Money Tree Root Rot – Signs, Causes & How to Fix it

The money tree plant serves such good qualities as positivity, and such also are susceptible to common damage that happens to them, which is root rot. The money trees being indoor plants are easily attacked by root rot. In this article, you will be acknowledged about the Money Tree Root Rot, its Signs, Causes & How to Fix it.

Quick takeaways:

  • These plants are low maintenance and are great to put inside the house.
  • Even if you have been given a money tree by someone, you need to give some care to these plants.
  • The root rot occurring in the plants can be fatal if ignored.
  • Some of the causes of money tree root rot are overwatering, underwatering, fungal infestation, and many more.

So let’s look at all the signs, causes, and fixations of money tree root rot. 

Money Tree Root Rot - Signs, Causes & How to Fix it

What is root rot? 

Root rot is a condition that should not be ignored otherwise the plant will die. Root rot happens when the roots are suffocated by the excess water in the soil.

The fewer drainage holes in the soil will increase mold growth and so the roots get easily attacked by the fungus. The root rot spreads to the whole roots 

How does root rot occur? 

The root rot in money trees is usually the result due to overwatering or underwatering. The poor drainage of the soil can be a problem. Soggy soil which is not too loose can cause infection in the roots.

The rot in roots can most occur when the plant is surrounded by excess water that the plant even cannot absorb. The poor drainage in the soil can elevate the root rot.

The roots of infections like pathogenic or fungal infections can also be the reason that root rot has occurred. The infections make the roots weak and make them more susceptible to infections. The plant, if exposed to low temperatures, can affect the roots and their functions. 

Signs that money tree root rot indicate 

The green color of the leaves starts to fade away. 

The roots become mushy and black. The plants when stored in cold temperatures in the water will freeze and the roots become cold as well. The discoloration of the leaves and the stem is also a symptom that the plants are getting from root rot. 

1. The leaves start to wilt 

The wilting of the leaves is a common sign that the money tree shows when it gets root rot. The root system gets damaged and the cells fail to absorb the water and nutrients from the soil, which makes the plant curl the leaves like tomato plants or wilt them so that the excess transpiration can be controlled and reduced.

Also, fewer nutrients in the plant can lead to the weakening of leaves and make them shrink and less expand like they usually are. 

2. Discoloration of the leaves 

The leaves of the money tree start to lose color due to root rot. The overwatering of the money tree can also cause the fading of the lush green color of the money tree leaves.

The brown color or yellow-colored money tree leaves is also an indication that root rot has occurred. 

3. Trunk hardness starts to lose 

The money tree is famous for its twisted hard trunk but if the trunk starts to get soft due to damaged roots. Not only do the roots get surrounded by the water but the stem also gets soaked in water for a long time.

The money tree trunks are highly affected after leaves due to soggy soil. The plant gets suffocated due to a lack of air and all water around. 

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4. Smell from plant 

The rotting tissues often yield a weird smell like something is squishy. The roots rot in the money tree is also identified by the false smell more like a moldy smell. The smelly money tree with a hint of sulfur is a clear sign that the roots are severely rotted and about to die. 

5. Hindered growth 

The growth is starting to stunt if the roots are not functioning properly. The root’s function is to absorb the nutrients that the plant will use to develop the tissues. But this will not occur if the roots have rot or fungal infections. The plant will not show growth and stay stunted and too short. 

How to fix root rot in the money tree?

1. Treat the root rot first  

a. Check the plant root by taking the plant out of the pot. The roots need to be examined whether the roots have got rot. If the rot has severely damaged the roots then you can propagate the money tree.

b. The root rot if not occurred the whole even then the roots can be cut down and the roots will be removed from the root ball. The roots that are removed should be thrown far away.

c. The roots that are near the main vein should be removed otherwise the whole roots will be damaged. Use clean pruning shears and also a well-draining potting mix for the pot. Use a clean pot and clean sanitized soil.

d. Repot the plant after giving a good amount of sunlight so that the roots are dried a bit and so do the leaves and stem. The propagation can be done if the plant roots are too destroyed. Use healthy sections or cutting to replant. Water them well and check the drainage properly.

Other than this you can save the money tree if the roots are not that damaged and can be saved

  • By avoiding overwatering and setting up a proper watering schedule for the money tree. Let the soul get dry before watering.
  • In the pot make a good amount of drainage holes. The sand added to the soil will also improve the drainage of the soil.
  • Use fungicides on plants and in the soil to get rid of fungus and pathogenic fungal infections.
  • Don’t let the plant get suffocated; using the proper size of the pot favors the development of roots and absorption of nutrients as well.
  • Place the plant in a warmer spot if the temperature is low outside. The plant needs 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit of temperatures to grow well.

Final words of the context 

This article was all about the root rot in money trees and related information like the signs, causes, and treatments. We hope you like this article and find it helpful to get back your money tree roots. Follow all the steps and measures for the cases if roots are severely damaged or mildly damaged.

Happy planting! 


1. How do you treat money tree fungus? 

Using an organic method is always preferred in the case of plants by gardeners. If you want to treat the money tree fungus we recommend you spray the money tree with neem oil or use soap solution on the plant. You can also fungicide if there is an enormous growth of fungus on the plant’s tissue. 

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