Plumosa Fern – How to care for the Asparagus Fern indoors?

What is Plumosa Fern? How to care for the Asparagus Fern indoors? You might have heard of the great plant named Asparagus plumosa Fern plant. Being an amazing houseplant that grows indoors, it has various varieties that can be opted for by any of the gardeners in his home like some attractive Japanese houseplants. This plant tends to grow faster but they need to be maintained for that. Are you sure if your plant is getting a good amount of nutrients from this growth? They tend to grow in a good location where they receive plenty of sunlight, fertilizer needs of the plants, etc.  


Key takeaways:

  • It is one of the perennial plants that have long and soft leaves.
  • The plumosa fern makes the garden attractive as they have decorative properties too.
  • It has fern-type foliage and the plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family. They are not the true ferns but are considered as ones. 
  • They need the right location, temperature, humidity, watering, sunshine, and many more so that it thrives well.

In this guide, you will come to know about some of the tips that will help you in caring for the Asparagus Fern plant that is planted indoors. So, let’s begin with this guide to understand it properly.  

What is Plumosa fern?  

Asparagus plumosa Fern is one of the perennials that grow well in your home garden if it receives a good amount of nutrients. They are native to southern Africa. They are one of the popular ferns that are grown by almost every farmer in his yard.  

There are various names for the Asparagus plumosa Fern such as common asparagus fern, Lace fern, etc. will grow great on the warm humid consciousness, and prune the plant on time so that they gain its proper shape. Provide them with a good amount of sunlight. Feed plenty of water to your Asparagus plumosa Ferns.  

How to care for the Asparagus Fern indoors? 

As mentioned, you will understand the caring tips of the Asparagus Fern in this guide, here are some of the tips that will help you. Read the following points:  

Sunlight needs 

Sunlight is a basic component that is needed by every plant. Asparagus Fern tends to grow in a good amount of sunlight. They can be grown in bright sunlight which will encourage the healthy growth of this plant.  

Make sure you are not providing sunlight to your plants as it can develop sunburn in the plants. It is so as it affects the foliage of the plant.

So, place your Asparagus Fern in a location where there is shade in a bright area. Provide them with morning sunlight so that they gain some nutrients from it. But do not under-nourish your Asparagus Fern because of the less supply of sunlight to them. 

Watering needs

Watering is a vital source that is needed by everyone for their survival. Asparagus Fern plants also need water so that they thrive well and give you the desired outcomes. They require more water in comparison with other plants in your home garden. 

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You have to water the Asparagus Fern plant when the soil becomes dry. This can be checked by inserting a finger inside the soil about 2 inches deep and if it feels dry, then it is the right time to water your Asparagus Fern plants. 

Make sure you are not overwatering your plant as it can harm the growth of the plant. It will cause root rot in the plant. As these plants provide a high rate of transpiration because of their vegetation, they require a good amount of water. 

Fertilization needs 

Fertilizer helps a plant so that it grows at a faster speed. Sometimes what happens is that gardeners tend to spoil the vegetation when they supply it in excess. So, make sure you are not over-fertilizing your plants.  

Make use of any liquid fertilizer for your indoor Asparagus Fern. you do not have to provide them with fertilizer regularly. Feed them with this after every 4 weeks. You can sprinkle any granular fertilizer after every six weeks as it will suit the plant. 

This you have to do in the summertime not in the winter, in winter, the plant does not grow whereas, in summers, they grow at their best as they remain active in this phase.  

Humidity needs

Asparagus Ferns can thrive well if you provide them with good humidity levels. They will grow best if you provide them with more than 70% of humid conditions as they love high humidity levels for their growth. 

You can even make use of some man-made sources such as using any humidifier for your plants. It is so if they do not receive good humid conditions, then they begin to develop their foliage brown which is not good for the plants.  

So, it is your responsibility to provide your plants with high humidity conditions so that they plants grow healthy. 

Soil requirements 

Soil is needed by the plant as it is the medium through which the plant grows at its best. Asparagus Fern plants can perform great if you provide them with rich and slightly acidic soil. Make sure the soil is well drained. You have to add some peat moss to the soil so that you get good results faster. 

When the soil is well drained, the plant grows well and this can be checked by making a hole in the soil and filling it with water, and letting it drain. If the soil drains the water for an hour, then it is the best soil for your plants. 


Last but not least, pruning your Asparagus Fern is important as it will help in the new growth of the plant. Being a fast-growing plant, there comes a need for pruning your plant so that the plant grows healthy. 

You can even get rid of some of the affected leaves like yellow-colored leaves or brown leaves. Thorns can get developed in the heavy vegetation. So, you need to prune the stems. You have to do it in the following ways: 

  • You can trim off the stems from the base so that it stimulates new growth. You have to use any sterilized knife or shears. 
  • Also, remove the tips of those stems that are brown. 
  • Make sure you are receiving the yellow-colored stems from the plant. 
  • Lastly, prune the long stems so that the plant gains its original shape.  

Wrapping up the context! 

In this guide, you come to know that the Asparagus plumosa Fern plant. It is one of the perennial plants that have long and soft leaves. They make the garden attractive as they have decorative properties too. It has fern type foliage and the plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family. 

They are not the true ferns but are considered as ones. Being an amazing houseplant that grows indoors, it has various varieties that can be opted by any of the gardeners as his home. This plant tends to grow faster but they need to be maintained for that. So, read its tips so that you care for your plant.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening!  


How do you make asparagus fern bushy?

You can make the asparagus fern bushy with the help of sterilized and sharp scissors. Prune the dead ends with this and place your free plant in a good location so that it grows bushier.

Can you touch the asparagus fern?

Yes, you can touch the Asparagus fern. But try to wear your gloves so that the plants do not get damaged by any external factor. 

Why is my asparagus fern dying?

Asparagus fern dies as the plant does not receive a good amount of nutrients like it is not getting proper sunlight or water for its growth. Even one of the main issues is the lack of humidity in the plants. It makes the leaves of the fern soft and thin which will slowly stop the growth of the plant and make it die. 

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