pothos.

Stop searching on other pages; I have explained all my step-by-step implemented ways and conclusions below that will help you understand the watering requirements for pothos plants. Not only that, but you’ll also learn the best way to water them. So let’s grow and learn together.

Pothos Watering Rules:

You need to know what are the rules for watering the pothos plant before knowing how and when to water the plant. I will suggest you read them, remember them, and apply these rules in order to get the best result.

Always Provide Drainage:

  • This is one of the most important watering rules for preventing some common problems in the plant. 
  • Make sure to plant the potholes in a pot having enough drainage holes and fill the pot with well-draining potting mix. 
  • In case the pot does not have drainage holes the excess amount of water will be left in the pot only and it will lead to a waterlog. 
  • The soil mix in the container will also be two compact and poor draining. 
  • All these conditions will lead to root rot, pests and other disease problems in the plant. 
How Often to Water Pothos?

Wait Until the Top Of the Soil Dries Out:

to know when to water the pothos plant you need to follow this rule. 

  • Make sure the soil of the pothos before watering is dry up to the depth of 2 inches. 
  • In case, you have planted the pothos in the container you need to use an 8-inch wide or bigger container and before watering make the soil dry up to a depth of at least ⅓ of the pot height. 

Don’t Water on a Schedule:

  • In case you are a beginner it is a common mistake of watering the plant again and again or missing the schedule. So you need to set the reminder to water the plant. 
  • The watering schedule is not fixed it can change depending on various factors. 
  • If you fix the watering schedules there will be less chance to over-water or underwater the plant.

Don’t Be Afraid To Give Pothos Lots Of Water&Nbsp;

  • Many gardeners think that providing pothos too much of water will lead to over watering but this is not the scenario actually the problem is caused by the watering frequency. 
  • You need to water the plant to maintain healthy root development and green and beautiful leaves and for that providing the plant with a gallon of water rather than a single Cup is better. 
  • Providing less amount of water will lead to plants getting thirsty and this world will not get properly hydrated. 
  • In case, you are using well-draining soil then take a gap and allow the soil to dry between the water sessions.

Use Room-Temperature Water:

  • Watering the pothos with cold water will shock the pothos root and will lead to wilting the roots. 
  • To prevent this condition keep the water in a Jug all over the night so that the water temperature leads to room temperature after that you can water the pothos plant. 

Water Your Pothos Consistently:

  • The pothos plant are able to survive and dry conditions but they are not a drought-tolerant plant. Never make the soil straight drive for a long time as it will stress the plant. 
  • The soil’s dry condition will lead to leaf discoloration, Leggy growth, small pothos leaves, and lead to pest attraction.
How Often to Water Pothos?

Best Way to Water Pothos Plants:

The following is the best way to water the plant according to the climate such as during winter and summer months:

Watering pothos during the winter months:

  • The pothos plant basically during the fall and winter climate go dormant which leads to slowing the growth of the plant. 
  • Don’t fertilize the pothos plant during this time. The nutrient requirement during this face is very low. 
  • In case you have an indoor pothos plant you need to maintain a temperature range of about 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night and 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during day hours. 
  • During the winter time, the potholes do not need much water. 
  • Need to avoid providing the plant with additional water and making the soil continuously Damp. 
  • The best way to water the plant is by checking the soil dryness and then watering the plant if you find the soil is dry.

Watering pothos during the summer months:

  • The summertime is considered the best time for pothos to grow. 
  • The watering routine during this warmer month needs to be done 2 to 3 times. 
  • You need to check the soil twice a week for the moisture level and then water the plant accordingly. 
  • During this month the plant is used to absorb more water and also dry out more quickly so make sure to water the pothos plant accordingly. 

Signs for underwatering the Pothos plant:

The following are some signs showing that the pothos plant is underwater and you need to water the pothos plant more frequently.

  • You will see the leaves of the plants wilted or limp. 
  • The pothos plant will have Rupees stem and Vines. 
  • Turning Green Leaves into yellow leaves. 
  • The leaves start getting brittle. 
  • The curling of the leaves is a sign of Underwater. 
  • The leaves will start turning dry and changing their color to Brown. 
How Often to Water Pothos?

Signs for over-watering the Pothos plant:

The following are some science showing that the pothos plant is being over Water:

  • The leaves of the pothos plant start turning yellow
  • You will see soft brown leaf spots on the leaves of the pothos plant. 
  • Observing black leaf spots. 
  • Turning the stem of the pothos plant to blackened. 
  • Growing Brown leaves spots with yellow outlines which is a sign of root rot. 
  • Wilting of the leaves. 
  • The leaves start to get shredded.
  • Having fungus gnats fly around the pothos plants
How Often to Water Pothos?


There are many factors that affect how often you need to water the potholes such as light climate humidity and temperature. For example, the plant which are planted in mounted gets more light so they need more amount of water. You can easily grow and care for the plant. A beginner should plant this plant but need to pay little attention to it. 

Are pothos capable of going 10 days without water?

They are considered drought-tolerant plants which used to die after 3 to 4 weeks when you don’t provide them water.

Wya to perk up the pothos plant?

You need to follow a consistent watering schedule otherwise you will see the leaves of the plants drooping and start to turn brown.

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